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EXC/1-4 Mailloux, J Towards a Steady-State Scenario with ITER Dimensionless Parameters in JET
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EXC/2-4Ra Gohil, P. L-H Transition Studies on DIII-D to Determine H-mode Access for Non-Nuclear Operational Scenarios in ITER
EXC/2-4Rb Mcdonald, D.C JET Helium-4 ELMy H-mode studies
EXC/2-5Ra Hirsch, M H-mode in Helical Devices
EXC/2-5Rb Bosch, H.-S. Overview of the construction and scientific objectives of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator
EXC/3-1 Tala, T JET Rotation Experiments towards the Capability to Predict the Toroidal Rotation Profile
EXC/3-2 Yoshida, M Core and edge toroidal rotation study in JT-60U
EXC/3-3 Rice, J. E. Progress towards a physics based phenomenology of intrinsic rotation in H-mode and I-mode
EXC/3-4 Fenzi, C On Plasma Rotation with Toroidal Magnetic Field Ripple and No External Momentum Input
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EXC/6-3 Mazzitelli, G. FTU results with the liquid lithium limiter
EXC/7-1 Conway, G.D. Behaviour of mean and oscillating ExB plasma flows and turbulence interactions during confinement mode transitions
EXC/7-2 Rhodes, T.L. Multi-scale/Multi-field Turbulence Measurements to Rigorously Test Gyrokinetic Simulation Predictions on the DIII-D Tokamak
EXC/7-3 Zhao, K.J. Experimental Study of Zonal Flow, Geodesic Acoustic Mode and Turbulence Regulation in Edge Plasmas of the HL-2A Tokamak
EXC/7-4Ra Inagaki, S Radial Structure of Fluctuation in Electron ITB Plasmas of LHD
EXC/8-1 Canik, J.M. Optimization of Density and Radiated Power Evolution Control using Magnetic ELM Pace-making in NSTX
EXC/8-4 De la Luna, E Effect of ELM mitigation on confinement and divertor heat loads on JET
EXC/9-1 Yoshinuma, M Impurity transport of ion ITB plasmas on LHD
EXC/9-2 Mantica, P. A Key to Improved Ion Core Confinement in JET Tokamak: Ion Stiffness Mitigation due to Combined Plasma Rotation and Low Magnetic Shear
EXC/9-3 Xu, Y. Long-Range Correlations and Edge Transport Bifurcation in Fusion Plasmas
EXC/9-4Rb Saitoh, H High-Beta Plasma Confinement and Inward Particle Diffusion in the Magnetospheric Device RT-1
EXC/P2-01 Ding, S Performance predictions of RF heated plasma in EAST
EXC/P2-02 Wilson, J.R. Experiments and Simulations of ITER-like Plasmas in Alcator C-Mod
EXC/P2-03 Leuer, J.A. Solenoid-Free Startup Experiments in DIII-D
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EXC/P2-07 Schweinzer, J. Confinement of ‘Improved H-modes’ in the All-Tungsten ASDEX Upgrade
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EXC/P2-09 Yuan, Q.P. Plasma Shape Feedback Control on EAST
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EXC/P3-02 Giroud, C. Integration of a radiative divertor for heat load control into JET operational scenarios
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EXC/P4-02 Brower, D.L. Fluctuation-Induced Momentum Transport and Plasma Flows in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
EXC/P4-03 Burdakov, A.V. New Experiments on the GOL-3 Multiple Mirror Trap
EXC/P4-04 Delgado-Aparicio, L. Dependence of particle transport on collisionality, rotation and MHD in NSTX
EXC/P4-05 Frigione, D Particle Deposition, Transport and Fuelling in Pellet Injection Experiments at JET
EXC/P4-06 Gao, X Experimental Study of Plasma Confinement on EAST
EXC/P4-07 Hole, M. J.  Model/Data Fusion: developing Bayesian inversion to constrain equilibrium and mode structure
EXC/P4-08 Nagaoka, K Heat and Momentum Transport of Ion Internal Transport Barrier Plasmas on Large Helical Device
EXC/P4-09 Neudatchin, S.V ITB Formation During Slow Electron and Ion Heat Pulse Propagation in Tokamaks
EXC/P4-10 Puiatti, M.E. Internal and edge electron transport barriers in the RFX-mod Reversed Field Pinch
EXC/P4-11 Shimizu, A. Experimental Study of Potential Profile Formation in Large Helical Device
EXC/P4-12 Litaudon, XL Core Transport Properties in JT-60U and JET Identity Plasmas
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EXC/P7-01 Schmitz, L. Reduced Electron Thermal Transport in Low Collisionality H-mode Plasmas in DIII-D and the Importance of Small-Scale Turbulence
EXC/P8-01 Almagri, A.F. Non-collisional ion heating and magnetic turbulence in the RFP
EXC/P8-03 Ferreira Nunes, I.M Confinement and Edge studies towards low rho* and nu* at JET
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EXC/P8-05 Funaba, H Local Transport Property of Reactor-Relevant High-Beta Plasmas on LHD
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EXC/P8-07 Kitajima, S Electrode Biasing Experiment in the Large Helical Device
EXC/P8-08 Labit, BENOIT Transport and Turbulence with Innovative Plasma Shapes in the TCV Tokamak
EXC/P8-09 Fasoli, A. Turbulence and Transport in Simple Magnetized Toroidal Plasmas
EXC/P8-10 Lebedev, S.L. Ohmic and NBI Heating in the TUMAN-3M with Increased Toroidal Magnetic Field
EXC/P8-11 Mizuuchi, T Fueling Control for Improving Plasma Performance in Heliotron J
EXC/P8-12 Sartori, R Comparison between dominant NBI and dominant ICRH heated ELMy H-mode discharges in JET
EXC/P8-13 Martin, Y. Impurity Transport in TCV: Neoclassical and Turbulent Contributions
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EXC/P8-15 Takahashi, Hiromi High Te, low collisional plasma confinement characteristics in LHD
EXC/P8-16 Tamura, N Edge-Core Interaction Revealed with Dynamic Transport Experiment in LHD
EXC/P8-17 Urano, H Comparison of pedestal characteristics in JET & JT-60U similarity experiments under variable toroidal field ripple
EXC/P8-18 Valovic, M Energy confinement and pellet fuelling in MAST
EXC/P8-19 Vermare, L Impact of collisionality on fluctuation characteristics of micro-turbulence
EXC/P8-20 Xiao, Weiwen Particle Transport Investigation in HL-2A Using ECRH and SMBI
EXC/P8-21 Yoshikawa, M.  Fluctuation Suppression during the ECH induced Potential Formation in the Tandem Mirror GAMMA 10
EXC/P8-22 Yu, Deliang Fuelling efficiency and penetration of supersonic molecular beam injection in HL-2A tokamak plasmas
EXC/P8-23 Zurro, B. Perturbation propagation in laser blow-off impurity injection in the TJ-II stellarator and its transport results
EXD/2-2 Maingi, R Modification of Edge Profiles, Edge Transport, and ELM Stability with Lithium in NSTX
EXD/6-1 Coenen, J. W. Analysis of Tungsten Melt Layer Motion and Splashing under Tokamak conditions at TEXTOR
EXD/6-2 Dux, R Erosion and Confinement of Tungsten in ASDEX Upgrade
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EXD/8-2 Kirk, A Magnetic perturbation experiments on MAST using internal coils
EXD/P3-01 Ahn, J.W. Divertor Profile Modification by the Effect of 3-D Field Perturbation in NSTX
EXD/P3-02 Asakura, N.A. Experimental and simulation studies of dust transport in JT-60U tokamak
EXD/P3-03 Balden, M Morphology Classification and Video Tracking of Dust Particles in ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-04 Brezinsek, S Fuel Retention in Discharges with Impurity Seeding after Strong Be Evaporation in JET
EXD/P3-05 Cheng, Jun Spatial structures of plasma filaments in the scrape-off layer in HL-2A
EXD/P3-06 Dal Bello, S. Lithisation effects on density control and plasma performance in RFX-mod experiment
EXD/P3-07 De Temmerman, G ELM-simulation experiments on Pilot-PSI using simultaneous high flux plasma and transient heat/particle source
EXD/P3-08 Doerner, R. P.  Multi-component Plasma Interactions with Elemental and Mixed-material Surfaces
EXD/P3-09 Drapiko, E.A. Effect of magnetic island on three-dimensional structure of edge radiation and its consequences for detachment in LHD (EX-D)
EXD/P3-10 Fukumoto, M Deuterium retention mechanism in tungsten-coatings exposed to JT-60U divertor plasmas
EXD/P3-11 Fundamenski, W.R Effect of ion mass and charge on divertor heat load profiles on JET
EXD/P3-13 Gray, TK Dependences of the divertor and midplane heat flux widths in NSTX
EXD/P3-14 Guo, H.Y. Recent Advances in Long Pulse Divertor Operations on EAST
EXD/P3-15 Hino, T Investigation of the toroidal and poloidal dependences of first wall conditions in the Large Helical Device
EXD/P3-16 Ivanova, D.M. Dust Particles in Controlled Fusion Devices: Generation Mechanism and Analysis
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EXD/P3-18 Kolemen, E. Plasma Modeling Results, Control Improvement for NSTX* and Applications to ITER
EXD/P3-19 Krieger, Karl Be migration studies at JET and their interpretation by an integrated model for plasma impurity transport and wall composition dynamics
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EXD/P3-21 Linke, J. Performance of different tungsten grades under transient thermal loads
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EXD/P3-23 Müller, H.W. Fluctuations, ELM Filaments and Turbulent Transport in the SOL at the Outer Midplane of ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-24 Neu, R.L. Power and Particle Exhaust Control in All W ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-25 Oya, Y Impurity effects on hydrogen isotope retention in boronized wall of LHD
EXD/P3-26 Petersson, P Fuel Inventory in Carbon Fiber Composites from Tokamaks, Detailed Mapping and Quantification
EXD/P3-27 Petrie, T.W. Results from Radiating Divertor Experiments with RMP ELM Suppression
EXD/P3-28 Rohde, V. Dynamic wall loads measured by gas balance technique in all tungsten ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-29 Scarin, Paolo Magnetic structures and pressure profiles in the plasma boundary of RFX-mod: high current and density limit in helical regimes
EXD/P3-30 Schmitz, Oliver Key Results from the DIII-D/TEXTOR Collaboration on the Physics of Stochastic Boundaries projected to ELM Control at ITER
EXD/P3-31 Sontag, A.C. Pedestal Characterization and Stability of Small-ELM Regimes in NSTX
EXD/P3-32 Soukhanovskii, V. A. Synergy between the innovative “Snowflake” Divertor Configuration and Lithium Plasma-Facing Component Coatings in NSTX
EXD/P3-33 Tabares, F.L Inhibition of C: H Co-deposit Formation by Ammonia Injection in Remote Areas of ITER
EXD/P3-34 Tamain, P Towards a comprehensive approach of edge and SOL transport issues: from experimental results to global simulations
EXD/P3-36 Watkins, J.G. Main Chamber Plasma-Wall Interaction Studies in DIII-D in Support of ITER
EXD/P3-37 Wukitch, S.J. ICRF Impurity Behavior with Boron Coated Molybdenum Tiles in Alcator C-Mod
EXS/1-2 Garofalo, A.M. Advances Toward QH-mode Viability for ELM-Free Operation in ITER
EXS/10-1Ra Park, H Comparative Study of Sawtooth Physics and Alfvén Waves via 2D ECE Imaging on KSTAR, DIII-D and TEXTOR
EXS/10-1Rb Xu, xiaoyuan Study of m/n=1/1 and high-order harmonic modes during the sawtooth oscillation via 2-D ECEI in a low $\beta$ tokamak plasma
EXS/10-2Rb Savrukhin, P.V. Control of the nonthermal electrons and current collapse at the density limit disruption in T-10 tokamak
EXS/10-3 Hender, T.C  JET Disruption Studies in Support of ITER
EXS/5-1 Yoon, S. W. Effect of Magnetic Materials on In-Vessel Magnetic Configuration in KSTAR
EXS/5-2 Ida, K Evidence of Stochastic Region near a Rational Surface in Core Plasmas of LHD
EXS/5-3 Matsunaga, G Interactions between MHD instabilities in the wall-stabilized high-$\beta$ plasmas
EXS/5-4 Reimerdes, H. Non-ideal Modifications of 3D Equilibrium and Resistive Wall Mode Stability Models in DIII-D
EXS/5-5 Sabbagh, S.A. Resistive Wall Mode Stabilization and Plasma Rotation Damping Considerations for Maintaining High Beta Plasma Discharges in NSTX
EXS/8-3 Oyama, N Characteristics and control of Type I ELM in JT-60U
EXS/P2-01 Bogatu, I. N. Disruption Mitigation with Plasma Jets for ITER
EXS/P2-02 Commaux, N. Novel Rapid Shutdown Strategies for Runaway Electron Suppression in DIII-D
EXS/P2-03 De Angelis, R Determination of Q Profiles in Jet by Consistency of Motional Stark Effect and MHD Mode Localization
EXS/P2-04 De VRIES, P.C. Survey into the occurence of disruptions and their root causes at JET
EXS/P2-05 Eidietis, N.W. A Diffusive Model for Halo Width Growth During VDEs
EXS/P2-06 Ferron, J.R. Optimization of the Safety Factor Profile for High Noninductive Current Fraction Discharges in DIII-D
EXS/P2-07 Fonck, R. J.  Nonsolenoidal Startup and Plasma Stability at Near-Unity Aspect Ratio in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment
EXS/P2-08 Gerhardt, S.P. Performance of Discharges with High Elongation and Beta in NSTX and Near-Term Paths Toward Steady State
EXS/P2-09 Hahn, S.-H. Approaches on vertical stability and shape control of KSTAR plasmas in the presence of intrinsic ferromagnetic material
EXS/P2-10 Hoang, G.T. Real-time Control of MHD Activity and steady-state current profile by non-inductive current drive in Tore Supra
EXS/P2-11 Jackson, G.L. DIII-D Experimental Simulation of ITER Scenario Access and Termination
EXS/P2-12 Kim, J Stable plasma start-up in the KSTAR under various discharge conditions
EXS/P2-13 Lehnen, M Disruption Mitigation by Massive Gas Injection in JET
EXS/P2-14 Lin, S. Y. Suppression of Runaway Electrons during Disruption in HT-7
EXS/P2-15 Pautasso, G. Contribution of ASDEX Upgrade to disruption studies for ITER
EXS/P2-16 Saint-Laurent, F. Disruption and Runaways Electron Mitigation Studies on Tore Supra
EXS/P2-17 Sauter, O. Effects of ECH/ECCD on Tearing Modes in TCV and Link to Rotation Profile
EXS/P2-18 Xiao, D. Optimization of EAST Plasma Start-Up for Simulations of ITER with Low Loop Voltage
EXS/P2-19 Yamada, T Double Null Merging Start-up Experiments in the University of Tokyo Spherical Tokamak
EXS/P2-20 Yang, Qingwei First Observation of Persistent Small Magnetic Islands on HL-2A
EXS/P2-21 Zhang, Wenyang Experimental study of electron scale density fluctuation in LHCD plasma on HT-7 Tokamak
EXS/P2-22 Zushi, hideki Study of Edge Turbulence from the Open to Closed Magnetic Field Configuration during the Current Ramp-up Phase in QUEST
EXS/P3-01 Frassinetti, L Controlled Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Physics Studies on EXTRAP T2R
EXS/P3-02 Huang, Yuan Study of Edge Localized Mode in HL-2A Tokamak Experiments
EXS/P3-03 Lang, P.T. ELM pacing investigations at JET with the new pellet launcher
EXS/P3-04 Liang, Y. Multi-Resonance Effect in Type-I ELM Control with Low n Fields on JET
EXS/P3-05 Solano, E. R.  Observation of Confined Current Structures in JET High Temperature Pedestals and Transient ELM Suppression
EXS/P3-06 Sun, Y Non-resonant magnetic braking on JET and TEXTOR
EXS/P4-01 Duval, B.P. Momentum Transport In TCV Across Sawteeth Events
EXS/P4-02 Melnikov, A.V. Plasma Potential and Turbulence Dynamics in Toroidal Devices (Survey of T-10 and TJ-II Experiments)
EXS/P5-01 Bolzonella, T Advanced Control of MHD Instabilities in RFX-mod
EXS/P5-02 Buratti, P Kink Instabilities in High-Beta JET Advanced Scenarios
EXS/P5-03 Buttery, R.J. The Impact of 3D Fields on Tearing Mode Stability of H-modes
EXS/P5-04 Chapman, IT Macroscopic stability of high beta MAST plasmas
EXS/P5-05 Forest, C.B. Observation of a resistive wall and ferritic wall modes in a line-tied, screw pinch experiment
EXS/P5-06 Gryaznevich, M.P  Determination of plasma stability using Resonant Field Amplification in JET
EXS/P5-07 In, Y. Error Field Correction in Unstable Resistive Wall Mode (RWM) Regime
EXS/P5-08 Jeon, Y.M. Equilibrium Reconstruction of KSTAR Plasmas with Large Uncertainty on Magnetics
EXS/P5-09 Maget, P.M. Non linear MHD Modelling of NTMs in JET Advanced Scenarios
EXS/P5-10 Marrelli, L. Three-dimensional physics studies in RFX-mod
EXS/P5-11 Masamune, S Mode structure of global MHD instabilities and its effect on plasma confinement in LHD
EXS/P5-12 Park, J.-K Robust correction of 3D error fields in tokamaks including ITER
EXS/P5-13 Sakakibara, S Exploration of optimal high-beta operation regime by magnetic axis swing in the Large Helical Device
EXS/P5-14 Sanpei, A Characteristics of extremely deep reversal and Quasi-Single-Helicity (QSH) states in a low-aspect-ratio RFP
EXS/P5-15 Xiao, C Control of MHD Instabilities in the STOR-M Tokamak Using Resonant Helical Coils
EXS/P7-01 Kiptily, V.G. Studies of MHD Effects on Fast Ions: towards Burning Plasma with ITER-like Wall on JET
EXS/P7-02 Nguyen, CN Theoretical and experimental analysis of the destabilization of modes by fast particles in Tore-Supra
EXS/P8-01 Kuznetsov, Y.K.. Long-range Correlations and Impurity and MHD Effects on Saw-tooth Oscillation in TCABR Tokamak Biasing and Alfvén Heating Experiments
EXS/P8-02 Narushima, Y Experimental Study of Poloidal Flow Effect on Magnetic Island Dynamics in LHD and TJ-II
EXW/10-2Ra Esposito, B Avoidance of disruptions at high betaN in ASDEX Upgrade with off-axis ECRH
EXW/4-1 Lin, Y. ICRF Mode Conversion Flow Drive on Alcator C-Mod
EXW/4-2 Pace, D.C. Transport of Energetic Ions Due to Microturbulence, Sawteeth, and Alfven Eigenmodes
EXW/4-3Rb Ido, T Potential Fluctuation Associated with Energetic-Particle Induced Geodesic Acoustic Mode in Reversed Magnetic Shear Plasmas on LHD
EXW/4-4Rb Chen, W Destabilization of Beta-induced Alfvén Eigenmodes in the HL-2A Tokamak
EXW/P2-01 De Baar, M. R. Control of MHD modes with a line-of-sight ECE diagnostic
EXW/P2-02 Ejiri, A.  Non-inductive Plasma Current Start-up Experiments in the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
EXW/P2-03 Granucci, G Plasma Start-up Results with EC Assisted Breakdown on FTU
EXW/P2-04 Haihong, Huang Power Supply of Vertical Stability coil in EAST
EXW/P2-05 Joung, M ECH-assisted Startup using Pre-ionization by the second harmonic 84 GHz and 110 GHz EC Waves in KSTAR
EXW/P2-06 Mccollam, K. J. Confinement Measurements and MHD Simulations of Oscillating-Field Current Drive in a Reversed-Field Pinch
EXW/P2-07 Moreau, D. Plasma Models for Real-Time Control of Advanced Tokamak Scenarios
EXW/P2-08 Nelson, B.A Demonstration of 200 kA CHI Startup Current Coupling to Transformer Drive on NSTX
EXW/P2-09 Ryu, C Observation and Analysis of a High Frequency MHD Activity during Sawteeth in KSTAR Tokamak
EXW/P2-10 Tan, Yi Transient Process of A Spherical Tokamak Plasma Startup by Electron Cyclotron Waves
EXW/P2-11 Tereshin, V.I. RF Plasma Production and Heating Below Ion-Cyclotron Frequencies in Uragan Torsatrons
EXW/P2-12 Uchida, M Generation of Initial Closed Flux Surface by ECH at Conventional Aspect Ratio of R/a ~ 3; Experiments on the LATE device and JT-60U Tokamak
EXW/P7-01 Anderson, J. K. Radiofrequency Current Drive Experiments on MST
EXW/P7-02 Cesario, R Lower hybrid current drive at densities required for thermonuclear reactors
EXW/P7-03 Ding, B.J Recent Experiments of Lower Hybrid Wave-Plasma Coupling and Current Drive in EAST Tokamak
EXW/P7-04 Durodie, FJL Latest Achievements of the JET ICRF Systems in View of ITER
EXW/P7-05 Ekedahl, A First Experimental Results with the ITER-Relevant Lower Hybrid Current Drive Launcher in Tore Supra
EXW/P7-06 Fredrickson, E. D. Observation of Global Alfvén Eigenmode Avalanche-like events on the National Spherical Torus Experiment
EXW/P7-07 Garcia-Munoz, M. Fast-Ion Transport Induced by Alfven Eigenmodes in ASDEX Upgrade
EXW/P7-08 Gusev, V.K. Investigation of Beams and Waves Plasma Interaction in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
EXW/P7-09 Isobe, M. Characteristics of Anomalous Transport and Losses of Energetic Ions Caused by Alfvénic Modes in LHD Plasmas
EXW/P7-10 Kramer, G.J. Fast Ion Effects during Test Blanket Module Simulation Experiments in DIII D
EXW/P7-11 Kwak, J.G First Results from ICRF Heating Experiment in KSTAR
EXW/P7-12 Leblanc, B.P. Recent Developments in High-Harmonic Fast Wave Physics in NSTX
EXW/P7-13 Li, Xiaoling Neutron Flux Measurements in ICRF Plasmas on HT-7 and EAST
EXW/P7-14 Lilley, M.K Nonlinear evolution of beam driven waves on MAST
EXW/P7-15 Liu, YI Studies on Neutral Beam Ion Confinement and MHD Induced Fast-Ion Loss on HL-2A Tokamak
EXW/P7-16 Lu, hongwei Investigation of Fast Pitch Angle Scattering of Runaway Electrons in the EAST Tokamak
EXW/P7-17 Eliseev, L.G. Alfven Eigenmodes Properties and Dynamics in the TJ-II Stellarator
EXW/P7-19 Nagasaki, K Experimental Study of Second Harmonic ECCD in Heliotron J
EXW/P7-20 Nielsen, SK Dynamics of fast ions during sawtooth oscillations in the TEXTOR tokamak measured by collective Thomson scattering
EXW/P7-21 Noterdaeme, J.-M.  Advances in ICRF Physics and Technology on ASDEX Upgrade
EXW/P7-22 Osakabe, M Evaluation of Fast-Ion Confinement with Three Dimensional Magnetic Field Configurations on the Large Helical Device
EXW/P7-23 Podesta, M. P. Non-linear dynamics of toroidicity-induced Alfven eigenmodes on NSTX
EXW/P7-24 Shi, Y Investigation of runaway electron beam in EAST
EXW/P7-25 Höhnle, H. Extension of the ECRH operational space with O2 and X3 heating schemes to controlWaccumulation in ASDEX Upgrade
EXW/P7-26 Tardocchi, M Production and Diagnosis of Energetic Particles in FAST
EXW/P7-27 Testa, DS Recent JET Experiments on Alfven Eigenmodes with Intermediate Toroidal Mode Numbers: Measurements and Modelling
EXW/P7-28 Wallace, G. M. Reduction of lower hybrid current drive efficiency at high density in Alcator C-Mod
EXW/P7-29 Yang, Y A New 4MW LHCD System for EAST
EXW/P7-30 Zhang, Xinjun Physics and Engineering Aspects of the ICRF Heating System on EAST
EXW/P7-31 Idei, H Phased-array Antenna System for Electron Bernstein Wave Heating and Current Drive Experiments in QUEST
EXW/P7-32 Jacquet, P. Heat-loads on JET Plasma Facing Components from ICRF and LH Wave Absorption in the Scrape-Off-Layer
FTP/1-1Ra Kojima, A Demonstration of 500 keV beam acceleration on JT-60 negative-ion-based neutral beam injector
FTP/1-2Ra Litvak, A.G. Development in Russia of Megawatt Power Gyrotrons for Fusion
FTP/2-1 Barabaschi, P Engineering Design Evolution of the JT-60SA Project
FTP/2-2 Menard, J.E. Prospects for pilot plants based on the tokamak, ST, and stellarator
FTP/2-3Ra Peng, YKM Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF) before Upgrade to Component Test Facility (CTF)
FTP/2-3Rb Chan, V.S. A Fusion Development Facility on the Critical Path to Fusion Energy
FTP/2-4 Crisanti, FC Scenario development for FAST in the view of ITER and DEM0
FTP/3-1 Garin, Pascal IFMIF: Status of the Validation Activities and of the Engineering Design Activities
FTP/3-2Ra Yamanishi, TY Recent Progress in Fusion Technologies under the BA DEMO-R&D in Phase1 in Japan
FTP/3-2Rb Ochiai, Kentaro Tritium Recovery Experiment from Li Ceramic Breeding Material Irradiated with DT Neutrons
FTP/3-3Ra Rapp, J Plasma-Facing Materials Research for Fusion Reactors at FOM Rijnhuizen
FTP/3-3Rb Koidan, V.S. Effects of Plasma Interaction with Radiation- Damaged Tungsten
FTP/3-4Ra Chernov, V.M. Heat-Resistant Ferritic-Martensitic Steel RUSFER-EK-181 (Fe-12Cr-2W-V-Ta-B) for Fusion Power Reactor
FTP/3-4Rb Gaganidze, E. Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels after High Dose Neutron Irradiation
FTP/3-4Rc Okubo, N. Reduced activation Ferritic/Martensitic steel F82H for in-vessel components
FTP/3-5Ra Feng, Kaiming  Progress on Design and R&D of CN Solid Breeder TBM
FTP/3-5Rb Tanigawa, H Mock-up Fabrication and Component Tests for Water Cooled Ceramic Breeder Test Blanket Module
FTP/3-6Ra Kugel, H. W. NSTX Lithium Technologies and Their Impact on Boundary Control, Core Plasma Performance, and Operations
FTP/3-6Rb Lyublinski, I.E. Development and experimental study of lithium based plasma facing elements for fusion reactor application
FTP/P1-02 Chikada, T Surface Behavior in Deuterium Permeation through Erbium Oxide Coating
FTP/P1-03 Chung, Hongsuk Manufacturing and Heat Transfer Tests of a Rectangular Tray-Type Tritium Getter Bed
FTP/P1-04 Day, Chr Considerations towards the fuel cycle of a steady-state DT fusion device
FTP/P1-05 Fukumoto, N. Development of a neutral particle flow fueling system by using a compact torus plasma injector for LHD
FTP/P1-06 Qian, XJ Gas chromatography separation of H2-D2-Ar using Pd/K
FTP/P1-07 Yun, Y.S.H. Variation of PCT Isotherm in the Disproportionated ZrCo
FTP/P1-08 Zalavutdinov, R. Kh. A–C:H Film Removal from and Oxidation of W and Mo in H2/Air Glow and Afterglow Discharge
FTP/P1-09 Huang, Zhiyong Measurement of deuterium diffusion and permeation in several stainless steels
FTP/P1-10 Anikeev, A.V. A Fusion Neutron Source for the Incineration of Radioactive Waste Based on the Gas Dynamic Trap
FTP/P1-11 Kotschenreuther, M. Nearer Term Fission-Fusion Hybrids: Recent Results
FTP/P1-13 Wu, Yican A Fusion-Fission Reactor Concept Based on Viable Technologies
FTP/P1-14 Zhou, Zhiwei Study on Fission Blanket Fuel Cycling of a Fusion-Fission Hybrid Energy Generation System
FTP/P1-16 Baluc, N From Materials Development to their Test in IFMIF: an Overview
FTP/P1-17 Barnes, C. W.  Radiation Damage from Atomic to Meso-Scales in Extreme Environments
FTP/P1-18 Hishinuma, Yoshimitsu Development of low activation superconducting material for the feedback coil operated around core D-T plasma
FTP/P1-19 Kondo, H Engineering Design and Construction of IFMIF/EVEDA Lithium Test Loop
FTP/P1-20 Kondo, M Flow Assisted Corrosion and Erosion-Corrosion of RAFM Steel in Liquid Breeders
FTP/P1-21 Nagura, M Corrosion Control of Er2O3 in Li as Insulating Material for Liquid Li Blanket System
FTP/P1-22 Nishimura, Arata 14 MeV Neutron Irradiation Effect on Superconducting Properties of Nb3Sn Strand for Fusion Magnet
FTP/P1-23 Wakai, Eiichi Status of Japanese Design and Validation Activities of Test Facilities in IFMIF/EVEDA
FTP/P1-24 Wang, Pinghuai Research and Development of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel CLF-1 in SWIP
FTP/P1-25 Delaporte, Ph Why Using Laser for Dust Removal from Tokamaks
FTP/P1-26 Douai, DD Recent Results on ICRF Assisted Wall Conditioning in Mid and Large Size Tokamaks
FTP/P1-27 Krasheninnikov, S. I. On First Wall and Dust Issues in Fusion Devices
FTP/P1-28 Missirlian, Marc Consequences of Fatigue on Heat Flux Removal Capabilities of W Actively Cooled Plasma Facing Components
FTP/P1-29 Sakurai, S Design and Development of Lower Divertor for JT-60SA
FTP/P1-30 Song, Y.T. Fully actively-cooled in-vessel components of EAST tokamak
FTP/P1-31 Wong, C.P.C. Plasma Facing Material Selection: A Critical Issue for Magnetic Fusion Power Development
FTP/P1-32 Hong, S. -H. On the Spherical Dusts in Fusion Devices
FTP/P1-33 Nakashima, Y Generation and Characterization of High Heat-Flux Plasma-Flow for Divertor Simulation Studies Using a Large Tandem Mirror Device
FTP/P1-34 Vertkov, A. V. Development of Liquid Lithium Limiter for Stellarotor TJ-II
FTP/P6-01 Azizov, E Status of Project of Engineering-Physical Tokamak (EPT)
FTP/P6-02 Goto, T Importance of Helical Pitch Parameter in LHD-type Heliotron Reactor Designs
FTP/P6-03 Hwang, Y.S. Conceptual Design Study of Superconducting Spherical Tokamak Reactor with a Self-consistent System Analysis Code
FTP/P6-04 Kamada, Y Research Regimes and Design Optimization of JT-60SA Device towards ITER and DEMO
FTP/P6-05 Na, H. K. Current Status and Facility Operation for KSTAR
FTP/P6-06 Neilson, G. H. Progress Toward Attractive Stellarators
FTP/P6-07 Simonen, T. C.. A DT Neutron Source for Fusion Materials Development
FTP/P6-08 Tazhibayeva, I. Tokamak KTM Progress Activity for Preparation on First Plasma Start-up
FTP/P6-09 Yang, H.L. Status and Result of the KSTAR Upgrade for the 2010's Campaign
FTP/P6-10 Kuteev, B.V. Key Physics Issues of a Compact Tokamak Fusion Neutron Source
FTP/P6-11 Giruzzi, G Objectives, physics requirements and conceptual design of an ECRH system for JET
FTP/P6-12 Imai, T. Development of Over-1 MW Gyrotrons for the LHD and the GAMMA 10 ECH Systems
FTP/P6-13 Kobayashi, T Progress of high power and long pulse ECRF system development in JT-60
FTP/P6-14 Shiraiwa, S Design and commissioning of a novel LHCD launcher on Alcator C-Mod
FTP/P6-15 Takase, Y. Development of a Plasma Current Ramp-up Technique for Spherical Tokamaks by the Lower-Hybrid Wave
FTP/P6-16 Bae, Y.S. Commissioning Results of the KSTAR NBI System
FTP/P6-17 Hiwatari, R Plasma commissioning scenario and initial tritium inventory for Demo-CREST
FTP/P6-18 Konishi, S Fusion-Biomass Hybrid Concept and its Implication in Fusion Development
FTP/P6-19 Mitarai, O The high density ignition in FFHR helical reactor by neutral beam injection (NBI) heating
FTP/P6-20 Tobita, K Concept of power core components of the SlimCS fusion DEMO reactor
FTP/P6-21 Yanagi, N. Heat Flux Reduction by Helical Divertor Coils in the Heliotron Fusion Energy Reactor
FTP/P6-22 Ariola, M The New JET Vertical Stabilization System with the Enhanced Radial Field Amplifier and its Relevance for ITER
FTP/P6-23 Cho, SC Feasibility of Graphite Reflector in Tritium Breeding Blanket
FTP/P6-24 Dong Won, Lee Progress on the Development of Fabrication Technology for the KO HCML TBM
FTP/P6-25 Fischer, U Progress in R&D Efforts on Neutronics and Nuclear Data for Fusion Technology Applications
FTP/P6-27 Nakanishi, H. Data Acquisition System for Steady State Experiments at Multi-Sites
FTP/P6-28 Park, S.H. Thermohydraulic Characteristics of KSTAR Magnet System Using ITER-like Superconductors
FTP/P6-29 Peyrot, M The JT-60SA Superconducting Magnetic System
FTP/P6-30 Takechi, M.  Design study of plasma control system on JT-60SA for high beta operation
FTP/P6-31 Tatematsu, Y Development of Collective Thomson Scattering System using the Gyrotrons of sub-Tera Hz Region
FTP/P6-32 Titus, P.H Progress in Design and R&D for In-Vessel Coils for ITER, DIII-D, and JET
FTP/P6-33 Xu, Zengyu Experimental Studies of MHD Flow in a Rectangular Duct with FCIs
FTP/P6-34 Rubel, M.J. Comprehensive First Mirror Test for ITER at JET with Carbon Walls
FTP/P6-35 Elaragi, Gamal Detection of X-ray from Micro-Focus Plasma (0.1kJ)
FTP/P6-36 Salvador, M. Mexican Design of a Tokamak Experimental Facility
ICC/1-1Ra Garnier, D. T. Turbulent Particle Pinch in Levitated Superconducting Dipole
ICC/P3-01 Majeski, R. First Results from the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX)
ICC/P4-01 Gates, D. A. Overview of the US collaborative program in stellarator experiments
ICC/P5-01 Asai, T Active Stability Control of a High-Beta Self-Organized Compact Torus
ICC/P5-02 Belova, E. V. Two-Fluid Mechanism of Plasma Rotation in Field-Reversed Configuration
ICC/P5-03 Jarboe, T.R. Recent results from the HIT-SI experiment
ICC/P5-04 Oishi, T. Helical-Tokamak Hybridization Concepts for Compact Configuration Exploration and MHD Stabilization
ICC/P5-05 Ryzhkov, S. V. Modeling of High Density and Strong Magnetic Field Generation by Plasma Jet Compression
ICC/P5-06 Stork, D The upgrade to the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak
ICC/P7-01 Inomoto, M. Kinetic Behaviors of Energetic Ions in Oblate Field-Reversed Configuration
ICC/P7-02 Takeno, H Improvement of Cusp Type and Traveling Wave Type Plasma Direct Energy Converters Applicable to Advanced Fusion Reactor
IFE/1-1 Meyerhofer, D.D. High-performance ICF target implosions on OMEGA
IFE/1-2 Shiraga, H. Integrated experiments of Fast Ignition with Gekko-XII and LFEX lasers
IFE/1-3 Moses, E.I. The Path to Inertial Fusion Energy
IFE/1-4 Barty, C.P.J. Lasers for Inertial Fusion Energy
IFE/1-5 Perlado, J.M. Chamber Dynamics and Radiological Protection in HiPER IFE Project under Repetitive Operation
IFE/P6-01 Johzaki, T.  Core Heating Scaling for Fast Ignition Experiment FIREX-I
IFE/P6-02 Stephens, R.B. Hot Electron Generation for Fast Ignition
IFE/P6-03 Hegelich, BMH Experimental demonstration of key parameters for Ion-Based Fast Ignition
IFE/P6-04 Murakami, MM Progresses of Impact Ignition
IFE/P6-06 Logan, B.G. Progress in U.S. Heavy Ion Fusion Research
IFE/P6-07 Weaver, J. L.  Advantages of KrF Lasers for Inertial Confinement Fusion Energy
IFE/P6-10 Desai, T. Control of Instabilities due to some transient processes in laser accelerated target.
IFE/P6-11 Kim, Y Measurements of the Deuterium-Tritium Branching Ratio Using ICF Implosions
IFE/P6-12 Nagatomo, H. Implosion Physics and Robust Target Design for Fast Ignition Realization Experiment
IFE/P6-13 Perkins, L. J. Investigation of High Gain, Shock-Ignited Targets on the National Ignition Facility for Near Term Application
IFE/P6-14 Nakao, Y.N. Ignition REgime and Burn Dynamics of DT-Seeded D3He Fuel for Fast Ignition Inertial Confinement Fusion
IFE/P6-15 Lei, Y. A. Low density volume ignition assisted by high-Z shell
IFE/P6-16 Hora, H. Laser-Plasma Interaction of Petawatt-Picosecond Laser Pulses with very High Contrast Ratio
IFE/P6-17 Kouhi, M Resonance at hydrogen-boron(11) fusion applied for high density laser driven volume ignition
IFE/P6-18 Kong, H. J. Coherent tiled 4 beam combination by phase controlled stimulated Brillouin scattering phase conjugation mirrors toward the practical laser fusion driver
IFE/P6-19 Kalal, M. Self-Navigation of Laser Drivers on Injected IFE Direct Drive Pellets
IFE/P6-20 Ivanovsky, A.V. Use of Super-Power Disk Explosive Magnetic Generators to Ignite a Target by Indirect Radiation of Z-Pinch X-Rays
IFE/P6-21 Norimatsu, T. Stagnation of Ablated Metal Vapor in Laser Fusion Reactor with Liquid Wall
IFE/P6-22 Juárez, Rafael Overview on Neutronics, Safety and Radiological Protection of HiPER Facilty
IFE/P6-23 Alvarez, J. The Role of the Spatial and Temporal Radiation Deposition in Inertial Fusion Chambers
IFE/P6-27 Homma, H Recent Development of Target Fabrication and Fuel Layering Technique for FIREX project
IFE/P6-28 Khaydarov, Rajabbay Effect of neutron irradiation on the characteristics of laser produced plasma
ITR/1-1 Bak, J.Shik Preparations of the ITER Vacuum Vessel Construction
ITR/1-2 Wagner, F Optimizing the ITER Heating and Current Drive Mix
ITR/1-3 Schaffer, M.J. ITER Test Blanket Module Error Field Simulation Experiments at DIII-D
ITR/1-4 Loarte, A ITER ELM control requirements, ELM control schemes and required R&D
ITR/1-5 Luce, T.C. Development of Advanced Inductive Scenarios for ITER
ITR/1-6 Putvinski, S Disruption Mitigation in ITER
ITR/2-1 Sborchia, C. The ITER Magnet Systems: Progress on Construction
ITR/2-2 Babineau, DWB Review of the ITER Fuel Cycle
ITR/2-3 Merola, Mario Power Handling in ITER: Divertor and Blanket Design and R&D
ITR/2-4Rb Kashiwagi, M 1 MV Holding and Beam Optics in a Multi-aperture Multi-grid Accelerator for ITER NBI
ITR/2-5Rb Sakamoto, K Development of high power gyrotrons and EC technologies for ITER
ITR/2-5Rc Gantenbein, Gerd 2.2 MW Operation of the European Coaxial-Cavity Pre-Prototype Gyrotron for ITER
ITR/P1-01 Afanasyev, V.I Neutral Particle Analysis on ITER: Present Status and Prospects
ITR/P1-02 Boivin, R.L. R&D ITPA Activities in Support of Optimizing ITER Diagnostic Performance
ITR/P1-03 Chugunov, I. Development of Gamma-ray Diagnostics for ITER
ITR/P1-04 Lee, H.G. Status of Design and R&D for the Korean ITER Diagnostic Systems
ITR/P1-05 Litnovsky, A. Mirrors for ITER diagnostics: new R&D developments, assessment of the mirror lifetime and impact of the mirror failure on ITER performance
ITR/P1-06 Mukhin, EE First Optics in ITER: Material Choice and Deposition Prevention/Cleaning Techniques
ITR/P1-07 Walsh, M.J. Overview of high priority ITER Diagnostic systems status
ITR/P1-08 Bazylev, B. Simulations of Material Damage and high Energy Fluxes to ITER Divertor and First Wall during Transients and Runaway Electron Loads
ITR/P1-09 Callis, R.W. Testing of ITER-Class ECH Transmission Line Components at the JAEA Radio-Frequency Test Stand
ITR/P1-10 Henderson, M. A. An overview of the ITER EC H&CD system and functional capabilities
ITR/P1-11 Mayoral, ML On Maximizing the ICRF Antenna Loading for ITER plasmas
ITR/P1-12 Schreck, Sabine Prototype Manufacturing and Testing of Components of the ECH Upper Launcher for ITER
ITR/P1-13 Sonato, piergiorgio The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padua – Italy: a joint international effort for the development of the ITER heating neutral beam injector prototype
ITR/P1-14 Suzuki, T Experimental Investigation And Validation of Neutral Beam Current Drive for ITER through ITPA Joint Experiments
ITR/P1-15 Tobari, H Development of Full-size Mockup bushing for 1 MeV ITER NB system
ITR/P1-16 Bandyopadhyay, Indranil TSC modelling of major disruption and VDE events in NSTX and ASDEX-Upgrade and predictions for ITER
ITR/P1-18 Bora, D. Progress on the development of the ITER Control System
ITR/P1-19 Casper, T. A. Development of the ITER Baseline Inductive Scenario
ITR/P1-20 Imbeaux, F. Current ramps in tokamaks : from present experiments to ITER scenarios
ITR/P1-21 Kakudate, Satoshi Progress in development of the blanket remote handling system for ITER
ITR/P1-22 Kessel, C.E. Development of ITER Advanced Hybrid and Steady State Scenarios
ITR/P1-24 Roth, J. Consequences of Deuterium Retention and Release from Be-containing Mixed Materials for ITER Tritium Inventory Control
ITR/P1-25 Stober, J ECRH assisted plasma start-up with toroidally inclined launch: multi-machine comparison and perspectives for ITER
ITR/P1-26 Wesley, J.C. Disruption, Halo Current and Rapid Shutdown Database Activities for ITER
ITR/P1-27 Baylor, L.R. Shattered Pellet Disruption Mitigation Technology Development for ITER
ITR/P1-28 Maruyama, S  ITER Fuelling System Design and Challenges –– Gas and Pellet Injection and Disruption Mitigation ––
ITR/P1-29 Budny, R. V. Benchmarking ICRF simulations for ITER
ITR/P1-30 Fenstermacher, M.E. ELM Control by Resonant Magnetic Perturbations: Overview of Research by the ITPA Pedestal and Edge Physics Group
ITR/P1-31 Garkusha, I.E. Experimental Simulation of ITER ELMs Impacts to the Tungsten Surfaces with QSPA Kh-50
ITR/P1-32 Konovalov, S.V. Characterization of Runaway Electrons in ITER
ITR/P1-33 Kukushkin, A. S.  ITER Divertor Performance in the Low Activation Phase
ITR/P1-34 Minashin, P.V. Electron Cyclotron Power Losses in ITER for 2D Profile of Magnetic Field
ITR/P1-35 Murakami, M. Integrated Modeling of Steady-state Scenarios and Heating and Current Drive Mixes for ITER
ITR/P1-36 Shinohara, K 3D Effect of Ferromagnetic Materials on Alpha Particle Power Loads on First Wall Structures and Equilibrium on ITER
ITR/P1-37 Boeuf, J.P. Physics and Modeling of the Negative Ion Source fot the ITER Neutral Beam Injection
ITR/P1-38 Bayon, A Results of the Prototype EB-Welded Segment for the ITER Vacuum Vessel
ITR/P1-40 Choi, J. Choi Study on the Impact of Plasma Disruption on the Current Control of the ITER Coil Power Supply
ITR/P1-41 Chung, W.  Status of design and R&D activities for ITER thermal shield
ITR/P1-42 Kim, B. C.  Fabrication Design Progress of ITER Vacuum Vessel in Korea
ITR/P1-43 Kim, D.-H. Current Activities on Design and Development of ITER Blanket Shield Block
ITR/P1-44 Kim, KBY Status on the Development of the Fabrication Technology and the Mock-up Qualification Tests for the ITER Blanket First Wall
ITR/P1-45 Li , pengyuan R & D of the Fabrication Technology for ITER Magnet Supports
ITR/P1-46 Liu, Xiang Characterization of Chinese Beryllium as the Candidate Armour Material for ITER First Wall
ITR/P1-47 Nam, Kyoungo Status of Design and R&D for ITER Sector Sub-assembly Tools
ITR/P1-48 Oh, J. S. Status of the Korean R&D Program on the ITER Coil Power Converters
ITR/P1-50 Takahashi, Y.T. Technology Development for the Manufacture of Nb3Sn conductors for ITER Toroidal Field coils
ITR/P1-51 Weber, HW Radiation resistant insulation systems for the ITER toroidal field coils
ITR/P1-52 Wei, J. W R&D of the ITER Correction Coil magnet system
ITR/P1-53 Wikman, H. S. V. Recent Development and Qualification of Materials for ITER
ITR/P1-54 Zacchia, FZ Fabrication and testing of the EU FW qualification mock-up
ITR/P1-55 Zhou, Tingzhi R&D on 52kA HTS Trial Current Lead for ITER
OV/1-1 Kwon, M. Overview of KSTAR Initial Experiments
OV/1-2 Wan, B.N Recent Progress in High Power Heating and Long Pulse Experiments on EAST
OV/1-3 Romanelli, F Overview of JET Results
OV/1-4 Greenfield, C.M. DIII-D Contributions Toward the Scientific Basis For Sustained Burning Plasmas
OV/2-1 Lindl, J. D. Progress toward ignition on the National Ignition Facility
*Missing* Motojima, O. Progress in ITER Construction
OV/2-3 Isayama, A Overview of JT-60U Results Toward the Resolution of Key Physics and Engineering Issues in ITER and JT-60SA
OV/2-4 Raman, R Overview of Physics Results from NSTX
OV/2-5 Yamada, H Overview of Results from the Large Helical Device
OV/3-1 Kallenbach, A. Overview of ASDEX Upgrade results
OV/3-2 Marmar, E. S.  Overview of Recent Results from Alcator C-Mod including Applications to ITER Scenarios
OV/3-3 Lloyd, B Overview of Physics Results from MAST
OV/3-4 Saoutic, B Contribution of Tore Supra in preparation of ITER
OV/4-1 Azechi, H. From Fast Ignition Realization Experiments (FIREX) to Electric Power Generation (LIFT)
OV/4-2 Tuccillo, A. A.  Overview of FTU Results
OV/4-3 Callen, J.D. Effects of 3D Magnetic Perturbations on Toroidal Plasmas
OV/4-4 Sánchez, J. Overview of TJ-II Experiments
OV/4-5 Yan, Longwen Overview of Experimental Results on the HL-2A Tokamak
OV/5-1 Jacquemot, S Studying Ignition Schemes on European Laser Facilities
OV/5-2 Coda, S. Progress and Scientific Results in the TCV Tokamak
OV/5-3Ra Martin, P Overview of the RFX Fusion Science Program
OV/5-3Rb Sarff, J.S. Overview of Results in the MST Reversed Field Pinch Experiment
OV/5-4 Peeters, A.G. Toroidal Momentum Transport.
OV/P-1 Blackwell, B.D. The Australian Plasma Fusion Research Facility: Recent Results and Upgrade Plans
OV/P-2 Coppi, B. Near Term Perspectives for Fusion Research and New Contributions by the Ignitor Program
OV/P-4 Ishida, S. Overview of the JT-60SA Project
OV/P-5 Jung, K.Jung Overview of the ITER Korea Procurement Activities
OV/P-6 Kruglyakov, E.P. Progress in studies of magnetic mirror and their prospects.
OV/P-7 Vershkov, V.A. Recent Results of T-10 Tokamak
OV/P-8 Zhuang, G. The Reconstruction and Research Progress of the TEXT-U Tokamak in China
PD-2 Ku, S Intrinsic Torque and the Global Structure of Self-consistent Intrinsic Rotation Profiles in Flux-Driven ITG Turbulence
PD_P-01 Toi, K. Role of Low-Order Rational Surfaces in Transport Barrier Formation on the Large Helical Device
PD_P-02 Miki, K. Novel States of Pre-Transition Edge Turbulence Emerging from Shearing Mode Competition
PD_P-03 Sid, A. Fusion Reaction Burn in a Cylindrical Magnetized Target
SEE/1-1Ra Goldston, R. J. Fusion Energy and Climate Change
SEE/1-1Rb Muehlich, Pascal The Potential Role for Fusion Power in Future Energy Markets
SEE/1-1Rc Yamazaki, K Environmental and Economic Assessments of Magnetic and Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactors
THC/3-1 Jenko, F Towards Multiscale Gyrokinetic Simulations of ITER-like Plasmas
THC/3-2 Catto, P. J.  Radial electric field evaluation and effects in the core and pedestal
THC/3-3 Kinsey, J.E. ITER Predictions Using the GYRO Verified and Experimentally Validated TGLF Transport Model
THC/3-4Ra Kim, S.S. Hysteresis and Back Transitions in Internal and Edge Transport Barriers
THC/3-4Rb Kwon, J.M. Gyrokinetic and Gyrofluid Simulation Studies of Non-Diffusive Momentum Transport and Intrinsic Rotation
THC/3-5 Sarazin, Y Predictions on Heat Transport and Plasma Rotation from Global Gyrokinetic Simulations
THC/6-1 Watanabe, T.-H. Isotope Effects on Zonal Flows and Turbulence in Helical Configurations with Equilibrium-Scale Radial Electric Fields
THC/6-2Rb Sasaki, M Dynamics of low frequency zonal flow driven by geodesic acoustic modes
THC/8-1 Singh, Raghvendra Role of Flow Shear Layer and Edge Plasma Turbulence in Density Limit Physics
THC/P2-01 Garcia, J A new steady-state scenario for ITER based on cyclic operation
THC/P2-02 Geiger, J. Physics Modeling for Steady-State Experiments at Wendelstein 7-X
THC/P2-03 Guo, Yong TSC simulation and prediction of Ohmic discharge in EAST
THC/P2-04 Kritz, A. H. Integrated Modeling for Prediction of Optimized ITER Performance
THC/P2-05 Calabrň, G Physics Based Modelling of H-mode and Advanced Tokamak Scenarios for FAST: Analysis of the Role of Rotation in Predicting Core Transport in Future Machines
THC/P3-01 Aydemir, A. Y. On the role of magnetic geometry and flows on the L-H transition power threshold
THC/P3-02 Cary, J.H. Coupled Core-Edge Simulations of Pedestal Formation Using the FACETS Framework
THC/P3-03 Kim, K. M. Effects of Pellet ELM Pacing on Mitigation of Type-I ELM Energy Loss in KSTAR and ITER
THC/P3-04 Lee, K. C. H-mode transition Analysis of NSTX based on the Er formation mechanism by the gyrocenter shift
THC/P3-05 Pankin, A.Y. Kinetic-based Modeling of H-mode Pedestal with Theory-based Anomalous Transport Models and MHD Stability Criterion
THC/P3-06 Rozhansky, V Modeling of the Edge Plasma of MAST in the Presence of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
THC/P4-01 Barnes, M. Shear flow suppression of turbulent transport and self-consistent profile evolution within a multi-scale gyrokinetic framework
THC/P4-02 Bottino, A. Global nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of electromagnetic turbulence in tokamaks and stellarators
THC/P4-03 Cappello, S. Equilibrium and Transport for Quasi Helical Reversed Field Pinches
THC/P4-04 Chang, C.S. Self-consistent simulation of kinetic pedestal transport under RMP penetration
THC/P4-05 Del-Castillo-Negrete, D. Non-local transport modeling of heat transport in LHD
THC/P4-06 Dif-Pradalier, G. Nonlocal Dynamics of Turbulence, Transport and Zonal Flows in Tokamak Plasmas
THC/P4-07 Dnestrovskij, Y. N. Canonical Profiles and Transport Model for Toroidal Rotation in Tokamak
THC/P4-08 Ethier, Stephane Global Gyrokinetic Simulation of Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence and Transport in NSTX Plasmas
THC/P4-09 Fülöp, T Impurity transport driven by electrostatic turbulence in tokamak plasmas
THC/P4-10 Honda, M Alpha Particle-Driven Toroidal Rotation in Burning Plasmas
THC/P4-11 Horton, W. Turbulence Impurity Transport Modeling for C-Mod and ITER
THC/P4-12 Hoshino, K Inward Pinch of High-Z Impurity due to Atomic Processes in a Rotating Tokamak Plasma and the Effect of Radial Electric Field
THC/P4-13 Idomura, Y. Impact of Toroidal Rotation on Ion Turbulent Transport in Tokamaks
THC/P4-14 Jolliet, S. Plasma Size Scaling of Avalanche-like Heat Transport in Tokamaks
THC/P4-15 Kasuya, N. Development of Turbulence Diagnostics on Three-Dimensional Fields Obtained by Numerical Simulations in Magnetically Confined Plasmas
THC/P4-16 Li, J. Q. Nonlinear Interaction Mechanisms of Multi-scale Multi-mode MHD and Micro-turbulence in Magnetic Fusion Plasmas
THC/P4-17 Lin, Z Size Scaling and Nondiffusive Features of Electron Heat Transport in Multi-Scale Turbulence
THC/P4-18 Mcdevitt, C.J. Developments in the Theory of Tokamak Flow Self-Organization
THC/P4-19 Miyato, N Effects of strong E x B flow on gyrokinetics
THC/P4-20 Nunami, M Effects of Three-Dimensional Geometry and Collisions on Zonal Flows and Ion Temperature Gradient Modes in Helical Systems
THC/P4-21 Parra, FI Sources of intrinsic rotation in the low flow ordering
THC/P4-22 Pastukhov, V.P. Nonlocal Response of Turbulent Plasma Transport in Tokamak Core on Fast Changes of Power Input
THC/P4-23 Poolyarat, N Core-edge Simulations of H-mode Tokamak Plasmas using BALDUR and TASK Codes
THC/P4-24 Scott, B.D Gyrokinetic Studies of Turbulence, Equilibrium, and Flows in the Tokamak Edge
THC/P4-25 Singh, Rameswar Intrinsic Toroidal and Poloidal Flow Generation in the Background of ITG Turbulence
THC/P4-26 Tangri, V. Gyrokinetic Simulation of Temperature Gradient Instability in the RFP
THC/P4-27 Terry, P.W. Saturation of Plasma Microturbulence by Damped Eigenmodes
THC/P4-28 Toda, S Theoretical Transport Analysis of Density limit with Radial Electric Field in Helical Plasmas
THC/P4-29 Wakasa, A Integrated Transport Simulation of LHD Plasmas using TASK3D
THC/P4-30 Wang, W. X. Characteristics of Turbulence Driven Multiple-Channel Transport in Tokamaks, and Comparison with Experiments
THC/P5-01 Castejón, F. Distributed and Asynchronous Bees Algorithm Applied to Plasma Confinement
THC/P5-02 Herrera-Velázquez, J. J. E.  3D-MAPTOR Code for computation of magnetic fields in tokamaks
THC/P5-03 Ito, A. Equilibrium and Stability of High-beta Toroidal Plasmas with Toroidal and Poloidal Flow in Reduced Magnetohydrodynamic Models
THC/P5-04 Reiman, A.H. Three-Dimensional Equilibria with Stochastic Regions Supporting Finite Pressure Gradients
THC/P8-02 Gurcan, O. D. Dynamics of wave-number spectrum of plasma turbulence
THC/P8-04 Hallatschek, K. Control of Turbulent Transport by GAMs
THC/P8-05 Tokunaga, S Equilibrium Flow Shear and Magnetic Shear Effect on Zonal Flow
THD/5-1Rb Feng, Yuhe Comparison between Stellarator and Tokamak Divertor Transport
THD/5-2Ra Shimizu, K Self-consistent Integrated Modelling of Core and SOL/divertor Transport and Simulation Study on Transient Heat Load on Divertor Targets
THD/P2-01 Lukash, V. E. Modeling of major disruption mitigation in ITER-like tokamak-reactor by fast injection of massive Li pellets in ITER-like tokamak reactor
THD/P3-01 Joseph, I. Driving Toroidally Asymmetric Current Through the Tokamak Scrape-Off Layer to Control Edge-Localized Instabilities and Equilibrium Profiles
THD/P3-02 Marandet, Y. Transport of neutrals in turbulent SOL plasmas
THD/P3-03 Naulin, V Progress in Turbulence Modeling JET SOL and edge phenomena
THD/P3-04 Ohya, K. Molecular Dynamics Study of Plasma Surface Interaction of Codeposited Materials
THD/P3-05 Rognlien, T.D. Advances in Understanding Tokamaks Edge/Scrape-Off Layer Transport
THD/P3-07 Sugita, S. Study of Radial Particle Transport Accompanied with Plasma Blob and Self-organized Meso-scale Structure in Tokamak Scrape-off Layer
THD/P4-01 Yarim, C Neoclassical Approach to Angular Momentum Transport and Toroidal Rotation in Tokamak Plasmas
THS/1-1 Snyder, P.B. A First Principles Predictive Model of the Pedestal Height and Width: Development, Testing, and ITER Optimization with the EPED Model
THS/4-1 Hegna, C.C High-beta physics of magnetic islands in 3-D equilibria
THS/7-1 Huysmans, G.T.A. Non-linear MHD Simulations of Natural and Pellet Triggered ELMs
THS/9-1 Graves, J. P. Sawtooth Control Relying on Toroidally Propagating ICRF Waves
THS/9-2 Izzo, V.A. Runaway Electron Modeling for Rapid Shutdown Scenarios in DIII-D, Alcator C-Mod, and ITER
THS/P2-02 Ahmad, Z Parametric Study of Equilibrium and Stability Analysis of HT-6M Tokamak in the Presence of Flow
THS/P2-03 Breslau, J.A. Onset and Saturation of a Non-Resonant Internal Mode in NSTX and Implications for AT Modes in ITER
THS/P2-04 Na, Y.-S. Real-time Control of Neoclassical Tearing Mode in Time-dependent Simulations on KSTAR
THS/P2-05 Park, Y.S. KSTAR Equilibrium Operating Space and Projected Stabilization at High Normalized Beta
THS/P2-06 Strauss, HR Wall forces produced during ITER disruptions
THS/P3-01 Aiba, N Mechanisms of the plasma rotation effect on the type-I ELM in tokamaks
THS/P3-02 Hayashi, N. Integrated simulation of ELM triggered by pellet through energy absorption and transport enhancement
THS/P3-04 Sugiyama, L. E. Magnetic X-points, edge instabilities, and the H-mode edge
THS/P3-05 Xu, X.Q. Nonlinear ELM simulations based on peeling-ballooning modes using the BOUT/BOUT++ code
THS/P3-06 Yu, Q. Plasma Response to Externally Applied Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
THS/P4-01 Futatani, S Reversal of impurity pinch velocity in tokamak plasma with a reversed magnetic shear configuration
THS/P4-02 Pustovitov, V.D. Integral torque balance in the problem of the plasma toroidal rotation
THS/P5-01 Benkadda, S. Progress in understanding the multiscale analysis of Magnetic Island interacting with Turbulence in Tokamak
THS/P5-02 Beyer, P. Impact of the geometry of resonant magnetic perturbations on the dynamics of transport barrier relaxations at the tokamak edge
THS/P5-03 Cai, H.S. Tearing modes in electron magnetohydrodynamics
THS/P5-04 Chu, M.S. Response of a Resistive and Rotating Tokamak to External Magnetic Perturbations Below the Alfvénic Frequency
THS/P5-05 Furukawa, M. A Numerical Matching Technique for Resistive MHD Stability Analysis
THS/P5-06 Halpern, F.D. Non linear, Two Fluid Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Internal Kink Mode in Tokamaks
THS/P5-07 Hao, G. Z. Effects of Turbulence Induced Viscosity and Plasma Flow on Resistive Wall Mode Stability
THS/P5-08 Ichiguchi, K. Multi-Scale MHD Analysis Incorporating Pressure Transport Equation for Beta-Increasing LHD Plasma
THS/P5-09 Janvier, M. A Mechanism of Structure Driven Nonlinear Instability of Double Tearing Mode in Reversed Magnetic Shear Plasmas
THS/P5-10 Liu, Y.Q. Modelling of Plasma Response to RMP Fields in MAST and ITER
THS/P5-11 Mirnov, V. V. Effects of Toroidal Geometry and FLR Nonlocality of Fast Ions on Tearing Modes in Reversed Field Pinch
THS/P5-12 Miura, H. Sub-grid scale Effects on Short-wave Instability in Magnetized Hall MHD Plasma
THS/P5-13 Shaing, K. C. Theory for Neoclassical Toroidal Plasma Viscosity in Tokamaks
THS/P5-14 Shiraishi, J Analytic Theory of a Matching Problem Generalized for Stability Analysis of Resistive Wall Modes in Rotating Plasmas
THS/P7-01 He, Hongda Second Stable regime of Internal Kink Modes Excited by Barely Passing Energetic Ions in Tokamak Plasmas
THS/P7-02 Hirota, M Lagrangian approach to resonant three-mode interaction in magnetohydrodynamics
THS/P8-01 Ilgisonis, V Geodesic Acoustic Modes in Rotating Large Aspect Ratio Tokamak Plasmas
THS/P8-03 Mykhaylenko, V.S. Integrated Non-modal Linear and Renormalized Nonlinear Approach to the Theory of Drift Turbulence in Plasma Shear Flow
THS/P8-04 Rajkovic, M. Spatiotemporal chaos, stochasticity and transport in toroidal magnetic configurations
THS/P8-05 Zhang, Huasen Effects of Trapped Electrons in Collisionless Damping of Geodesic Acoustic Mode
THW/2-1 Gusakov, E.Z. Low Threshold Parametric Decay Instabilities in Tokamak ECRH Experiments
THW/2-2Ra Lauber, Ph Damping, Drive and Non-linear Effects of Kinetic Low-frequency Modes in Tokamaks
THW/2-2Rb Fu, G.Y. Simulations of Energetic Particle-driven Instabilities with Source and Sink
THW/2-3Ra Todo, Y. Simulation Study of Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamic Effects on Alfvén Eigenmode Evolution and Zonal Flow Generation
THW/2-4Ra Wang, XIN Kinetic Thermal Ions Effects on Alfvenic Fluctuations in Tokamak Plasmas
THW/P2-01 Fukuyama, A Kinetic Integrated Modeling of Heating and Current Drive in Tokamak Plasmas
THW/P2-02 Kim, S.H. Full Tokamak Discharge Simulation for ITER
THW/P2-03 Lerche, EAL Potential of the ICRF heating schemes foreseen for ITER’s half-field Hydrogen phase
THW/P2-04 Seol, J Modeling of Nonlinear Electron Cyclotron Heating during ECH-assisted Plasma Startup in a Tokamak
THW/P3-01 Kurki-Suonio, T.  Fast Ion power loads on ITER First Wall Structures in the Presence of NTMs and microturbulence
THW/P4-01 Bass, E.M. Gyrokinetic Simulations of Energetic Particle Driven TAE/EPM Transport Embedded in ITG/TEM Turbulence
THW/P4-02 Gao, Z Flow Generation Associated with RF Current Drive in a Tokamak Plasma
THW/P4-03 Murakami, S Simulation Study of Toroidal Flow Generation by the ICRF Minority Heating
THW/P7-01 Bonoli, P. T. Validation of Simulation Capability for RF Wave Propagation and Absorption in the Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies on Alcator C-Mod
THW/P7-02 Breizman, B.N. Spontaneous Formation and Evolution of Nonlinear Energetic Particle Modes with Time-dependent Frequencies
THW/P7-03 Bustos, ABM Simulations of NBI Fast ions in Stellarators
THW/P7-04 Cardinali, A Energetic particle physics in FAST H-mode scenario with combined NNBI and ICRH
THW/P7-05 Chen, L Verification of gyrokinetic particle simulation of Alfven eigenmodes excited by external antenna and by fast ions
THW/P7-06 Choi, M. Finite Orbit Width Monte-Carlo Simulation of Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency Heating Scenarios in DIII-D, NSTX, KSTAR and ITER
THW/P7-07 Farengo, R Alpha Particle Heating and Current Drive in FRCs and Spherical Tokamaks
THW/P7-08 Guenter, S The influence of plasma shaping effects on the damping of toroidal Alfven eigenmodes
THW/P7-09 Harvey, R.W. Comparison of Quasi-linear and Exact Ion Cyclotron Resonant Heating Diffusion, With and Without Finite Width Ion Orbits
THW/P7-11 Lesur, M Estimation of Kinetic Parameters based on Chirping Alfven Eigenmodes
THW/P7-12 Marchenko, V.S. Low-Frequency Global Alfven Eigenmodes in Hybrids with Perpendicular Neutral Beam Injection
THW/P7-13 Papp, G Runaway electron drift orbits in magnetostatic perturbed fields
THW/P7-14 Sorokina, E.A. Collisionless Evolution of Isotropic Alpha-Particle Distribution in a Tokamak
THW/P7-15 Vdovin, V. 3D full wave code modeling of ECRF plasma heating in tokamaks and ITER at fundamental and second harmonics
THW/P7-16 Velasco, J.L. Electron Bernstein driven and Bootstrap current estimations in the TJ-II stellarator
THW/P7-17 Yavorskij, V. Interpretive modelling of neutral particle fluxes generated by NBI ions in JET
THW/P8-01 Qiu, Z Kinetic Theories of Geodesic Acoustic Mode in Toroidal Plasmas
THW/P8-03 Wang, Aike A simplified momentum conservation analysis on transport reduction induced by zonal flow and turbulent dissipations
*Missing* Ahn, M. Y. Ahn Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Graphite Pebble Bed by Laser Flash Method
*Missing* Armstrong, D.E.J Micro-Mechanical Testing and Nanoindentation of Tungsten alloys for Fusion Applications
*Missing* Bagryansky, P.A. Vortex confinement of hot ion plasma with beta=0.6 in axially symmetric magnetic mirror
*Missing* Batani, D. Proton Radiography and Fast Electron Propagation through Cylindrically Compressed Targets
*Missing* Blackler, K ITER Machine Assembly - Status & Plans
*Missing* Chang, M. H. Unit Operation Analysis of the Tritium Plant Storage and Delivery System in ITER
*Missing* Cuesta-Lopez, Santiago Modeling Advanced Materials for Nuclear Fusion Technology
*Missing* Dudarev, S. L.  EFDA Programme on Structural and Plasma-Facing Fusion Materials
*Missing* Gong, X A New Explore: High Frequency Glow Discharge Cleaning in the Presence of Toroidal Field on EAST
*Missing* Gonzalez-Arrabal, R Study of diffusion and retention of light species (H and He) in pure W and W-based materials
*Missing* Gott, Y.V. Supression of Trapped Particle Transportin Tilt Tokamaks with High Pressure Plasmas
*Missing* Hahm, T.S. Fine Scale Zonal Flow Dynamics and Its Effect on Isotopic Dependence of Confinement
*Missing* Hamza, A.V.  Target Fabrication for the National Ignition Facility and for Inertial Fusion Energy
*Missing* Hassanein, A. Can ITER Devices Survive any Single Event of Various Plasma Instabilities?
*Missing* Khimchenko, L.N. Progress in High Energy Load Test of Beryllium, Tungsten and CFC for ITER First Wall and Divertor
*Missing* Khorasani, S Exact Analytical Solution of Alfvén Waves in Nonuniform Plasmas
*Missing* Lakhin, V.P. Turbulent Generation of Flows and Magnetic Field at the Rational Magnetic Surfaces of a Tokamak
*Missing* Li, C. K. Measurements of Spontaneous Electromagnetic Fields, Plasma Flows, and Implosion Dynamics in Indirect-Drive Inertial-Confinement Fusion
*Missing* Lu, K Status of Design and R&D for ITER Feeder System Procurement in China
*Missing* Matzen, MKM Direct-Drive Concept for Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion
*Missing* Meo, F Comparison of central fast ion distributions between plasmas with on-axis and off-axis NBI current drive on ASDEX Upgrade
*Missing* Rosato, J Model Microfield Method (MMM) in Atomic Kinetics of Turbulent Thermonuclear Plasma
*Missing* Sahin, Sümer Fissile Fuel Breeding and Actinide Transmutation in an Inertial Fusion Energy Reactor
*Missing* Shurygin, R. V. Turbulent dynamics of Li-seeded tokamak plasmas at the edge
*Missing* Smolyakov, A.I. Physics of Geodesic Acoustic Modes
*Missing* Umansky, M.V. Validation of turbulent plasma transport simulations for collisional linear plasma
*Missing* Van Rooij, GJ Gross and Net Chemical Erosion of Carbon at High Fluxes of Low Temperature Hydrogen Plasma
*Missing* Zhang, W Gyrokinetic Simulations of Energetic Particle Turbulence and Transport
*Missing* Zhou, Deng Zonal flow modes in tokamak plasma with a dominantly poloidal flow