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(PD/P-02) First Results with Dual Heavy Ion Beam Probe Systems on Low Density Discharges in CHS Plasma

A. Fujisawa1), A. Shimizu1), M. Kitazawa1), H. Iguchi1), M. Kojima1), T. Minami1), Y. Yoshimura1), S. Nishimura1), M. Isobe1), C. Suzuki1), K. Nagaoka1), K. Ida1), S. Okamura1), K. Matsuoka1), C. Takahashi1), K. Toi1), H. Sanuki1), K. Itoh1), Y. Hamada1), M. Fujiwara1)
1) National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan

Abstract.  Installation of the second heavy ion beam probe has been completed in Compact Helical System (CHS) stellarators. In a low density plasma, simultaneous measurements of dual HIBP systems have been applied and have just obtained new results related with two interesting phenomena; electric pulsation and high frequency coherent mode supposed to be an Alfven eigen mode. The paper presents the results of spatio-temporal evolution in electric pulsation and correlation between HIBP signals in high frequency modes.

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IAEA 2003