18-22 April 2011, Singapore, Republic of Singapore


Progress in science and technology has been strongly contributing to the development of social, economical, intellectual aspects and overall growth in every society. In the recent years, through the fppt-conference series, a strong networking is being established with noted credentials among academicians, industries, researchers, technologists etc. from many diverse fields including biology, chemistry, medicine, physics etc. and technological aspects. One of the major objectives of this conference series is to highlight the inter-connectivity aspects. Special attention is focused on understanding the advancing complex-fundamental issues, technologies and further investigating the interdisciplinary fields. Plasma physics is a very rapidly emerging multi featured area with widespread approach to applications and technological developments by providing an extraordinary opportunity to the researchers.

This is the 5th conference in the series of fppt “International conference on the Frontiers of Plasma Physics and Technology” and the series is being organized in different developing countries to encourage and involve a large number of local researchers to participate in the conference. Preceding conferences were held in Bangalore 2002, Goa 2005 (India), Bangkok 2007 (Thailand) and Kathmandu 2009 (Nepal). Endeavour of the series is to provide an exceptional opportunity to the researchers to directly interact with the worldwide experts and acquaint with the latest research topics. The real challenge is to achieve the goal in a meaningful and significant way to feed the intellectual minds to place themselves in global science. International cooperation has a crucial role to play in enhancing parity linking the developing and developed countries.


Emphasis of the conference will be on all the frontier topics of plasma physics and technologies which are classified in the following three categories:

  1. Fundamental plasmas: Advances in plasma sources, plasma diagnostics, Astrophysical, cosmic and space plasmas, Condensed and extreme state matter, High Energy Density Matter, Laboratory astrophysical, planetary, supernova, turbulent plasmas, etc.

  2. Innovative trends in Applications and Technologies: Advances in particle/photon acceleration, Lasers, Nanotechnologies, Novel radiation sources and applications in Biology, Chemistry, Environment, Health, Industries, Safety, etc.

  3. Advances in Nuclear energy: Development of ultra Laser pulses, Laser-plasma interaction, Magnetically confined plasmas, Inertial fusion plasmas, Nuclear physics under transient state, Recent progress in Fusion studies, Target and reactor physics, Unconventional energy sources, Z pinch, etc.