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(EX/C1-4Rc) RF-Heating and Plasma Confinement Studies in HANBIT Mirror Device

J.Y. Kim1), M. Kwon1), J.G. Bak1), K.K. Choh1), J.H. Choi1), J.J. Choi2), J.W. Choi1), K.S. Chung2), Y.S. Chung1), A.C. England1), J.S. Hong1), H.G. Jhang1), B.C. Kim1), J.Y. Kim1), S.S. Kim1), W.C. Kim1), M.C. Kyum1), W.H. Ko1), B.J. Lee1), D.K. Lee1), H.G. Lee1), S.G. Lee1), H.K. Na1), B.H. Park1), T.H. Rho1), D.C. Seo1), S.H. Seo1), H.R. Yang1), S.J. Yoo1), K.I. Yoo1), N.S. Yoon2)
1) Korea Basic Science Institute, Daejeon, Korea
2) HANBIT User Group

Abstract.  HANBIT is a magnetic mirror confinement device, refurbished from the old TARA machine. It consists of a simple mirror-type central cell, an anchor, a plug, and two end tanks. The central cell has the length of about 5 m, the limiter radius of 0.18 m, the B-field intensity of 0.25 T, and the mirror ratio of about 10 in normal operation. For plasma production and heating, HANBIT utilizes two RF systems, which consist of 500 kW amplifier with slot antenna and 100 kW amplifier with double-half turn antenna. Recently, with a completion of the development of basic heating and diagnostic systems, HANBIT started the physics experiments of high-temperature plasmas in mirror configuration. Here, some main results from initial physics experiments are reported, particularly, on RF-heating and plasma confinement.

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IAEA 2003