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(PD/P-01) Improved Plasma Confinement by Ion Bernstein Waves (IBWs) Interacting with Ions in JET (Joint European Torus)

C. Castaldo1), R. Cesario1), Y. Andrew2), A. Cardinali1), V. Kiptly2), M. Mantsinen3), F. Meo4), A. Murari5), A.A. Tuccillo1), M. Valisa5), D. Van Eester6), L. Bertalot1), D. Bettella5), C. Giroud7), C. Ingesson7), E. Joffrin8), M.-L. Mayoral2), L. Meneses9), JET EFDA Contributors
1) Associazione Euratom -ENEA sulla Fusione, Frascati, Italy
2) Euratom-UKAEA Fusion Association, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, England
3) Association Euratom-Tekes, VTT Processes, Finland
4) IPP, Garching, Germany
5) Associazione Euratom - CNR Consorzio RFX, Padova, Italy
6) Laboratory for Plasma Physics Koninklijke Militaire School / Ecole Royale Militaire Association Euratom - Belgian State, Brussels, Belgium
7) FOM-Rijnhuizen, Association Euratom - FOM, TEC, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
8) Association Euratom - CEA, CEA Cadarache, St Paul lez Durance, France
9) Associação Euratom - IST, Centro de Fusão Nuclear, Lisboa, Portugal

Abstract.  A new coupling scheme of ion Bernstein waves (IBW) to plasma ions, by mode conversion of fast waves, has been tested in D- 3He plasma of the JET tokamak. Injecting 4.8 MW ion cyclotron radio frequency power, 1.8 MW IBW power absorption on deuterons occurs at the fundamental cyclotron resonant layer, which is located in the high field side near the plasma edge (R = 2.1 m). Plasma sheared flows, ponderomotively induced by IBW, are observed near the edge, producing an E×B shearing rate of 5 MHz, higher than the threshold expected for turbulence suppression. Transport analysis shows a 70diffusivity of both electrons and ions in the edge plasma region where the sheared flows are observed.

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IAEA 2003