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Announcement Code: 50060 (K4-TM)
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Training Course on Ocean Acidification
Cape Town, South Africa
2–6 November 2015 Conference ID: 50060  (K4-TM)
Announcement Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications
IAEA Environment Laboratories, Monaco

Training Course on Ocean Acidification

Ref: K4-TM-50060

Title: Training Course on Ocean Acidification

Host Institute: University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Dates: 2-6 November 2015

Deadline for Nominations: 11 September 2015

Organizers: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the University of Cape Town and the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)

Host Country Organizers

Mr Marcello Vichi
Dept. of Oceanography
University of Cape Town
Nansen-Tutu Centre for Marine Environmental Research
Room 119, RW James Building
Postal address: Private Bag X3, Rondebosch 7701
Tel: +27(0)216501493
Fax: +27(0)216503979
Email: marcello.vichi@uct.ac.za

Mr Pedro M. Scheel Monteiro
Head: Ocean Systems & Climate
15 Lwr Hope Rd, Rosebank
Tel: +27 21 8882528
Mobile: +27 82 4488844
Email: pmonteir@csir.co.za

Language: English.

Background Information:

The course will be based on previous courses on ocean acidification held as part of the activities of the IAEA Peaceful Uses Initiative project “Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre” (OA-ICC) and partners, and the document “Guide to Best Practices in Ocean Acidification Research and Data Reporting” (see http://www.iaea.org/ocean-acidification/page.php?page=2194).


To train early-career scientists and researchers from IAEA African Member States entering the ocean acidification field with the goal to assist them to be able to set up pertinent experiments, avoid typical pitfalls and ensure comparability with other studies, in a sustainable way.
Expected Outputs: Increased capacity to measure and study ocean acidification and increased networking among scientists working on ocean acidification in Africa. Initiate/deepen connections with the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON; www.goa-on.org).
Scope and Nature: The training will include lectures in plenary and hands-on experiments in smaller groups (the level will depend on the basic knowledge of the selected participants). Subjects to be covered include: the CO2 system and its measurement, instrumentation available for measuring seawater chemistry parameter, software packages used to calculate CO2 system parameters, key aspects of ocean acidification experimental design, such as manipulation of seawater chemistry, biological perturbation approaches, and lab- and field-based methods for measuring organism calcification and other physiological responses to seawater chemistry changes, including nuclear and isotopic techniques. Part of the training will take place on a research vessel in the harbour (no chartering).


The course is open to 25 trainees from IAEA Member States in Africa. Priority will be given to early-career scientists who begin to work in the ocean acidification area. Experts interested in starting ocean acidification studies would be welcome, space permitting.

Participants’ Qualification:

The participants should have a university degree in marine biology, oceanography or a related scientific field, and should be currently involved in or planning to set up ocean acidification studies.

Nomination Procedure:

Nominations should be submitted using the attached Grant Application Form. The completed form should be endorsed by relevant national authorities and returned to the IAEA through the established official channels, i.e. the designated National Liaison Office for IAEA Matters. Applications must be received by the IAEA not later than 11 September 2015 for the attention of the Scientific Secretary of the training course, Ms Lina Hansson, Division of Environment Laboratories, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, IAEA, 4a Quai Antoine 1er, 98000 Monaco (Tel.: +377 97 97 72 06; Fax: +377 97 97 72 73 Email: L.Hansson@iaea.org). Nominations should also be copied to the Administrative Secretary for the training course, Ms Hasti Dessa (Email: H.Dessa@iaea.org). Nominations received after this date or which have not been routed through the established official channels cannot be considered.

Administrative and Financial Arrangements:

Nominating Governments will be informed in due course of the names of the candidates who have been selected and will, at that time, be given full details of the procedures to be followed with regard to administrative and financial matters.

A limited number of grants will be made available by IAEA to non-local participants from developing countries. The grant application form should be submitted through official channels as soon as possible and no later than 11 September 2015. Selected participants will be provided with travel and subsistence expenses.

The organizers of the training course do not accept liability for the payment of any cost or compensation that may arise from damage to or loss of personal property, or from illness, injury, disability or death of a participant while he/she is travelling to and from or attending the training course, and it is clearly understood that each Government, in nominating participants, undertakes responsibility for such coverage. Governments would be well advised to take out insurance against these risks.
Participants should also make their own arrangements for passports, visas, and vaccinations.

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