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(TH/1-2) Simulations of Finite Beta Turbulence in Tokamaks and Stellarators

F. Jenko1), B. Scott1), W. Dorland2), A. Kendl1), D. Strintzi1)
1) IPP, Garching, Germany
2) University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Abstract.  One of the central open questions in our attempt to understand microturbulence in fusion plasmas concerns the role of finite beta effects. Nonlinear codes trying to investigate this issue must go beyond the commonly used adiabatic electron approximation - a task which turns out to be a serious computational challenge. This step is necessary because the electrons are the prime contributor to the parallel currents which in turn produce the magnetic field fluctuations. Results at both ion and electron space-time scales from gyrokinetic and gyrofluid models are presented which shed light on the character of finite beta turbulence in tokamaks and stellarators.

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IAEA 2003