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(FT/P1-11) Initial Three-dimensional Neutronics Calculations for the EU Water Cooled Lithium-Lead Test Blanket Module for ITER-FEAT

J.D. Jordanova1), Y. Poitevin2), A. Li Puma2)
1) Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Sofia, Bulgaria
2) CEA Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Abstract.  The water cooled lithium-lead DEMO relevant blanket is one of the two European blanket concepts to be further developed for manifacturing test blanket module (TBM) aimed for testing in ITER-FEAT. One of the objectives of testing is evaluation of neutronic behaviour of the TBM and validation of computer code estimates. The present work summarizes the preliminary results of 3D radiation transport analysis of the TBM by the use of the Monte Carlo code MCNP. Estimates of the nuclear energy deposition, tritium production and radiation damage through He and H production and atomic displacement are provided.

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IAEA 2003