International Conference on Research Reactors: Safe Management and Effective Utilization

5-9 November 2007
Sydney, Australia

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cn156 Feedback from the Regional Meetings on the Application of the Code of Conduct and Updating of the IAEA Programme on Research Reactor Safety
- H. Abou Yehia, A.M. Shokr, L.W. Deitrich
cn156 Where to with the Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors?
- John Loy
cn156 Some Operational Aspects of BRR’s Management System with respect to the Code of Conduct
- S. Tőzsér, F. Gajdos, K. Késmárky, G. Tóth
cn156 A Corrosion Monitoring Programme for Research Reactor Spent Fuel Basins
L.V. Ramanathan, R. E. Haddad and P. Adelfang
cn156 The Utilization of 10 MW Research Reactor in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
-B. Yuldashev
cn156 The utilization of the research reactors and assosiated facilities to support the innovative power reactor and related fuel cycle
M.Itoh、S.Suzuki、T.Asaka and H.Kawamura
cn156 The IEA-R1 Research Reactor: 50 Years of Operating Experience and Utilization for Research, Teaching and Radioisotopes Production
- R.N.Saxena
cn156 The 30kW Research Reactor Facility in Ghana: Past, Present and Future Programmes
- Benjamin J.B. Nyarko
cn156 International Conference on Research Reactors: Safe Management and Effective Utilization
- R. Rosa, M. Carta, M. Palomba, S. Monti
cn156 The French approach for the regulation of research reactors
- Dorothée Conte
cn156 Maria research reactor conversion to LEU fuel
- Grzegorz Krzysztoszek
cn156 Research Reactors in Germany: An Overview
- M. Schneider, H.P. Berg
cn156 Review of Operational Readiness of the OPAL Reactor
- John Ward
cn156 Simulation of Flow Behavior in the HANARO Reactor Pool by Using the MARS Code
- C. Park, H. Kim, S.W.Bae
cn156 Experimental Measurements for Plate Temperatures of MTR Fuel Elements at Sudden Loss of Flow Accident and Comparison with Computed Results
- Dr. Bülent Sevdik
cn156 Measuring Progress in Reactor Conversion and HEU Minimization Towards 2020 – the Case of HEU-fueled Research Facilities
- O Reistad, S Hustveit, O Harbitz
cn156 OPAL : Commissioning a New Research Reactor
- Irwin

PIK Reactor State of Construction
- K.A. Konoplev

cn156 Licensing of ANSTO’s OPAL Reactor during Construction and Commissioning
- Mark Summerfield

The Safety Reassessment of Research Reactors in France
- G.Bignan, P.Sacristan, A.Chbre, D.Iracane

cn156 Safety Management at NRG
- Jeannot P. Boogaard

Safety Management and Effective Utilization of Indian Research Reactors APSARA, CIRUS and DHRUVA
- D.K.Shukla

cn156 Improvements in the Management of Safety in Research Reactor Operation through Appropriate Application of Selected Power Reactor Good Practices
- Marcus H. Voth
cn156 Operational Safety Experience at 14 MW TRIGA Research Reactor from INR Pitesti, Romania
- Marin Ciocanescu, Daniela Mladin
cn156 Ageing Management Program Of Kartini Reactor for Safe Operation
- S. Nitiswati, Syarip, T. Tjiptono, P. Stathers, K. Thorogood, R. Blevins
cn156 Ljubljana TRIGA Mark II, 40 Years of Successful Operation
- Andreja Peršic
cn156 Compatibility of Safety and Security
- Jacques Repussard
cn156 Periodic Safety Review Management for French Research Reactors

Emergency Intervention Plan for 14 MW TRIGA - PITESTI Research Reactor
- Sorin Margeanu, Marin Ciocanescu, Constantin Paunoiu

cn156 Development of Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) for HANARO
- Jong sup, WU

Two Decades of Operating Experience with the Fast Breeder Test Reactor
- G.Srinivasan, K.V.Sureshkumar, P.V.Ramalingam

cn156 Budget Uncertainty and Minimum Detectable Concentrations for the INAA Laboratory of the ETRR-2
M.Y. Khalil and Kh. A. Elsakhawy
cn156 Utilization of Research Reactors for Fundamental Studies in University Related Activities in Japan
- Tatsuo Shikama
cn156 Canadian Experience in Implementing Modern Regulations on Existing Research Reactors
-Abdul Alwani, Barclay Howden
cn156 Contribution of Research Reactors to the Programmes for Research and Technological Development on Safety
- J. Couturier, F. Pichereau, C. Getrey, J. Papin, B. Clément
cn156 The Role of Regulatory Authority in Safe Operation of Research Reactors
-Andrzej T. Mikulski
cn156 Causal Factors Guide for the Evaluation of Accidents in Research Reactors
- C.D. Perrin

Experience with different methods for on- and off-line detection of small releases of fission products from fuel elements at the HOR
- T.V. Delorme, A.C. Groenewegen, A. van der Kooij, W.J.C. Okx


Neutronic Analysis for the Fission 99mo Production by Irradiation of a leu Target at RECH-1 Reactor
- J. Medel, G. Torres

cn156 Root Cause Analysis of Swelling Problem in Kartini Reactor
- Syarip, Sri Nitiswati, Y. Sardjono, Tegas Sutondo, T.W. Tjiptono
cn156 Overview of Research Reactor Decommissioning
- John Rowling
cn156 Status Report on Preparation of an IAEA Document on Good Practices for Qualification of Research Reactor Fuels
- James L. Snelgrove