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(EX/C1-4Rb) Axisymmetric Magnetic Mirrors for Plasma Confinement. Recent Development and Perspectives

E.P. Kruglyakov1), G.I. Dimov1), A.A. Ivanov1), V.S. Koidan1)
1) Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia

Abstract.  Mirrors are the only one class of fusion systems which completely differs topologically from the systems with closed magnetic configurations. At present, three modern types of different mirror machines for plasma confinement and heating exist in Novosibirsk (Gas Dynamic Trap,- GDT, Multi-mirror,- GOL-3, and Tandem Mirror,- AMBAL-M). All these systems are attractive from the engineering point of view because of very simple axisymmetric geometry of magnetic configurations. In the, the status of these confinement systems is presented and the experiments most crucial for the mirror concept are described. The main plasma parameters achieved are presented and the future perspectives of different mirror machines are outlined.

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IAEA 2003