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(OV/4-6) Overview of Steady State Tokamak Plasma Experiments on TRIAM-1M

H. Zushi1), S. Itoh1), K. Hanada1), K. Nakamura4), M. Sakamoto1), E. Jotaki1), M. Hasegawa4), Y.D. Pan2), S.V. Kulkarni3), A. Iyomasa1), S. Kawasaki1), H. Nakashima1), N. Yoshida1)4), K. Tokunaga4), T. Fujiwara4), M. Miyamoto5), A. Iwamae6), T. Fuijimoto6), A. Komori7), T. Morisaki7), H. Suzuki7), S. Masuzaki7), Y. Hirooka7), Y. Nakashima8), O. Mitarai9),
1) Advanced Fusion Research Center, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kasuga, Japan 2) Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China
3) Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, India
4) Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, Japan
5) Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Science, Kyushu University, Japan
6) Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan
7) National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
8) Plasma Research Center, Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan
9) Department of General Education Kyushu Tokai University, Japan

Abstract.  An overview of steady state tokamak (SST) studies including current ramp-up scenario without using center solenoid coils on TRIAM-1M ( R0 = 0.8 m, a×b = 0.12 m×0.18 m and B = 8 T) is presented. The following experiments have been carried out to advance the SST concept. 1) Establishment of the current ramp-up scenario, 2) physics understanding for the enhanced current drive (ECD) mode, 3) particle control and heat deposition measurements during the steady state discharge, and 4) investigation of the effects of hydrogen/helium bombardment on the material surface. By installing an ECRH system with a gyrotron of 200 kW and pulse width of 5 s at 170 GHz variety of experiments could be extended in combination with 2.45 GHz (<50 kW), 8.2 GHz (<400 kW) LHCD and ECRH systems.

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