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Saturday, 15 December 2012
09:30 - 17:00 Plenary Session
Co-Presidents: Opening remarks by Co-President, Japan (PDF)
HE Mr K. Gemba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
Opening remarks by Co-President, Malaysia (PDF)
HE Mr Fadillah bin Haji Yusof, Deputy-Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia
  Statement on behalf of the Host Country (PDF) Statement 1 (PDF), Statement 2 (PDF)
Opening Statement by DG
Mr Y. Amano, Director General, IAEA
  Statements by Ministers/Heads of Delegations
  France (PDF)
H.E.Mrs. Delphine Batho, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy
Russian Federation (PDF)
H.E.Mr. Sergey Vladilenovich Kirienko, Director General, State Atomic Energy Cooperation "Rosatom"
United States of America (PDF)
The Hon. Allison M. Macfalane, Chairman, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Belarus (PDF)
H.E.Mr. Vladimir Vashchenko, Minister for Emmergency Situations
Thailand (PDF)
H.E. Mr. Woravat Auapinyakul, Minister of Science and Technology
Bulgaria (PDF)
H.E.Mr. Delian Dobrev, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism
Iraq (PDF)
H.E.Mr. Abdul Kerim Al-Samrraai, Minister of Science and Technology
Zambia (PDF)
Hon. Given Lubinda, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tanzania, United Rep. of(PDF)
Hon.Prof. Makame Mnyaa Mbarawa, Minister for Communication, Science and Technology
Singapore (PDF)
Ms Grace Fu, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Foreign Affairs and Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources
Korea, Republic of (PDF)
Dr. Chang Sun KANG, Chairman, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC)
China (PDF)
Chief, National Nuclear Emergency Coordination Committee
Saudi Arabia (PDF)
H.E.Dr. HashimBin Abdullah Yamani, President, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy
Australia (PDF)
Dr. Carl-Magnus Larsson, Chief Executive Officer, ARPANSA
Pakistan (PDF)
Mr Nawazad Malik Ahmad Khan, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Iran, Islamic Republic of (PDF)
H.E.Dr. Seyed Abbas Araghchi, Deputy Minister for Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Turkey (PDF)
Mr. Zafer Alper, President of Turkish Atomic Energy Agency
Niger (PDF)
Minister of State for Mines and Industrial Development
Spain (PDF)
Dr. Antoni Gurguí, Commissioner, Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) - Spain
South Africa (PDF)
Director-General, Department of Energy
Hungary (PDF)
Mr. Pal Kovacs, the Minister of State for Climate Change and Energy, Ministry of National Development
New Zealand (PDF)
Switzerland (PDF)
H.E. Dr. Walter Steinmann, Secretary of State for Energy
Oman (PDF)
HE Sayyid Bad Al Busaidi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Egypt (PDF)
Dr. Khalil Abdel Fattah Yasso, Chairman of the Nuclear Power Plant Authority
Slovakia (PDF)
Ms. Marta Ziakova, Chairperson, Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Italy (PDF)
Director General, Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA)
Ireland (PDF)
Mr Fergus O’Dowd, Minister of State, Ministry of Environment
Slovenia (PDF)
Mr. Andrej Stritar, Director of Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
Gabon (PDF)
H.E. Mr. Dominique Guy Noel Nguieno, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
Morocco (PDF)
HE Mr Mohammed Yahya Zniber, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment
Poland (PDF)
Ms. Hanna Trojanowska, Government Commissioner for Nuclear Power, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Economy
Sudan (PDF)
Greece (PDF)
Dr. Christos Housiadas, Chairman, Greek Atomic Energy Commission
Finland (PDF)
Director General of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Mr Tero Varjoranta
Israel (PDF)
Deputy DG for safety and regulation, Atomic Energy Commission
Canada (PDF)
Ambassador to Austria
India (PDF)
Dr. R. B. Grover, Principal Adviser, Department of Atomic Energy
Ukraine (PDF)
Mr Mykyta Konstantiniv, Director, Strategy, Investment and Nuclear Energy Complex Department, Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine
Brazil (PDF)
Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Brazil to the IAEA and CTBTO
Ecuador (PDF)
Under Secretary of Multilateral Affaires, MFA
United Kingdom (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
United Arab Emirates (PDF)
Ambassodor to IAEA
Cyprus (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Executive Secretary
Director General
Interpol (PDF)
Director General

Sunday, 16 December 2012
10:00 -18:00 Plenary Session (Continued)
  Germany (PDF)
Director General, Safety of Nuclear Installations, Ministry of Environment
Norway (PDF)
Ambassador, Governor and Permanent Resident to the IAEA
Indonesia (PDF)
Mr. Anhar Riza Antariksawan, Deputy Chairman, Basic Research and Applications, National Nuclear Energy Agency
Sweden (PDF)
Ambassador to IAEA
Cuba (PDF)
Ambassador to Vienna
Argentina (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Czech Republic (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Uruguay (PDF)
Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna
Denmark (PDF)
Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo
Holy See (PDF)
Ambassador of the Holy See
Algeria (PDF)
Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna
Angola (PDF)
H.E. Ms. Angela Braganca, State Secretary for Cooperation, Ministry of External Relations
Libya (PDF)
Dr. Ramadan Kuridan, Director, Libyan Atomic Energy Establishment
Mauritania (PDF)
Mr. Salah Ould Moulaye Ahmed, Chairman of the National Authority for Radioprotection of Security and Nuclear Safety
Austria (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Romania (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Kuwait (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Chile (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Eritrea (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Nigeria (PDF)
Permanent Representative to IAEA
Cameroon (PDF)
Ambassador to Japan
Marshall Islands (PDF)
Namibia (PDF)
Philippines (PDF)
Minister and Consul General, Embassy in Tokyo
Colombia (PDF)
Second Secretary, Embassy of Colombia in Tokyo
Afganistan (PDF)
Minister, Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo
Chad (PDF)
Chair of UNSCEAR
Mr Matthew Gubb
  Closing remarks
  Closing remarks (PDF)
D. Flory, Deputy Director General, Department of Safety and Security
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