EX/1-1 Sakamoto, Y Development of Reversed Shear Plasmas with Large Bootstrap Current Fraction towards Reactor Relevant Regime in JT-60U
EX/1-2 Rimini, F.G. High betaN Regimes at JET: Progress Towards Steady-State Operation
EX/1-3 Doyle, E.J. Demonstration of ITER Operational Scenarios on DIII-D
EX/1-4Ra Joffrin, E. H. Development of the “Hybrid” scenario in JET
EX/1-4Rb Petty, C.C. Advances in the Physics Basis of the Hybrid Scenario on DIII-D
EX/1-4Rc Suzuki, T Development of Advanced Operation Scenarios in Weak Magnetic-Shear Regime on JT-60U
EX/1-5 Gruber, O. Compatibility of ITER scenarios with full Tungsten wall in ASDEX Upgrade
EX/10-1 Mckee, G.R. Dependence of the L- to H-mode Power Threshold on Toroidal Rotation and the Link to Edge Turbulence Dynamics
EX/10-2Ra Mazzucato, Ernesto Turbulent fluctuations with the electro gyro-scale in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
EX/10-2Rb Gusakov, E. Z. Evolution of ETG-mode scale turbulence spectra and anomalous electron transport in dynamic experiments at FT-2 tokamak
EX/2-1 Saibene, G Results of the Variable Toroidal Field Ripple Experiments in JET
EX/2-2 Akers, R.J. Transport studies in the MAST spherical tokamak
EX/2-3 Coda, S. Full Bootstrap Discharge Sustainment in Steady State in the TCV Tokamak
EX/2-4 Mantica, P Experimental Study of the Ion Critical Gradient Length and Stiffness Level and the Impact of Rotational Shear in JET
EX/2-5 Talmadge, J.N. Neoclassical Currents and Transport Studies in HSX at 1 Tesla
EX/3-1 Yoshida, M Formation mechanism of toroidal rotation profile and characteristics of momentum transport in JT-60U
EX/3-2 Kaye, S.M. Momentum Transport in Electron-Dominated Spherical Torus Plasmas
EX/3-3 Tala, Tuomas Experimental Evidence on Inward Momentum Pinch on JET and Comparison with Theory and Modelling
EX/3-4 Solomon, W.M. Developments in Predictive Understanding of Plasma Rotation on DIII-D
EX/4-1 Evans, T.E. Plasma Performance in DIII-D ELM-Suppressed RMP H-modes With ITER Similar Shapes
EX/4-2 Liang, Y. Active Control of Type-I Edge Localized Modes with n=1 and n=2 fields on JET
EX/4-3Ra Fundamenski, W ELM filament heat loads on plasma facing components in JET and ITER
*Missing* Eich, T Divertor heat loads due to edge localized modes in ASDEX Upgrade and JET
EX/4-4Ra Asakura, N Investigations of impurity seeding and radiation control for long-pulse and high-density H-mode plasmas in JT-60U
EX/4-4Rb Rapp, J Integrated Scenario with Type-III ELMy H-mode Edge: Extrapolation to ITER
EX/4-5 Lang, P. T. Investigating Pellet Physics for ELM Pacing and Particle Fuelling in ITER
EX/5-1 Sabbagh, S. A. Advances in Global MHD Mode Stabilization Research on NSTX
EX/5-2 Matsunaga, G Dynamics and stability of resistive wall mode in the JT-60U high-$\beta$ plasmas
EX/5-3Ra Reimerdes, H. Effect of Resonant and Non-resonant Magnetic Braking on Error Field Tolerance in High Beta Plasmas
EX/5-3Rb Park, J.-K. New understanding of tokamak plasma response to 3D magnetic fields
EX/5-4 Isayama, A Neoclassical Tearing Mode Control with ECCD and Magnetic Island Evolution in JT-60U
EX/6-1 Garcia-Munoz, M. MHD Induced Fast-Ion Losses on ASDEX Upgrade
EX/6-2 Van Zeeland, M.A. Alfvenic Instabilities and Fast Ion Transport in the DIII-D Tokamak
EX/6-3 Fredrickson, E.D Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode Avalanches
EX/7-1Ra Chapman, B.E. High Beta Plasmas Exceeding Dual Stability Thresholds in the MST RFP
EX/7-1Rb Masamune, S. Effects of Lowering the Aspect Ratio on MHD Behaviour in a Reversed Field Pinch
EX/7-2Ra Arnoux, G Heat Load on Plasma Facing Components during Disruptions on JET
*Missing* Riccardo, V Progress in understanding halo current at JET
EX/7-2Rc Okamoto, M Study of Current Decay Time during Disruption in JT-60U Tokamak
EX/7-3Ra Esposito, B Disruption Control on FTU with ECRH
EX/7-3Rb Wesley, J.C. Fast Plasma Shutdowns Obtainesd With Massive Hydrogenic, Noble and Mixed-Gas Injection in DIII-D
EX/7-3Rc Savrukhin, P.V. Effect of the MHD Perturbations on Runaway Beam Formation during Disruptions in the T-10 Tokamak
EX/8-1Ra Sakamoto, R High density high performance plasma with internal diffusion barrier in Large Helical Device
EX/8-1Rb Ohdachi, S. Two approaches to the reactor-relevant high-beta plasmas with profile control in the Large Helical Device
EX/8-2Ra Nagaoka, K Characteristics of High-Ion-Temperature Plasmas Heated by Neutral Beams in the Large Helical Device
EX/8-2Rb Ida, K Dynamics of ion internal transport barrier in LHD heliotron and JT-60U tokamak plasmas
EX/8-3 De Vries, P.C Internal transport barrier dynamics with plasma rotation in JET
EX/8-4 Burrell, K.H. Edge Pedestal Control in Quiescent H-Mode Discharges in DIII-D Using Co Plus Counter Neutral Beam Injection
EX/8-5 Urano, H Heat transport and pedestal structure of H-mode in the variation of current density profiles in JT-60U
EX/9-1 Tsitrone, E Deuterium Inventory in Tore Supra : reconciling particle balance and post mortem analysis
EX/9-2 Kallenbach, A. Non-Boronized Operation of ASDEX Upgrade with Full-Tungsten Plasma Facing Components
EX/9-3 Rudakov, D.L. Dust Studies in DIII-D and TEXTOR
EX/9-4 Kobayashi, Masahiro Study on impurity screening in edge ergodic layer of Large Helical Device
*Missing* Yuh, H.Y. Suppression of turbulent transport in NSTX internal transport barriers
EX/P3-10 Lebedev, S.V. Counter-NBI Assisted LH Transition in Low Density Plasmas in the TUMAN-3M
EX/P3-11 Minami, T.M. Simultaneous Realization of High Density Edge Transport Barrier and Improved L-mode on CHS
EX/P3-2 Takenaga, H Characteristics of Internal Transport Barrier under Reactor Relevant Condition in JT-60U Weak Shear Plasmas
EX/P3-3 Kamada, Y Correlation between the edge and the internal transport barriers in JT-60U
EX/P3-4 Beurskens, MNA Pedestal dynamics in ELMy H-mode plasmas in JET
EX/P3-5 Groebner, R.J. Progress Towards a Predictive Model for Pedestal Height in DIII-D
EX/P3-6 Turri, G Global Plasma Oscillations in Electron Internal Transport Barriers in TCV
EX/P3-7 Wolfrum, E Pedestal studies at ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P3-8 Dong, Y.B. Link of Internal Transport Barriers and the Low Rational q Surface on HL-2A
EX/P3-9 Carraro, L Improved Confinement with Internal Electron Temperature Barriers in RFX-mod
EX/P4-1 Kendl, A. Hydrocarbon Characteristics in Fusion Edge Plasmas from Electron-Molecule and Ion-Surface Collision Experiments
EX/P4-10 Gusev, V.K. Plasma-Wall Interaction Study in the Open Divertor of Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
EX/P4-11 Silva, C.G Overview of Recent ISTTOK Results
EX/P4-12 Zushi, H Active Particle Control Experiments and Critical Flux Discriminating between the Wall Retention and Release in the CPD Spherical Tokamak
EX/P4-13 Khimchenko, L.N. Study of Dust Morphology, Composition and Surface Growth under ITER-relevant Energy Load in Plasma Gun QSPA-facility
EX/P4-14 Vershkov, V.A. Experiments with Lithium Gettering of the T-10 Tokamak.
EX/P4-15 Khorshid, Pejman Overview of Experimental Studies on IR-T1 Tokamak
EX/P4-16 Ueda, Y Localized Tungsten Deposition in Divertor Region in JT-60U
EX/P4-17 Lisgo, S The Influence of Filaments on Scrape-Off Layer Transport
EX/P4-18 Ohno, N Statistical Analysis of Fluctuation Characteristics at High- and Low-Field Sides in L-mode SOL Plasmas of JT-60U
EX/P4-19 Groth, M. Effect of Cross-field Drifts and Core Rotation on Flows in the Main Scrape-Off Layer of DIII-D L-mode Plasmas
EX/P4-2 Ekedahl, A Operational Limits during High Power Long Pulses in Tore Supra
*Missing* Pitts, R. A. SOL Transport in TCV
EX/P4-21 Petrie, T.W. The Effect of Magnetic Balance and Particle Drifts on Radiating Divertor Behavior in DIII-D
EX/P4-22 Soukhanovskii, V. A. Divertor Heat Flux Mitigation in High-Performance H-mode Plasmas in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
EX/P4-23 Stroth, U. Experimental investigation of turbulence at the transition from closed to open field lines
EX/P4-24 Masuzaki, S Advanced divertor scenario in the Large Helical Device
EX/P4-25 Nakano, T Impurity accumulation in the main plasma and radiation processes in the divetor plasma of JT-60U
EX/P4-26 Burhenn, R. On Impurity Handling in High Performance Stellarator/Heliotron Plasmas
EX/P4-27 Ferron, J.R. Development in DIII-D of High Beta Discharges Appropriate for Steady-State Tokamak Operation With Burning Plasmas
EX/P4-3 Rohde, V Dynamik and Static Deuterium Inventory in ASDEX Upgrade with Tungsten First Wall
EX/P4-4 Doerner, R. P. Issues Associated with Codepostion of Deuterium with ITER Materials
EX/P4-5 Castaldo, C Detection of Dust Particles in FTU
EX/P4-6 Mazzitelli, G. Status and Perspective of the Liquid Material Experiments in FTU and ISTTOK
EX/P4-7 Ashikawa, N Characterization of heated dust particles using infrared and dynamic images in LHD
EX/P4-8 Hino, T Hydrogen Concentration of Co-deposited Carbon Films Produced in the Vicinity of Local Island Divertor in Large Helical Device
EX/P4-9 Kaita, R. Plasma Performance Improvement with Lithium-Coated Plasma-Facing Components in NSTX
EX/P5-1 Yoshinuma, M Observations of Spontaneous Toroidal Flow on LHD
EX/P5-10 Inagaki, Dr. Radial Interaction in Dynamic Heat Transport of LHD Plasmas
EX/P5-11 Fukuda, T Impact of Magnetic Shear Modification on Confinement and Turbulent fluctuations in LHD Plasmas
EX/P5-12 Kitajima, S Density Collapse in Improved Confinement Mode on Tohoku University Heliac
EX/P5-13 Kobayashi, S Effect of Bumpy Magnetic Field on Energy Confinement in NBI Plasmas of Heliotron J
EX/P5-14 Shchepetov, S.V. Fast Transport Transitions in High Shear L-2M Stellarator: Role of Moderate-Order Rational Magnetic Surfaces
EX/P5-15 Pochelon, A. Physics Insight and Performance Benefit in MHD and Energy Transport from Plasma Shaping Experiments in the TCV Tokamak
EX/P5-16 Sakharov, N.V. Study of Globus-M low aspect ratio plasma in improved confinement regime.
EX/P5-18 Razumova, K.A. Tokamak Plasma Self-Organization and Possibility to Have the Peaked Density Profile in ITER
EX/P5-19 Ryter, F Simultaneous Analysis of Ion and Electron Heat Transport by Power Modulation in JET
EX/P5-2 Degrassie, J.S. Intrinsic Rotation in H-Mode Pedestal in DIII-D
EX/P5-20 Maslov, M Denisty profile behavior in JET H-mode plasmas
EX/P5-21 Ding, Weixing Particle Transport and Electron Density Relaxation due to Stochastic Magnetic Fields in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
EX/P5-22 Puiatti, M.E. High density physics in Reversed Field Pinches : comparison with Tokamaks and Stellarators
EX/P5-23 Sun, H.J Non-local transport phenomenon with SMBI on HL-2A
EX/P5-24 Ding, xuantong observation of a natural particle transport barrier in HL-2A tokamak
EX/P5-25 Koguchi, H High beta plasma in improved confinement regime on the TPE-RX Reversed-Field Pinch Plasmas
EX/P5-26 Martines, E. Transport mechanisms in the outer region of RFX-mod
EX/P5-27 Burdakov, A.V. Advances in Plasma Heating and Confinement in the GOL-3 Multiple Mirror Trap
EX/P5-28 Yoshida, Z High-Beta (Hot Electron) Plasma in Ring Trap 1 (RT-1)
EX/P5-29 López-Bruna, D. Footprint of the Magnetic Configuration in ECH Plasmas of the TJ-II Flexible Heliac
EX/P5-3 Prager, S.C. Momentum Transport from Tearing Instability
EX/P5-30 Hidalgo, C. Multi.scale physics during shear flow development in the TJ-II stellarator
EX/P5-31 Estrada, T Characterization of the perpendicular rotation velocity of the turbulence by reflectometry in the stellarator TJ-II
EX/P5-32 Liu, A.D. Three-dimension spectral characteristics of low-frequency Zonal Flow in the edge plasma of HL-2A tokamak
EX/P5-33 Yan, Longwen Density Fluctuation of GAM Zonal Flows on the HL-2A Tokamak
EX/P5-34 Zhao, Kaijun Two Distinct Regimes of Turbulence in HL-2A Tokamak Plasmas
EX/P5-35 Schmitz, L. First Observation of Reduced Core Electron Temperature Fluctuations and Intermediate Wavenumber Density Fluctuations in H- and QH-mode Plasmas
EX/P5-36 Melnikov, A.V. The Study of the Statistical Properties of Electric Potential Oscillations in the T-10 Tokamak
EX/P5-37 Shelukhin, D.A. Spatial Structure of Density Fluctuations and Geodesic Acoustic Mode in T 10 Tokamak.
EX/P5-38 Conway, G.D. Turbulence and geodesic acoustic mode behavioural studies in ASDEX Upgrade using Doppler reflectometry
EX/P5-39 Skvortsova, N.N.  Effect of ECRH Regime on Characteristics of Short-Wave Turbulence in Plasma of the L-2M Stellarator
EX/P5-4 Rice, J.E. Counter-current Rotation and ITB Formation in Alcator C-Mod LHCD Plasmas
EX/P5-40 Tynan, G.R. Multi-scale Nonlinear Turbulence Dynamics Studies
EX/P5-41 Furno, I.F Turbulence and Transport in Simple Magnetized Toroidal Plasmas
*Missing* Dunai, D. Comparison of turbulence measurement results on the Wendelstein 7-AS stellarator and the TEXTOR tokamak
EX/P5-43 Ivanov, A. A. Steady-State Confinement of Anisotropic Hot Ion Plasma in the Gas Dynamic Trap
EX/P5-5 Severo, JHF Measurement of Temporal Evolution of Plasma Rotation in the TCABR Tokamak
EX/P5-6 Tanaka, K Experimental investigation of particle pinch associated with turbulence in LHD heliotron and JT-60U tokamak plasmas
EX/P5-7 Fukumoto, N. Investigation of compact toroid penetration for fuelling spherical tokamak plasmas on CPD
EX/P5-8 Petrov, Y.V. Central Fueling of Globus-M Plasma with the Help of Coaxial Plasma Gun.
EX/P5-9 Weller, A. International Stellarator/Heliotron Database Activities on High-Beta Confinement and Operational Boundaries
EX/P6-1 Herrmann, A. Filament dynamics and transport in the Scrape-Off-Layer of ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P6-10 Raman, R Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in NSTX using Transient CHI
EX/P6-11 Sontag, A.C. Current Profile Modification Influence on MHD and Non-Solenoidal Plasma Startup in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment
EX/P6-12 Bucalossi, J Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating assisted plasma startup in the Tore Supra tokamak
EX/P6-13 Igami, H Electron Bernstein Wave Heating via the Slow X-B Mode Conversion Process with Direct Launching from the High Field Side in LHD
EX/P6-14 Kubo, S Profile control by local ECRH in LHD
EX/P6-15 Nagasaki, K Effect of Magnetic Field Ripple on ECCD in Heliotron J
EX/P6-16 Paley, J.I Real Time Control of Plasmas and ECRH Systems on TCV
EX/P6-17 Diem, S.J. Investigation of Electron Bernstein Wave (EBW) Coupling and its Critical Dependence on EBW Collisional Loss in High-Beta, H-Mode ST Plasmas
EX/P6-18 Laqua, H. Fundamental Investigation of Electron Bernstein Wave Heating and Current Drive at the WEGA Stellarator
EX/P6-19 Goetz, J.A. Lower Hybrid and Electron Bernstein Wave Current Drive Experiments in MST
EX/P6-2 Jakubowski, M. Divertor heat loads in RMP ELM controlled H-mode plasmas on DIII-D
EX/P6-20 Nakamura, Yuji Time Evolution of the Bootstrap Current Profile in LHD Plasmas
EX/P6-21 Wilson, J. R. Lower Hybrid Heating and Current Drive on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak
EX/P6-22 Goniche, M Effect of Gas Injection during LHCD Experiments in ITER-Relevant Coupling Conditions
EX/P6-23 Wukitch, S.J. Ion Cyclotron Antenna Impurity Production and Real Time Matching in Alcator C-Mod
EX/P6-24 Pinsker, R.I. Experimental Study of Fast Wave Absorption Mechanisms in DIII-D in the Presence of Energetic Ions
EX/P6-25 Phillips, C. K. Spectral Effects on Fast Wave Core Heating and Current Drive
EX/P6-26 Turnyanskiy, M. Current profile control studies on MAST
EX/P6-27 Takase, Y. Parametric Decay Instability During High Harmonic Fast Wave Heating Experiments on the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
EX/P6-28 Okada, H Velocity Distribution of Fast Ions Generated by ICRF Heating in Heliotron J
EX/P6-29 Kumazawa, Ryuhei Progress towards RF Heated Steady-State Plasma Operations on LHD by Employing ICRF Heating Methods and Improved Divertor Plates
EX/P6-3 Kirk, A ELM power loadings and control on MAST using resonant magnetic perturbations
EX/P6-30 Kasahara, H High harmonic fast wave heating and beam driven ion cyclotron emission behavior in the LHD
EX/P6-31 Bobkov, V. ICRF Antenna Operation with Full W-wall in ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P6-32 Gunn, J. P. Suprathermal electron beams and large sheath potentials generated by RF-antennae in the scrape-off layer of Tore Supra
EX/P6-33 Ongena, J Heating Optimization Studies at JET in support of ITER
EX/P6-4 Maingi, R. Comparison of small ELM characteristics and regimes in Alcator C-Mod, MAST, and NSTX
EX/P6-5 Nakashima, Y Analysis of Pedestal Characteristics in JT-60U H-mode Plasmas Based on Monte-Carlo Neutral Transport Simulation
EX/P6-6 Ejiri, A. Non-inductive Plasma Current Start-up by EC and RF Power in the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
EX/P6-7 Nagata, M Experimental and Computational Studies of MHD Relaxation Generated by Coaxial Helicity Injection in the HIST Spherical Torus Plasmas
EX/P6-8 Tanaka, Hitoshi Non-Solenoidal Formation of Spherical Torus by ECH/ECCD in LATE
EX/P6-9 Yoshinaga, T Physics Study of EC-Excited Current Generation via Current Jump in CPD
EX/P8-1 Fujisawa, A Oscillatory Zonal Flows Driven by Interaction between Energetic Ions and Fishbone-like Instability in CHS
EX/P8-10 Gao, Q. D. TF ripple induced stochastic diffusion of energetic particles in advanced tokamak configurations on HL-2A
EX/P8-11 Chen, wei Destabilization of the Internal Kink Mode by Energetic Electrons on the HL-2A Tokamak
EX/P8-12 Cesario, R. Search for fishbone-like internal kink instabilities driven by supra-thermal electrons in FTU
EX/P8-2 Ichimura, M Study of Ion Cyclotron Emissions due to DD Fusion Product Ions on JT-60U
EX/P8-3 Murakami, S Radial Profile and Confinement of Energetic Particles during NBI and ICRF Heating in LHD
EX/P8-4 Toi, K. Alfvén Eigenmodes and Geodesic Acoustic Modes Driven by Energetic Ions in an LHD Plasma with Non-monotonic Rotational Transform Profile
EX/P8-5 Nishiura, M Fast-ion transport during repetitive burst phenomena of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmodes in the Large Helical Device
EX/P8-6 Snipes, J.A Characterization of Stable and Unstable Alfvén Eigenmodes in Alcator C-Mod
EX/P8-7 Pinches, SD Fast Particle Instabilities in MAST
EX/P8-8 Kiptily, V Recent Progress in Fast-Ion Physics on JET
EX/P8-9 Sabot, R Observation of Fast Particles Modes in Tore-Supra
EX/P9-1 Pautasso, G. Disruptions mitigation in ASDEX Upgrade with the in-vessel fast valve.
EX/P9-10 Igochine, V The role of stochastization in fast MHD phenomena on ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P9-11 Blackwell, B.D. Configurational Effects on Stability and Confinement in the H-1NF Heliac
EX/P9-12 De Baar, M.R. Overview of Tearing Mode Physics and Control program at TEXTOR
EX/P9-2 Liu, yi Study on Stabilization of Tearing mode with ECRH and its resultant transport properties on HL-2A tokamak
EX/P9-3 Xiao, C. Investigations of Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Instabilities in the STOR-M Tokamak
EX/P9-4 Ono, Y Ion and Electron Heating Characteristics of Magnetic Reconnection in TS-3 and UTST Merging Startup Experiments
EX/P9-5 Okabayashi, M. Comprehensive Control of Resistive Wall Modes in DIII-D Advanced Tokamak Plasmas
EX/P9-6 Maurer, D. A. Control of External Kink Modes Near the Ideal Wall Limit Using Kalman Filtering and Optimal Control Techniques
EX/P9-7 Drake, J. R. Reversed-field pinch contributions to resistive wall mode physics and control
EX/P9-8 Marrelli, L. Active Control of Resistive Kink-Tearing Modes in RFX-mod
EX/P9-9 Maget, P. MHD modes associated to hollow current density profile configuration:Experiment and Modelling
FT/1-1 Bak, J. S. Overview of Recent Commissioning Results of KSTAR
FT/1-2 Garin, Pascal The IFMIF/EVEDA Project: Outcome of the first Engineering Studies
FT/1-3 Nishitani, T Fusion technology development for DEMO in the Broader Approach activities
FT/1-4 Klinger, T The construction of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator
FT/1-5 Pizzuto, A. The Fusion Advanced Studies Torus (FAST): a proposal for an ITER satellite facility in support of the development of fusion energy
FT/2-1 Yoshida, NY Reflectivity Reduction of Retro-Reflector Installed in LHD due to Plasma Surface Interaction
FT/3-1Ra Kasugai, A Demonstration of 1MW quasi-CW operation of 170GHz Gyrotron and Progress of EC Technology for ITER
*Missing* Litvak, Alexander Status of Development in Russia of Megawatt Power Gyrotrons for Fusion
FT/3-1Rc Rzesnicki, T. Experimental Investigations on the Pre-Prototype of the 170 GHz, 2 MW Coaxial Cavity Gyrotron for ITER
FT/4-1 Brooks, J.N. Plasma Surface Interaction Issues of an All-metal ITER
FT/4-2Ra Philipps, Volker Development of wall conditioning and tritium removal techniques in TEXTOR for ITER and future fusion devices
FT/4-2Rb Wright, G.M. Hydrogenic Retention of High-Z Refractory Metals Exposed to ITER Divertor Relevant Plasma Conditions
FT/4-3Ra Jitsukawa, S Irradiation Effects on Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels -Mechanical Properties and Modeling-
FT/4-3Rb Muroga, T Compatibility of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels with Liquid Breeders
*Missing* Chernov, V.M. Structural Materials for Fusion Power Reactors - the RF R&D Activities in 2006-2008
FT/4-5Ra Nightingale, M.P S  Development of the JET Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency Heating System in Support of ITER
FT/4-5Rb Vulliez, K Validation of the Load-Resilient Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency Antenna Concept on Tore Supra Plasmas
FT/P2-1 Gaganidze, E. Mechanical Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels after High Dose Neutron Irradiation
FT/P2-10 Fischer, U Neutronics R&D Efforts in Support of the European Breeder Blanket Development Programme
FT/P2-11 Koidan, V.S. Study of Radiation-Damaged Fusion Materials under High-Power Plasma Stream
FT/P2-12 Kawamura, Y. Studies and Developments of Tritium Recovery System for Blanket of Fusion Reactor in Japan Atomic Energy Agency
FT/P2-13 Jordanova, J.D. Assessment of Radiation Streaming Effect upon Radiation Loads to Inboard TF-coil of DEMO Utilizing HCLL Blanket
FT/P2-14 Kizane, G. Chemical Forms of Tritium in Be Pebbles after Different Treatments
FT/P2-15 Lyublinski, I.E. Main Results and Prospects of Lithium Capillary-Porous System Investigation as Tokamak Plasma Facing Material
FT/P2-16 Zalavutdinov, R. Kh. A–C:H Film Removal in H2 and H2/N2O Glow and Afterglow Discharge
FT/P2-17 Nozawa, T. Evaluation on Failure Resistance to Develop Design Basis for Quasi-Ductile Silicon Carbide Composites for Fusion Application
FT/P2-19 Ochiai, Kentaro Advancement of Nuclear Analysis Method for ITER
FT/P2-2 Materna-Morris, E. Microstructure and tensile properties in reduced activation 8-9% Cr steels at fusion relevant He/dpa ratios, dpa rates and irradiation temperatures
FT/P2-20 Luchetta, A Technology Progress in Real-Time Control of MHD Modes at RFX-mod
FT/P2-21 Escourbiac, F. Definition of workable acceptance criteria for the ITER Divertor plasma facing components through systematic experimental analysis
FT/P2-22 Ozeki, T Development and Demonstration of Remote Experimental System with High Security in JT-60U
FT/P2-23 Callis, R.W. Alternate Concepts for Generating High Speed DT Pellets for Fueling ITER
FT/P2-24 Gantenbein, Gerd Experimental Results of Series Gyrotrons for the Stellarator W7-X
FT/P2-25 Imai, T.  Development of 1MW Gyrotron and Progress of ECH System for the GAMMA 10 Tandem Mirror in Tsukuba
FT/P2-26 Moriyama, SM Long Pulse/High Power ECRF System Development in JT-60U
FT/P2-27 Hanada, M.H Development of Long Pulse Neutral Beam Injector on JT-60U for JT-60SA
FT/P2-28 Sasao, M. Development of an Energetic He0 Beam Injector for Fusion Application
FT/P2-29 Jones, TTC The Physics of Design and Operation of High Power Neutral Beam Injection Ducts – Extrapolating JET Experience to ITER Situations
FT/P2-3 Baluc, N Optimization of the Chemical Composition and Manufacturing Route for ODS RAF Steels for Fusion Reactor Application
FT/P2-30 Ivanov, A. A. Focused Neutral Beams with Low Chaotic Divergence for Plasma Heating and Diagnostics in Magnetic Fusion Devices
FT/P2-31 Minea, T.M. Beam-plasma interaction in the ITER NBI
FT/P2-4 Nagasaka, T Progress in Flibe corrosion study toward material research loop and advanced liquid breeder blanket
FT/P2-5 Tanigawa, H R&Ds on Li2TiO3 Pebble Bed for Test Blanket Module in JAEA
FT/P2-6 Tsuru, D.T. Achievements of the Water Cooled Solid Breeder Test Blanket Module of Japan to the Milestones for Installation in ITER
FT/P2-7 Chen, Hongli Preliminary Safety Analysis for the Chinese ITER Dual-Functional Lithium-Lead Test Blanket Module
FT/P2-8 Liu, Haibo Thermal-hydraulic safety study of Chinese helium cooled solid breeder test blanket module for ITER
FT/P2-9 Feng, Kaiming Overview of Design and R&D of solid breeder TBM in China
FT/P3-1 Kim, Y.S. Commissioning Results of the KSTAR Cryogenic System
FT/P3-10 Kawashima, h Divertor Design Study on Compact DEMO Reactor for Handling of Huge Exhaust Power
FT/P3-11 Calabro, G. FAST Plasma Scenarios and Equilibrium Configurations
FT/P3-12 Goldston, R. J. An Experiment to Tame the Plasma Material Interface
FT/P3-13 Najmabadi, F Compact Stellarator Power Plants – Prospects, Technical Issue, and R&D Directions
FT/P3-14 Peng, Y.K M Effects of Physics Conservatism and Aspect Ratio on Remote Handling for compact Component Test Facilities (CTFs)
FT/P3-15 Garcia, J Integrated Modeling of DEMO Advanced Scenarios with the CRONOS Suite of Codes
FT/P3-16 Norajitra, P Status of development of the EU He-cooled divertor for DEMO
FT/P3-17 Imagawa, S. Concept of Magnet Systems for LHD-type Reactor.
FT/P3-18 Kozaki, Y. Design Windows and Cost Analysis on Helical Reactor
FT/P3-19 Mitarai, OM The low temperature and high density ignition in the helical reactor FFHR2m based on LHD experiments
FT/P3-2 Oh, Y.K. Commissioning Results of the KSTAR Superconducting Magnet System for the First Plasma Operation
FT/P3-20 Galvao, RMO Multi-functional Compact Tokamak Reactor Concept
FT/P3-21 Wu, Yican The fusion-fission hybrid reactor for energy production-a practical path to fusion application
FT/P3-22 Kuteev, B.V. Conceptual Analysis of a Tokamak-Reactor with Lithium Dust Jet
FT/P3-23 Coppi, B. Relevant Developments for the Ignitor Program and Burning Plasma Regimes of Special Interest
FT/P3-24 Wan, Yuanxi Risk Analyses and Optimization of Safe Operation for Advanced Superconducting Tokamak
FT/P3-25 Hanada, K Physical Design of MW-class Steady-state Spherical Tokamak, QUEST
FT/P3-26 Khripunov, V.I. 3-D Study of PFC and Dust Activation in ITER
FT/P3-3 Park, M.K Operation Results of KSTAR Integrated Control System for First Plasma
FT/P3-4 Yang, H.Y. KSTAR Assembly and Vacuum Commissioning for the 1st Plasma
FT/P3-5 Cucchiaro, A. Load Assembly Design of the FAST Machine
*Missing* Panek, R Status of the COMPASS Tokamak Re-installation in IPP ASCR
FT/P3-7 Tazhibayeva, Irina KTM Tokamak Project. Present and Future Activity
FT/P3-8 Heitzenroeder, P.J. Design and Construction Solutions in the Accurate Realization of NCSX Magnetic Fields
FT/P3-9 Tobita, K Design Issues on Compact Low Aspect Ratio DEMO Reactor, SlimCS
IC/P4-1 Hoffman, A. L. Hot Steady-State FRCs and the Field Reversed Mirror Concept
IC/P4-10 Soto, L Fusion studies using plasma focus devices from hundred of kilojoules to less than one joule. Scaling, Stability and Fusion Mechanisms
IC/P4-11 Yasaka, Y Studies on Plasma Direct Energy Converters for Thermal and Fusion-Produced Ions Using Slanted Cusp Magnetic and Distributed Electric Fields
IC/P4-12 Garnier, D. T. Confinement Improvement with Magnetic Levitation of a Superconducting Dipole
IC/P4-13 Wurden, G. A. FRCHX Magnetized Target Fusion HEDLP Experiments
IC/P4-2 Inomoto, M Formation and Sustainment of Field-reversed Configuration by Rotating Magnetic Field with Spatial High-harmonic Components
IC/P4-3 Belova, E.V. Simulation Studies of Field-Reversed Configurations with Rotating Magnetic Field Current Drive
IC/P4-4 Farengo, R Current Drive and Heating in a D-3He FRC Reactor, Relaxation in a Flux Core Spheromak and Oscillating Field Current Drive
IC/P4-5 Jarboe, T. R. Spheromak Formation by Steady Inductive Helicity Injection
IC/P4-6 Majeski, R. Performance Projections for the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX)
IC/P4-7 Kotschenreuther, M The Super X Divertor (SXD) and High Power Density Experiment (HPDX)
IC/P4-8 Ryutov, D. D. A Snowflake Divertor: a Possible Way of Improving the Power Handling in Future Fusion Facilities
IC/P4-9 Kruglyakov, E.P. Thermonuclear Prospects of Modern Mirror Systems
*Missing* Mccrory, R. L.  Progress in Direct Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion
IF/1-2 Shiraga, H. Implosion and Heating Experiments of Fast Ignition Targets for FIREX-1 Project
IF/1-3 Fernandez, J. C. Progress on the Development of Ion Based Fast Ignition
IF/P7-10 Koester, P. Fast Electron Transport Studies in Petawatt Laser Irradiation of Solid Dielectric and Metallic Target Materials
IF/P7-11 Kong, H. J. Beam Combined Laser Fusion Driver using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Phase Conjugation Mirrors
IF/P7-13 Labate, L. Study of fast electron transport dynamics in solids using multispectral, monochromatic X-ray imaging
*Missing* Li, D Effects of Magnetic Field, Viscosity and Shear Flow on the Richtmyer–Meshkov Instability
*Missing* Logan, B. Grant  Advances in U.S. Heavy Ion Fusion Science
IF/P7-16 Murakami, M. M. Quest for Impact Fast Ignition
IF/P7-17 Nagai, K Encapsulation of low density plastic foam materials for the fast ignition realization experiment (FIREX) –control of microstructure and density-
IF/P7-18 Nagatomo, Hideo Numerical Study of Advanced Target Design for FIREX-I
IF/P7-19 Norimatsu, T Elemental research on laser fusion reactor KOYO-F
IF/P7-2 Tolley, M K Microtarget Requirements, Production and Delivery for HiPER
*Missing* Perlado, JM Chamber responses and Safety and Fusion Technology in HiPER facility
IF/P7-21 Perlado, JMP Progress in Inertial Fusion and Fusion Technology at DENIM
IF/P7-22 Sakagami, H. Integrated Simulations and Respective Simulation Modeling for FIREX-I
IF/P7-23 Sid, A Weibel Instability in a Bi-Maxwellian Laser Fusion Plasma
*Missing* Tanaka, K.A. Progress in studies of ultra-intense laser plasma interactions for fast ignition FIREX project
IF/P7-25 Wolowski, J. Studies of Phenomena Related to Fast Ignition of a Fusion Target
IF/P7-26 Yoshida, H Development of Target Injection and Tracking for IFE in Japan
IF/P7-27 Pavez, C Experimental Studies in Mega Ampere Gas embedded Z-pinch with Different Initial Conditions of Preionization
IF/P7-28 Shumlak, U. Sheared Flow Stabilization in the Z-Pinch
*Missing* Rudraiah, N Electromagnetohydrodynamic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability at the Ablative Surface of IFE Target Filled with a Poorly Conducting Fluid Layer Bounded Above by a Poro
IF/P7-3 Atzeni, S. Studies on targets for inertial fusion ignition demonstration at the HiPER facility
IF/P7-30 Lei, Y.A Fast Ignition Impact Fusion
*Missing* Van Woerkom, L.D. Progress in Fast Ignition Studies with Electrons and Protons
*Missing* Matzen, M.K. Progess in Pulsed Power Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion at Sandia National Laboratories
IF/P7-4 Batani, D. Fast Electron Propagation In High Density Plasmas Created By Shock Wave Compression
IF/P7-5 Chen, M Theory and simulation of non-local thermal smoothing for arbitrary scale length modulation
IF/P7-6 Goto, T. Conceptual Design of a Fast-Ignition Laser Fusion Reactor FALCON-D
IF/P7-7 Hora, H. Modification of the Bobin-Chu fusion threshold for laser driven block ignition or for spark ignition
IF/P7-8 Kawanaka, J.K. “GENBU”-Laser Development with Cryogenic Yb:YAG Ceramic for Fusion Energy Reactor Driver
IF/P7-9 Khaydarov, Rajabbay Methods improved characteristics of laser source of ions
IT/1-1 Alejaldre, C ITER on the Way to Become the First Fusion Nuclear Installation
IT/1-2 Hawryluk, R. J. Principle Physics Developments Evaluated in the ITER Design Review
IT/1-3 Weng, Peide Results of ITER superconducting magnet R&D
IT/1-4 Lowry, C.G Progress in Design and R&D on ITER Plasma Facing Components
IT/1-5 Thomas, PR ELM physics and ELM Mitigation in ITER
IT/2-1 Sakamoto, K Progress in ITER Heating and Current Drive System
IT/2-2 Sips, A.C.C. Experimental studies of ITER demonstration discharges
IT/2-3 Kessel, C. E. Development of ITER 15 MA ELMy H-mode Inductive Scenario
IT/2-4Ra Portone, A. ITER plasma vertical stabilization
IT/2-4Rb Humphreys, D.A. Experimental Vertical Stability Studies for ITER Performance and Design Guidance
IT/P6-1 Izquierdo, J. European ITER Site Studies: Lessons Learnt in Safety and Licensing
IT/P6-10 Bazylev, B. Simulations of Material Damage to Divertor and First Wall Armour under ITER Transient Loads by Modelling and Experiments
IT/P6-11 Landman, I.S. Integrated Modelling of ITER Plasma Dynamics and Wall Processes Following Type I ELMs and Consequences for Tokamak Operation
IT/P6-12 Tereshin, V.I. Simulation of ITER Transient Heat Loads to the Divertor Surfaces with Using the High Power Quasi-Steady-State Plasma Accelerator
IT/P6-13 Loarte, A Power and particle fluxes at the plasma edge of ITER : Specifications and Physics Basis
IT/P6-14 Snyder, P.B. Pedestal Stability Comparison and ITER Pedestal Prediction
IT/P6-15 Kukushkin, A.S. Analysis of Performance of the Optimized Divertor in ITER
*Missing* Roth, J. A new look at the specification of ITER plasma wall interaction and tritium retention
IT/P6-17 Bandyopadhyay, I Simulations of ITER Disruption and VDE scenarios with TSC and comparison with DINA results
IT/P6-18 Whyte, D.G. Studies of Requirements for ITER Disruption Mitigation Systems
IT/P6-2 Kurki-suonio, t  fast ion losses in ITER
IT/P6-20 Donné, A.J.H. Key R&D activities for ITER Diagnostics
IT/P6-21 Costley, A.E Measurement Requirements and the Diagnostic System on ITER: Modifications Following the Design Review
IT/P6-22 Litnovsky, A. Progress in research and development of mirrors for ITER diagnostics
IT/P6-23 Ogawa, H Research and Development of Optical Diagnostics for ITER
IT/P6-24 Mukhin, E.E. Progress in Development of Deposition Prevention and Cleaning Techniques for In-Vessel Optics in ITER
IT/P6-25 Walsh, M.J Performance evaluation of ITER Thomson scattering systems
IT/P6-26 Skinner, C.H. Electrostatic dust detection and removal for ITER
IT/P6-3 Kramer, G.J. Fusion-born alpha Particle Ripple Loss Studies in ITER
IT/P6-4 Giruzzi, G. Integrated modeling of steady-state scenarios for ITER: physics and computational challenges
IT/P6-5 Oikawa, T Benchmarking of Neutral Beam Current Drive Codes as a Basis for the Integrated Modeling for ITER
IT/P6-6 Polevoi, A. R. Assessment of Plasma Parameters for Low Activation Phase of ITER Operation
IT/P6-7 Parail, V Integrated Modelling for ITER in EU
IT/P6-8 Buttery, R.J Multimachine Extrapolation of Neoclassical Tearing Mode Physics to ITER
IT/P6-9 La Haye, R.J. Prospects for Stabilization of Neoclassical Tearing Modes by Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in ITER
IT/P7-1 Becoulet, A.J. A Lower Hybrid Current Drive system for ITER
IT/P7-10 Chen, Jiming ITER first wall fabrication technology in China
IT/P7-11 Nishi, Hiroshi Study on Characteristics of Dissimilar Material Joints for ITER First Wall
IT/P7-12 Bongguen, BGH Progress on the Development of the Fabrication Technology for the ITER First Wall in Korea
IT/P7-13 Bruzzone, P. Qualification Tests and Facilities for the ITER Superconductors
IT/P7-14 Zanino, R. EU Contribution to the Test and Analysis of the ITER Poloidial Field
IT/P7-15 Li, W Recent Progress of GIS/GDC Design and Manufacturing for ITER
IT/P7-16 Day, C Implications of increased gas throughputs at ITER on the torus exhaust pumping system
IT/P7-17 Ezato, K Provisional Procurement Acitivity and R&D's on Divertor HHF Components in JADA
IT/P7-18 Kakudate, Satoshi R&D activities for ITER Blanket Remote Handling equipment
IT/P7-19 Siuko, M. DTP2 - verifying the divertor remote handling equipment for ITER
IT/P7-2 Jackson, G.L. Simulating the ITER Plasma Startup Scenario in the DIII-D Tokamak
IT/P7-20 Park, H.K Progress on the Design of the ITER Tokamak Assembly Tools
IT/P7-21 Chung, W. Design Progress and Analysis for ITER Thermal Shield
IT/P7-22 Cho, S. Status of R&D Activities on the ITER Tritium Storage and Delivery System
IT/P7-3 Dremel, M Cryopump design for the ITER Heating Neutral Beam Injector
IT/P7-4 Kashiwagi, Mieko High energy, high current accelerator development for ITER NBI at JADA
IT/P7-5 Watanabe, K -1 MV DC UHV power supply for ITER NBI
IT/P7-6 Nightingale, M.P S  RF and Mechanical Design of the ITER Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency Antenna
*Missing* Hemsworth, R.S. Status of the ITER Heating Neutral Beam System
IT/P7-8 Messiaen, a. m. a. Preparing ITER ICRF: Test of the Load Resilient Matching Systems on an Antenna Mock-up
IT/P7-9 Fantz, U Physical Performance Analysis and Progress of the Development of the Negative Ion RF source for the ITER NBI System
OV/1-1 Fasoli, A. Overview of Physics Research on the TCV Tokamak
OV/1-2 Romanelli, F Overview of JET Results
OV/1-3 Oyama, N Overview of JT-60U Results toward Establishment of Advanced Tokamak Operation
OV/1-4 Strait, E.J. DIII-D Research in Support of ITER
*Missing* Holtkamp, Norbert The Status of the ITER Design
*Missing* Moses, E. I. Ignition on the National Ignition Facility: A Path Towards Inertial Fusion Energy
OV/2-3 Zohm, H Overview of ASDEX Upgrade Results
OV/2-4 Komori, A. Development of Net-Current Free Heliotron Plasmas in the Large Helical Device
OV/2-5 Waelbroeck, F.L Theory and Observations of Magnetic Islands
OV/3-1 Gates, D. A. Overview of Results from the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)
OV/3-2 Meyer, H Overview of Physics Results from MAST
OV/3-3 Giruzzi, G. Investigation of Steady-State Tokamak Issues by Long Pulse Experiments on Tore Supra
OV/3-4 Wan, Baonian Recent experiments in the EAST and HT-7 superconducting tokamaks
OV/4-1 Azechi, H Plasma Physics Study and Laser Development for the Fast Ignition Realization Experiment (FIREX) Project
OV/4-2 Garbet, X. Turbulence Theory and Gyrokinetic Codes
OV/4-3 Duan, X.R. Overview of Experimental Results on HL-2A
OV/4-4 Marmar, E. S. Overview of the Alcator C-Mod Research Program
OV/4-5 Castejón, F Overview of TJ-II experiments
OV/5-1 Tuccillo, A. A. Overview of the FTU results
OV/5-2Ra Martin, P. Overview of the RFX-mod results
OV/5-2Rb Fiksel, G Overview of Results in the MST Reversed-Field Pinch Experiment
OV/5-3 Norreys, P.A. Recent Studies in Fast Electron Energy Transport Relevant to Fast Ignition Inertial Fusion
OV/5-4 Gusev, V.K. Overview of Results Obtained at the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
OV/P1-1 Gryaznevich, M. Results of Joint Experiments and other IAEA activities on Research using Small Tokamaks
SE/1-1 Ward, D.J Economic Consequences of Fusion Materials Development
SE/P2-1 Yamazaki, K Burning Plasma Simulation and Environmental Assessment of Tokamak, Spherical Tokamak and Helical Reactors
TH/1-1 Diamond, P.H. Physics of Non-Diffusive Turbulent Transport of Momentum and the Origins of Spontaneous Rotation in Tokamaks
TH/2-1Ra Becoulet, M. Physics of Penetration of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations Used for Type I Edge Localized Modes Suppression in Tokamaks.
TH/2-1Rb Strauss, H. R. MHD Simulation of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations and ELMs
TH/3-1 Poli, E Behaviour of turbulent transport in the vicinity of a magnetic island
TH/3-2 Hudson, S.R. Temperature gradients are supported by cantori in chaotic fields.
TH/3-3 Shimizu, K Kinetic Modelling of Impurity Transport in Detached Plasma for Integrated Divertor Simulation with SONIC (SOLDOR/NEUT2D/IMPMC/EDDY)
TH/3-4 Spong, D. A. Energetic particle physics issues for three-dimensional toroidal configurations
TH/3-5 Vdovin, V.L. Critical Problems in Plasma Heating/CD in large fusion devices and ITER
TH/4-1 Chapman, IT The Physics of Sawtooth Stabilisation in Tokamak Plasmas
TH/4-2 Sen, A Turbulent Transport and Flow Effects on NTM Evolution and Trigger Mechanisms
TH/5-1 Vlad, G. Particle simulation of energetic particle driven Alfvén modes
TH/5-2 Gorelenkov, N.N. Theory and observations of low frequency eigenmodes due to Alfvén acoustic coupling in toroidal fusion plasma
TH/6-1 Toda, S Theoretical Modelling of Transport Barriers in Helical Plasmas
TH/7-1 Ito, A  Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Chemical Sputtering of Hydrogen Atom on Layer Structured Graphite
TH/8-1 Holland, C.G. Validation of Gyrokinetic Transport Simulations Using DIII-D Core Turbulence Measurements
TH/8-2 Idomura, Y Conservative Global Gyrokinetic Toroidal Full-f 5D Vlasov Simulation
TH/8-3 Angioni, C. Gyrokinetic simulations of impurity, He ash and alpha particle transport and consequences on ITER transport modelling
TH/P3-1 Murakami, M. Off-Axis Neutral Beam Current Drive for Advanced Scenario Development in DIII-D
TH/P3-10 Kukushkin, A.B. Electron Cyclotron Power Losses in Fusion Reactor-Grade Tokamaks: Scaling Laws for Spatial Profile and Total Power Loss
TH/P3-11 Kolesnichenko, Ya.I. Sub-GAM modes in Stellarators and Tokamaks
TH/P3-12 Yakovenko, Yu.V. Effect of the Toroidal Asymmetry on the Structure of TAE Modes in Stellarators
TH/P3-13 Yatsenko, N.M. Influence of Anisotropy on Radiation of Any Linear Antenna System in Magnetoplasma
TH/P3-14 Chen, L Gyrokinetic Simulation of Energetic Particle Turbulence and Transport
*Missing* Fu, G.Y. Energetic Particle-induced Geodesic Acoustic Mode
TH/P3-16 Ram, A. K. Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in Spherical Tokamaks with Application to ITER
TH/P3-17 Wright, J.C. ITER Relevant Simulations of Lower Hybrid and Ion Cyclotron Waves with Self-Consistent Non-Maxwellian Species
TH/P3-18 Bustos Molina, A. Kinetic Simulation of Heating and Collisional Transport in a 3D Tokamak
TH/P3-2 Yavorskij, V. Fokker-Planck Modelling of NBI deuterons in ITER
TH/P3-3 Salewski, M Impact of ICRH on the Measurement of Fast Ions by Collective Thomson Scattering in ITER
TH/P3-4 Pokol, G Criteria for runaway electron generation in tokamak disruptions
TH/P3-5 Biancalani, A. Shear Alfvén wave continuous spectrum in the presence of a magnetic island
TH/P3-6 Cardinali, A Minority Ions Acceleration by ICRH: a tool for investigating Burning Plasma Physics
TH/P3-7 Zonca, F. Kinetic theory of Geodesic Acoustic Modes: radial structures and nonlinear excitations
TH/P3-8 Fukuyama, A Advanced Modeling of Cyclotron Wave Heating and Current Drive in Toroidal Plasmas Based on Integro-Differential Full Wave Analysis
TH/P3-9 Todo, Y. Simulation Study of Interaction between Energetic Ions and Alfven Eigenmodes in LHD
TH/P4-1 Pacher, G.W. Operation Window with Mutually Consistent Core SOL Divertor Conditions in ELMy H-Mode: Prospects for Long Pulse Operation in ITER and DEMO
*Missing* Park, G. What is the RMP driven transport and how does it affect ELMs?
TH/P4-11 Spineanu, F. Vortex nucleation in strongly sheared poloidal rotation and effects on velocity saturation and generation of ELM modes
TH/P4-12 Lukash, V.E. Numerical Modeling of Li limiter Experiments in T11-M tokamak
TH/P4-13 Mavrin, A.A. Computation of radial electric field in the turbulent edge plasma of the T-10 tokamak
TH/P4-14 Rajkovic, M Characteristics of Intermittency and ELM Dynamics in the Edge Region of Magnetic Confinement Devices
TH/P4-15 Castejón, F Flux-expansion divertor studies in TJ-II
TH/P4-17 D'Ippolito, D. A. Edge Turbulence, Blob Generation, and Interaction with Sheared Flows
TH/P4-18 Hegna, C.C Intermediate Nonlinear Regimes of Line-tied g mode and Ballooning Instability
TH/P4-19 Izzo, V.A. RMP Enhanced Transport and Rotational Screening in DIII-D Simulations
TH/P4-2 Ghendrih, P. Turbulence and flow interplay in the tokamak edge plasma
TH/P4-20 Krasheninnikov, S. I. Theory and Modeling of Edge Plasma Transport, Plasma-Wall Interactions, and Dust Dynamics
TH/P4-21 Pankin, A.Y. Effects of Transport and Non-thermal Particles on Kinetic H-mode Pedestal Evolution
TH/P4-22 Xu, X.Q. Fully Nonlinear Edge Gyrokinetic Simulations of Kinetic Geodesic-Acoustic Modes and Boundary Flows
TH/P4-3 Coster, D.P. Recent results from edge modelling on ASDEX Upgrade
TH/P4-4 Feng, Yuhe Divertor-Transport Study for Helical Devices
TH/P4-5 Gál, K.  Mitigation of ELMs and Disruptions by Pellet Injection
TH/P4-6 Maddaluno, G.M. Edge Plasma Issues of the Tokamak FAST (Fusion Advanced Studies Torus) in Reactor Relevant Conditions
TH/P4-7 Hamaguchi, S Generation of Dust Seeds by Sputtering of Carbon-based Plasma Facing Materials under Low-energy H/D/T Ion Bombardment
TH/P4-8 Ohya, K Modeling of Hydrocarbon Redeposition in the Gaps of Castellated Structures
TH/P4-9 Takizuka, T Two-dimensional Full Particle Simulation of the Flow Patterns in the Scrape-off-layer Plasma for Upper- and Lower- Null Point Divertor Configurations in Tokamak
*Missing* Xu, G.S. Cross-field transport driven by turbulent scattering of particles in tokamaks
TH/P8-10 Beidler, C. D. Results From the International Collaboration on Neoclassical Transport in Stellarators (ICNTS)
TH/P8-11 Hallatschek, K. Diamagnetic GAM Drive Mechanism
*Missing* Jenko, F Multi-Scale, Multi-Mode Gyrokinetic Simulations and Implications for Transport Modelling of Tokamaks and Optimized Stellarators
TH/P8-13 Scott, B.D Global electromagnetic gyrofluid/gyrokinetic computation of turbulence and self consistent rotation in large tokamaks
TH/P8-14 Singh, Raghvendra Nonlinear Excitation of Zonal Flow and Geodesic Acoustic Modes in the Edge of Tokamak Plasma
TH/P8-15 Honda, M Self-consistent Simulation of Torque Generation by Radial Current due to Fast Particles
TH/P8-16 Ishizawa, A. Transport due to Electromagnetic Turbulence in Externally Heated Plasma
TH/P8-17 Kishimoto, Y Multi-scale transport dynamics dominated by multiple dissipation mechanisms near the critical gradient
TH/P8-18 Li, J.Q New characteristics of zonal flows in multi-scale plasma turbulence
TH/P8-19 Tokunaga, S Multi-scale Transport Simulation of Internal Transport Barrier Formation and Collapse
TH/P8-2 Onjun, T. ITER Simulations with Internal and Edge Transport Barriers
TH/P8-20 Watanabe, T.-H. Regulation of Turbulent Transport in Neoclassically Optimized Helical Configurations with Radial Electric Fields
TH/P8-21 Na, Y.Su Transport Simulations of KSTAR Advanced Tokamak Scenarios
TH/P8-22 Vlad, M Nonlinear Dynamics of Impurities in Turbulent Tokamak Plasmas
TH/P8-23 Dnestrovskij, A.Yu. Canonical Profile Transport Model for H-mode Shots in Tokamaks
TH/P8-24 Dnestrovskij, Yu. N. Approach to Canonical Pressure Profiles in Stellarators
TH/P8-25 Leonov, V.M. Modelling of Tokamak Discharges with the Fast Central Response to the Boundary Plasma Perturbations
TH/P8-26 Pastukhov, V.P. Reduction of Cross-Field Plasma Transport in Tokamaks due to Power Input Redistribution and Sheared Flow Profile Modification
TH/P8-27 Fülöp, T. Quasilinear transport fluxes driven by microinstabilities in tokamaks
TH/P8-28 Nordman, H Transport in ITER-like plasmas in neoclassical, fluid and gyrokinetic descriptions
TH/P8-29 Weiland, J Symmetry breaking effects of toroidicity on toroidal momentum transport
TH/P8-3 Ludwig, G.O. Performance Analysis of Compact Tokamak Reactors
TH/P8-30 Jolliet, S. Global Nonlinear Simulations of Ion and Electron Turbulence Using a Particle-In-Cell Approach
TH/P8-31 Suwanna, S. Pedestal Temperature Models with Self-Consistent Calculation of Safety Factor and Magnetic Shear
TH/P8-32 Anderson, J Non-perturbative models of intermittency in ITG drift wave turbulence with zonal flows
*Missing* Peeters, A.G. Gyro-Kinetic Study of Toroidal Momentum Transport
TH/P8-34 Aydemir, A. Y. An Angular Momentum Source in Tokamaks
TH/P8-35 Bateman, G. Integrated Modeling Simulations of Toroidal Momentum Transport in Tokamaks
TH/P8-36 Callen, J.D. Toroidal Rotation In Tokamak Plasmas
TH/P8-37 Catto, P. J.  Limitations, Insights and Improvements to Gyrokinetics
TH/P8-38 Del-Castillo-Negrete, D. Non-local models of perturbative transport: numerical results and application to JET experiments
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