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(S-1) Summary on Confinement, Wave Plasma Interactions and Energetic Particles

F.C. Schuller1)
1) FOM Institute for Plasmaphysics ``Rijnhuizen", Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Abstract.  The paper summarizes the results presented at the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2002 with respect to the performance and confinement of tokamaks, spherical tokamaks, stellarators, reversed field pinches and mirrors. Transport, internal transport barriers, methods to control pressure and current density profiles by auxiliary heating and non-inductive current drive will be discussed and compared to the predictions for ITER. On base of the results presented at this conference it can be concluded that one has confidence that the ITER performance specifications will be achieved in the future. Marked progress on alternative confinement concepts can be noted as well.

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IAEA 2003