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Announcement Code: 46531 (N6-AA-46531)
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23rd WiN Global Annual Conference: Women in Nuclear Meet Atoms for Peace
Vienna, Austria
24 – 28 August 2015 Conference ID: 46531  (N6-AA-46531)
Announcement and Call for Abstracts A. Background

Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global is a worldwide non-profit-making association made up mostly of female professionals working in the various fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications. WiN Global aims to promote understanding and public awareness of the benefits of nuclear and radiation applications through a series of active networks, both national and international. It has approximately 25 000 members from more than 100 countries, organized in national, regional and international chapters. Every year, a chapter of WiN Global organizes the annual conference, which is a unique occasion for the WiN Global community to meet.

The 23rd WiN Global Annual Conference will highlight the vital role women play in all applications of nuclear science and technology. At the same time, it will provide opportunities for networking, exchanging ideas, technical visits and obtaining the most up-to-date information on the nuclear programmes and facilities around the world as well as on employment opportunities at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

B. Objectives

The objectives of the conference are to:

• Exchange information on the latest developments, trends and challenges in the nuclear field;
• Provide opportunities for WiN Global members and chapters to share experience;
• Communicate and raise public awareness of the benefits of nuclear science and technology, the work of WiN Global and of the IAEA;
• Foster interest among women in pursuing careers in nuclear-related fields; and
• Encourage well-qualified women to apply for IAEA positions, with the objective of promoting gender balance at all levels.

C. List of Topics

Panels will cover the following topics:

• Career development of women in nuclear-related fields and communication
• Nuclear applications
• Nuclear energy, environment and climate change
• Safeguards and non-proliferation.

D. Programme Structure

The conference will consist of:

(i) an opening plenary session with high-level speakers;
(ii) the WiN Global General Assembly and chapter reports;
(iii) topical panels;
(iv) presentations by IAEA Departments;
(v) a closing plenary session; and
(vi) contributed posters.

Technical visits are planned to the IAEA laboratories at the IAEA’s Headquarters in Vienna and at Seibersdorf, to the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant, and other nuclear-related installations in and around Vienna. Details will be made available on the conference web page (see Section P) in due course.

E. Target Audience

The target audience comprises professionals (including those who have just embarked on their careers), in particular women, working in all applications of nuclear science and technology.

F. Abstracts and Posters

Persons who wish to present a poster at the conference must submit an abstract of no more than 300 words on one of the topics listed under Section C. The abstract should give enough information on the contents of the proposed paper to enable the Programme Committee to evaluate it. Authors should state to which of the topics outlined in Section C their contribution relates. The accepted abstracts will be reproduced unedited in the electronic Compilation of Abstracts, which will be distributed to all participants at the conference.

All abstracts submitted — other than those for invited keynote papers — must present original work and should not have been published elsewhere.

F.1 Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts must be submitted in electronic format (no paper copies) directly to the WiN IAEA Chapter. Instructions on how to upload the abstract to the conference’s web browser-based file submission system (IAEA INDICO) will be made available on the conference web page (see Section P). The abstracts must be submitted through this system by 15 March 2015. No other form of submission will be accepted.

In addition, authors must submit the following two forms to the WiN IAEA Chapter. These forms must be received by the WiN IAEA Chapter no later than 15 March 2015.

- Participation Form (Form A)
- Form for Submission of a Poster (Form B)

F.2 Acceptance of Abstracts for Poster Presentation

Authors will be informed in April 2015 as to whether their papers have been accepted for poster presentation on the basis of the abstract.

G. Participation and Registration

All persons wishing to participate in the conference are requested to register online in advance through the conference web page (see Section P). In addition, they must send a completed:

• Participation Form (Form A)
• Form for Submission of a Poster (Form B), (if applicable)
• Grant Application Form (Form C), (if applicable; see Section H for the submission procedure).
to the WiN IAEA Chapter by the given deadlines.

Participants will be sent further information on the conference at least four months before the conference. This information will also be made available on the conference web page.

H. Expenditures and Grants

No registration fee is charged to participants.

The IAEA has very limited funds at its disposal to help meet the cost of attendance of certain participants from its Member States. Such assistance may be offered upon specific request to normally one participant per country provided that, in the IAEA’s view, the participant on whose behalf assistance is requested will make an important contribution to the conference.

In order to be eligible to receive a grant, a participant must have an abstract accepted by the Programme Committee for presentation.

If Governments wish to apply for a grant on behalf of one of their experts, they should address specific requests to the IAEA through the WiN IAEA Chapter to this effect. Governments should ensure that applications for grants are:

1. Submitted by 15 March 2015;
2. Accompanied by a completed and signed Grant Application Form (Form C); and
3. Accompanied by a completed Participation Form (Form A) and Form for Submission of a Poster (Form B).
Applications that do not comply with the above conditions cannot be considered.
Approved grants will be issued in the form of a lump sum payment that usually covers only part of the cost of attendance.

I. Venue and Accommodation

The conference will be held at the IAEA’s Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Participants must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Detailed information on accommodation and other relevant matters will be sent directly to all designated participants approximately four months before the conference. This information will also be posted on the conference web page (see Section ?P) as soon as it is available.

J. Working Language

The working language of the conference will be English. All communications and abstracts must be sent to the WiN IAEA Chapter in English.

K. Distribution of Documents

A preliminary programme will be posted on the IAEA conference web page (see Section ?P) as soon as possible. The final programme and the electronic Compilation of Abstracts will be available free of charge upon registration at the conference.

L. Exhibitions

A limited amount of space will be available for commercial vendors’ displays/exhibits during the conference. Interested parties should send an email to: WiNGlobal2015Exhibits@iaea.org by 31 March 2015.

M. Visas

Designated participants who require a visa to enter Austria should submit the necessary application to the nearest diplomatic or consular representative of Austria at least four weeks before they travel to Austria. Since Austria is a Schengen State, persons requiring a visa will have to apply for a Schengen visa. In States where Austria has no diplomatic mission, visas can be obtained from the consular authority of a Schengen Partner State representing Austria in the country in question.

N. Key Deadlines

Submission of Form for Submission of a Poster (Form B) and abstract: 15 March2015
Submission of Grant Application Form (Form C): 15 March 2015
Notification of acceptance of paper for poster presentation: April 2015

O. Conference Secretariat

General contact details

WiN IAEA Chapter
c/o International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna International Centre
PO Box 100
Tel.: +43 1 2600
Fax: +43 1 26007
Email: WiNGlobal2015@iaea.org

Scientific Secretaries:

Ms Eva Gyane
Department of Safeguards
Tel.: +43 1 2600 26412
Fax: +43 1 26007
Email: WiNGlobal2015@iaea.org

Ms Francoise Muelhauser
Department of Safeguards
Tel.: +43 1 2600 22178
Fax: +43 1 26007
Email: WiNGlobal2015@iaea.org


Ms Janette Donner
Department of Safeguards
Tel.: +43 1 2600 21963
Fax: +43 1 26007
Email: WiNGlobal2015Exhibits@iaea.org

Administration and organization:

Ms Karen Morrison
Department of Management
Tel.: +43 1 2600 21317
Fax: +43 1 26007
Email: K.Morrison@iaea.org

P. Conference Web Page

Please visit the following web page regularly for new information regarding this conference:

You are here:IAEA Meetings
International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna International Centre, PO Box 100
A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: (+431) 2600-0, Facsimile (+431) 2600-7
E-mail: Official Mail