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Monday, 21 October 2013
10:00 - 10:30 Opening Session
  Opening Addresses

Peter Hughes, IAEA
Safety Assessment Section Head, Division of Nuclear Installation Safety, IAEA

Denis Flory, IAEA
Deputy Director General, Head of Department of Nuclear Safety and Security

James Lyons, IAEA
Director, Division of Nuclear Installation Safety

Philippe Jamet, France
Commissioner, Autorité de Sureté Nucleaire
10:30 - 12:30 Keynote Presentations
10:30–11:00 Kazuo Shimomura
OECD, Nuclear Energy Agency

NEA and its Role in Enhancing the Implementation of Defence in Depth (DID) in Light of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident

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11:30–12:00 André Lacoste

CNS Orientations, Safety Objectives and Implementation of the Defence in Depth Concept

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12:00–12:30 Won-Pil Baek
Republic of Korea

Nuclear Safety R&D for the Knowledge-Based Implementation of Defence in Depth

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14:00 -18:30 Topical Session 1
Advances and Challenges in the Implementation of Defence in Depth in
Siting, Design, and Construction
Co-Chairs: J.Misak, Czech Republic

P. Hughes, IAEA
14:00–14:25 H. Yamagata

The Defence in Depth Concept Applied to the New Regulatory Requirements in Japan

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14:25–14:50 G.L. Fiorini, N. Hakimi, B. Tombuyses, C. Dams, A. Wertelaers et al.

The Design Options and Provision File and the Role of Defence in Depth within the Pre-licensing of the MYRRHA Project

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14:50–15:15 Y. Wang, H. Tang, Q. Mao

Reinforcement of Defence in Depth: Modification Practice after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

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15:15–15:40 B. Poulat

Successive Evolutions of the Defence in Depth Concept

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16:10–16:35 G.L. Fiorini, L. Ammirabile, V. Ranguelova
European Commission

The ISAM Tool “Objective Provision Tree (OPT)” for the Identification of the Design Basis and the Construction of the Safety Architecture

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16:35–17:00 C. Lavarenne, K. Herviou, P. Dupuy

How to Reinforce the Defence in Depth by Taking into Account Natural Hazards?

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17:00–17:25 Yu. V. Shvyryaev, V. B. Morozov, A. Yu. Kuchumov
Russian Federation

Application of the Defence in Depth Concept in the Projects of New-Generation NPPs Equipped with VVER Reactors

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17:25–18:30 Panel Discussion
Tuesday, 22 October 2013
08:30 -14:00 Topical Session 2
Advances and Challenges in the Implementation of Defence in Depth in Commissioning and Operation
Co-Chairs: S. Persson, Sweden
M. Lipar, IAEA
09:00–09:30 K. Ellis

A Discussion on Risk in Operational Settings

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09:30–09:55 N. Langerman
United States of America

Lessons Learned from Process Safety Management: a Practical Guide to Defence in Depth

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09:55–10:20 A. Moskalenko
Russian Federation

Lessons Learned after Nuclear Power Plants and Hydro-Power Plants Accidents

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10:50–11:15 S. Fabbri, A. Diluch, G. Vega

Life Management and Safety of Nuclear Facilities

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11:15–11:40 F. Dermarkar, J. Marczak, M. O’Neill

Guidance on the Implementation of Modifications to Mitigate Beyond Design Basis Accidents

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11:40–12:05 G. Vieru

Enhancing NPP Safety through an Effective Dependability Management

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12:05–12:30 P.T.B. Lindahl

Safety Analysis in Design and Assessment of the Physical Protection of the OKG NPP

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14:00–15:00 Panel Discussion
15:00 -18:30 Topical Session 3
Advances and Challenges in the Implementation of Defence in Depth in Accident Management and Emergency Preparedness and Response
Co-Chairs: D. Drabova, Czech Republic
E. Buglova, IAEA
15:00–15:25 H. Aaltonen

Emergency Preparedness and Response: a Safety Net

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15:25–15:50 E. Buglova, F. Baciu

The Role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in a Response to Nuclear and Radiological Incidents and Emergencies

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16:15–16:40 M. Kuznetsov
Russian Federation

Beyond Design Basis Severe Accident Management as an Element of Defence in Depth Concept Strengthening

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16:40–17:05 J. Barbaud, X. Pouget-Abadie

Improvements in Defence in Depth on French Nuclear Power Plants following Fukushima Accidents

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17:05–17:30 T. McKenna, P. Vilar Welter, J. Callen, E. Buglova

Strengthening Defence in Depth in Emergency Preparedness and Response by Pre-establishing Tools and Criteria for the Effective Protection of the Public During a Severe Reactor Emergency

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17:30–18:30 Panel Discussion
Wednesday, 23 October 2013
09:00–12:30 Topical Session 4A
Cross-Cutting Issues in the Implementation of Defence in Depth
Co-Chairs: M. Weightman, United Kingdom
A. Nicic, IAEA
09:00–09:25 J. Misak
Czech Republic

Defence in Depth: Assessment of Comprehensiveness and Further Strengthening of the Concept

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09:25–09:50 N. Blundell

NEA’s Plans for Strengthening International Implementation of the Application of Defence in Depth Philosophies in Nuclear Power Countries

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09:50–10:15 G. Shi, W. Zhan, Q. Mei, D. Sun

Technical Insight of the High Level Safety Goal for NPPs Built in China's Thirteenth Five-Year Period (2016-2020)

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10:45–11:10 B. de L’Epinois , F. Bouteille, N. Nicaise

Some Lessons Learnt From the Fukushima Daiichi Accident, as Regards Defence in Depth and its Implementation in New or Existing Designs – an Industry Example

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11:10–11:35 L. Reiman, T. Routamo, F. Féron

Western European Nuclear Regulators’ Association (WENRA) Views on Defence in Depth for New Reactors

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11:35–12:30 Panel Discussion
14:00–18:00 Topical Session 4B
Cross-Cutting Issues in the Implementation of Defence in Depth
Co-Chairs: W-P. Baek, Republic of Korea
A. Shokr, IAEA
14:00–14:25 M. Weightman
United Kingdom

Defence in Depth - Applied to the Nuclear System

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14:25–14:50 J. Regaldo

WANO Actions to Reinforce the Operators Safety Culture Worldwide

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14:50–15:15 A. Nicic

IAEA Assistance in Helping Member States Develop Effectively Independent and Robust Regulators for Nuclear Installation Safety

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16:10–16:35 H.Hardiyanti, B. Herutomo, G. K. Suryaman

Safety Culture as a Pillar of Defence in Depth Implementation at the Experimental Fuel Element Installation, Batan Indonesia

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P. Kenny, J. Chaput

The IAEA Response and Assistance Network (RANET) and the New Nuclear Installation Assessment and Advice Functional Area

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17:00–18:00 Panel Discussion
Thursday, 24 October 2013
09:00–12:00 Clossing Session
09:00–09:20 J.Misak; P. Hughes

Topical Session 1 Summary
09:20–09:40 S. Persson; M. Lipar

Topical Session 2 Summary
09:40–10:10 D. Drabova; E. Buglova

Topical Session 3 Summary
10:10–10:30 M. Weightman; A. Nicic; W-P. Baek; A. Shokr

Topical Session 4 Summary
11:00–12:00 P. Jamet

President’s Conclusions
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