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(EX/P4-02) Investigation of High Density Regimes in FTU by Pellet Injection and Impurity Seeding.

D. Frigione1), P. Buratti1, M. De Benedetti1), B. Esposito1), L. Gabellieri1), L. Garzotti2), E. Giovannozzi1), M. Leigheb1), M. Marinucci1), M. Mattioli3), L. Pieroni1), M. Romanelli1), B. Angelini1), M.L. Apicella1), G. Apruzzese1), E. Barbato1), A. Bertocchi1), G. Bracco1), G. Buceti1), A. Cardinali1), C. Castaldo1), C. Centioli1), R. Cesario1), V. Cocilovo1), F. Crisanti1), R. De Angelis1), F. De Marco1), G. Gatti1), C. Gormezano1), F. Gravanti1), M. Grolli1), F. Iannone1), H. Kroegler1), G. Maddaluno1), G. Maffia1), G. Mazzitelli1), F. Mirizzi1), D. Pacella1), L. Panaccione1), M. Panella1), V. Pericoli-Ridolfini1), S. Podda1), F. Poli1), G.B. Righetti1), F. Romanelli1), F. Santini1), S.E. Segre4), P. Smeulders1), E. Sternini1), N. Tartoni1), B. Tilia1), A.A. Tuccillo1), O. Tudisco1), V. Vitale1), V. Zanza1), M. Zerbini1)
1) Associazione EURATOM-ENEA sulla Fusione, C. R. Frascati - Rome, Italy
2) Consorzio RFX, Padova Italy
3) ENEA guest
4) Dipartimento di Fisica, II UniversitÓ di Roma "Tor Vergata", Rome, Italy

Abstract.  High field pellet fuelled discharges in FTU have achieved good energy and particle confinement properties in ohmic quasi-steady regime. Peak densities close to 1×1021m- 3 have been obtained, showing a post pellet decay time of several energy confinement times. Preliminary experiments in combination with LH power (up to 1 MW) have shown that good coupling is possible due to the deep penetration of pellets, which leaves the SOL density almost unperturbed. An extension of experiments to full LH power regime is under way in order to better clarify confinement properties at a more relevant input power level. Experiments aimed at obtaining Radiative Improved Modes (RIM) at high field have also been carried out using Neon injection. We have observed an increase of average density with respect to the reference discharge, which cannot be explained by the contribution of Neon. The neutron yield increases also by a factor 3-6. The increase of the global energy confinement time is being analysed to understand if the Neo-Alcator scaling is recovered as observed on other machines.

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IAEA 2003