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(EX/C1-4Ra) Extended Consolidation of Scaling Laws of Potentials Covering Over the Representative Tandem-Mirror Operations in GAMMA 10

T. Cho1), H. Higaki1), M. Hirata1), H. Hojo1), M. Ichimura1), K. Ishii1), A. Itakura1), I. Katanuma1), J. Kohagura1), Y. Nakashima1), T. Saito1), Y. Tatematsu1), M. Yoshikawa1), R. Minami1), T. Numakura1), M. Yoshida1), K. Yatsu1), S. Miyoshi1)
1) Plasma Research Centre, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Abstract.  (i) A verification of our novel proposal of extended consolidation of the two major theories of Cohenís potential formation and Pastukhovís potential effectiveness is carried out by the use of a novel experimental mode with central ECH. The validity of the proposal provides a roadmap of bridging and combining two present representative modes in GAMMA 10 for upgrading to hot-ion plasmas with high potentials. (ii) A novel efficient scaling of ion-confining potential formation due to plug ECH with barrier ECH is constructed as the extension over the IAEA 2000 scaling with plug ECH alone. The combination of the physics scaling of (i) with the externally controllable power scaling of (ii) provides a scalable way for future tandem-mirror researches. The importance of the validity of the present consolidation is highlighted by a possibility of the extended capability inherent in Pastukhovís prediction of requiring 30 kV potentials for a fusion Q of unity with an application of Cohenís potential formation method.

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IAEA 2003