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(FT/P1-10) Neutronics Experiments for DEMO Blanket at JAERI/FNS

S. Sato1), K. Ochiai1), J. Hori1), Y. Verzilov1), A. Klix1), M. Wada1), Y. Terada1), M. Yamauchi1), Y. Morimoto1), T. Nishitani1)
1) Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken, Japan

Abstract.  In nuclear fusion DEMO reactor, the blanket is required to provide the tritium breeding ratio (TBR) of more than unity by the neutron induced reaction in lithium in the blanket. To provide the TBR of more than unity is critical issue in the development of the blanket. Also in order to develop the blanket with low activation level, the evaluation of the induced activity with high precision is required by taking into account the sequential reactions induced by secondary charged particles. In order to evaluate these issues experimentally, neutronics experiments have been performed by using DT neutrons at JAERI/FNS. From the results of TBR experiment by using the mockup relevant to the DEMO blanket with multilayered structure composed of Be, Li2TiO3 and F82H, it was clarified that the TPR can be evaluated within 10 % uncertainty by using the Monte Carlo calculation. From the results of sequential reactions experiment for the test specimens simulating the cooling water pipe, it was found that the effective cross-sections due to the sequential reactions were increased in a form close to an exponential curve in the cooling water pipe with reducing the distance to the water.

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IAEA 2003