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(S-2) Summary on Stability, Divertors and Innovative Concepts

S.V. Mirnov1)
1) Troitsk Institute of Innovation and Fusion Research (TRINITI), Triotsk Moscow Region, Russia

Abstract.  This paper contains a short resume of the sections on ``Stability, Divertors and Innovative Concepts" presented at the 19th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference. The main conclusions are: (1) the problem of type I ELMs in tokamaks seems to be not so dramatic; (2) it was demonstrated that the working pulse of large thermonuclear devices can achieve 100 s and more; (3) the problem of tritium retention seems to be not so dramatic now; probable approaches of its solution are visible; (4) active methods of plasma instabilities suppression (NTM, RWM, sawteeth, external MHD) work successfully; (5) new methods of mitigation of the disruption consequences were offered. New technological ideas and new ideas on magnetic confinement were presented.

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IAEA 2003