18-22 April 2011, Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Conference Programme

Monday, 18 April 2011
09:30-13:00 S/1 Main Hall A. Sen
14:30-18:00 S/2 Main Hall C. Deutsch
Tuesday, 19 April 2011
09:00-11:10 S/3 Main Hall O. Renner
11:40-13:10 S/4 Main Hall V. Stancalie
14:30-18:00 S/5 Main Hall R. Walter
11:40-13:10 S/6 Hall B T. Ozaki
14:30-17:30 S/7 Hall B T.L. Tan
Wednesday, 20 April 2011
09:00-11:10 S/8 Main Hall O. Krokhin
11:30-13:00 S/9 Main Hall K. Kazakov
14:30-17:30 S/10 Main Hall F. Beg
11:30-13:00 S/11 Hall B V. Zvorykin
14:30-17:30 S/12 Hall B S.V. Springham
Thursday, 21 April 2011
09:00-13:00 S/13 Main Hall H.J. Kong
14:30-17:30 S/14 Main Hall R. Fedosejevs
14:30-17:30 S/15 Hall B I. Zavestovskaya

Appendix 1- Poster Session, Thursday 21st April 2011
P-1 Effect of argon on the properties of plasma polymerized thin films deposited from benzene using (PECVD) method.
Hisham M. Abourayana, Nuri A. Zreiba, Abdulkader M. Elamin
P-2 Solitary wave structures in a four component dusty plasma with kappa distributed particles.
Amandeep Singh Bains, Nareshpal Singh Saini and Tarsem Singh Gill
P-3 A novel synthesis technique for the fabrication of nanostructures combining atmospheric Microplasma Discharge and Electrodeposition.
A. Bisht, P. Lee and R. S. Rawat
P-4 Dusty plasmas in laboratory and in space.
V.E.Fortov, A.S.Bugaev, Yu.M.Baturin, I.A.Kalyaev, O.Yu.At’kov
P-5 X-ray diagnostics at the “KANAL-2” installation.
A.A. Fronya, N.G. Borisenko, Yu.A. Merkuliev, M.V. Osipov, V.N. Puzyrev, A.T. Sahakyan, A.N. Starodub, B.L. Vasin, O.F. Yakushev
P-6 X-ray scattering as a diagnostic tool for warm dense matter studies.
K. Wunsch, J. Vorberger, D. Chapman and D.O. Gericke
P-7 Magnetic mesurement of nonmagnetic catalyzed SWNTs.
Zohreh Ghorannevis, Toshiaki Kato , Toshiro Kaneko, Rikizo Hatakeyama
P-8 Evaluation of optical properties of carbon nano structures coating on aluminum substrate by plasma enhanced CVD.
Zahra Khalaj, Mahmood Ghoranneviss, Zohreh Ghorannevis, Shahriar Mirpour
P-9 Plasma sheath studies using the kinetic trajectory simulation model.
R. Khanal, A. Awasthi, V. Kaphle and T. R. Rana
P-10 Analysis of the damaging effect of laser-plasma accelerated shrapnels on the optical shield.
Michaela Martinkova and Milan Kalal
P-11 Evolution of short laser pulse in partially stripped plasma.
Rohit Kumar Mishra, Ram Gopal Singh and Pallavi Jha
P-12 Electron dynamics in presence of static helical magnet inside circular waveguide.
B. F. Mohamed, A. M. Gouda and L. Z. Ismail
P-13 Titanium dioxide (TIO2) thin film and plasma properties in rf magnetron sputtering.
Riyaz Ahmad Mohamed Ali and Nafarizal Nayan
P-14 X-ray production by laser-plasma interaction.
L. Nikzad, R. Sadighi-Bonabi
P-15 Theoretical study of self generation of magnetic field due to laser plasma interaction.
Bimal.Panthi and L.N Jha
P-16 Pellets injector for Inertial Fusion Energy.
Jean Paul Perin, Martin Tolley, Bedrich Rus
P-17 Electrical characterization of atmospheric pressure DBD in air.
P. Shrestha, U.M. Joshi, D. P. Subedi
P-18 Effect of laser beam filamentation on plasma wave localization and stimulated raman scattering.
Gunjan Purohit and R. P. Sharma
P-19 Studies on carbon thin film on silicon carbide by pulse laser ablation - formation and its characterizations study.
Pratima K. Mishra and B. L. Sahoo
P-20 Nonlinear beam plasma interaction in plasma with a superthermal electrons.
Nareshpal Singh Saini, Balwinder Singh Chahal, T. S. Gill and A. S. Bains
P-21 Jean’s instability in a complex plasma in presence of secondary electrons and nonthermal ions.
Susmita Sarkar and Saumyen Maity
P-22 Effects of electric field and Coriolis force on electrohydrodynamic stability of poorly conducting couple stress parallel fluid flow in a channel.
B.M. Shankar and N. Rudraiah
P-23 Ponderomotive Acceleration of Electrons by a Self Focused Laser Pulse.
Rohtash Singh and A. K. Sharma
P-24 Energy transfer between two crossed laser beams in a plasma.
Deepak Tripathi, R. Uma and V. K. Tripathi
P-25 High current ion beam generation by nonlinear ponderomotive force of high intensity UV laser.
E. Yazdani, R. Sadighi-Bonabi, H. Afarideh, H. Hora
P-26 Generation and spectroscopic investigation of an atmospheric pressure water vapour plasma jet.
V. Grigaitiene, P. Valatkevicius, A. Tamosiunas, V. Valincius
P-27 Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation in Radio frequency Plasma.
B. Bora, F. Felipe, H. Bhuyan, E. Wyndham, H. Chuaqui, M. Favre
P-28 MHD model of the staged pinch for fusion conditions studies.
Zahoor Ahmad
P-29 Effect of Gun Current on Deposition of CaZrO3 Coatings on SS316L by Air Plasma Spraying for Biomedical Applications.
M. Khalid, R. S. Rawat, C. Zhong, M. Mujahid and A. Nusair
P-30 Structural and photoluminescence study of zinc oxide thin films grown by laser induced plasma.
Usman Ilyas, R. S. Rawat, G. R. Deen, T.L. Tan, P. Lee, S.V.Springham,R. Chen, H. D. Sun, Li Fengji and Sam Zhang
P-31 Reduction in L10 phase transition temperature of PLD grown FePt thin by pre-annealing pulse laser exposure.
Y. Wang, R. S. Rawat, A. Bisht, P. Lee, Usman Ilyas, S.V. Springham and T.L. Tan
P-32 20 KJ Plasma Focus neutron source: development and recent results.
Rishi Verma, T. L. Tan, P. Lee, A. Talebitaher, H. B. M Shariff, S. V. Springham and R. S. Rawat
P-33 Photocatalytic properties of dense plasma focus deposited nano phase Tio2 thin films: annealing effect
G.Macharaga, R.S.Rawat, G. Roshan Deen, P.Lee, A. Tan and S.V.Springham