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The IAEA Technical Documents (IAEA-TECDOC) series reports on many aspects of the Agency's work. Please note, however, that titles in this series are not edited and therefore may not always conform to the high quality standards of IAEA publications. The IAEA does not assume any responsibility for consequences which may arise from the use of older titles.

The full text of the more recent publications issued in the IAEA-TECDOC series is available free of charge on the IAEA web site. It is possible to print them out in portable document format (PDF) using Adobe Acrobat Reader software. However, the IAEA retains copyright [read more...].

Individual titles may be ordered in electronic form on CD-ROM. Please note that print copies are available only of titles that have been recently published.

Unless otherwise indicated, the following charges apply for orders of electronic copies of IAEA-TECDOCs on a CD-ROM:

1 title: EUR 12.00 6 titles: EUR 34.00
2 titles: EUR 15.00 7 titles: EUR 38.00
3 titles: EUR 20.00 8 titles: EUR 42.00
4 titles: EUR 25.00 9 titles: EUR 46.00
5 titles: EUR 30.00 10 titles: EUR 50.00

Special arrangements can be made for ordering a larger number of titles on CD-ROMs.

Print copies of IAEA-TECDOCs (if in stock) are available at 15.00 per title.

Orders can be prepaid by credit card (MasterCard/VISA).

Special discounts for orders from developing countries are available.

Please send all orders to:

Sales and Promotion Unit
Division of Conference and Document Services
International Atomic Energy Agency
P.O. Box 100
A-1400 Vienna
Tel.: +43-1-2600-22529/22530
Fax: +43-1-2600-29302
email: sales.publications@iaea.org

Browse the IAEA-TECDOCs