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(FT/P1-26) KrF Laser Development for High Repetition Rate and High Peak Power Driver

Y. Owadano1), E. Takahashi1), I. Okuda1), I. Matsushima1), S. Kato1), Y. Matsumoto1), E. Miura1)
1) Energy Electronics Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Abstract.  A prototype high repetition-rate electron-beam (e-beam) pumped KrF laser has been developed for inertial fusion energy driver. It is generating laser pulse energy over 10 Joules / pulse at 1 Hz. With solid state high voltage switchs and an e-beam diode cooled by water and self heat radiation, it has been working over 10000 shots without a failure. Temperature measurement of the diode foils shows that this diode design can be scaled up to operation conditions of reactor drivers. High peak power short pulses for fast igniter related experiments are being prepared by using beam-line(s) of Super-ASHURA KrF laser system. By direct amplification of a 0.6-1 ps pulse by e-beam pumped amplifiers connected by evacuated tubes and by focusing into nearly diffraction limited spot size, 1019W/cm2 focused power density will be obtained. Preliminary experiments with < 1018 W/cm2 short pulse and long scale length preformed plasma on a plane solid target showed that the short pulse was absorbed at a high density point close to the original target surface.

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IAEA 2003