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(FT/P1-21) Tight Aspect Ratio Tokamak Power Reactor with Superconducting TF Coils

S. Nishio1), K. Tobita1), S. Konishi1), T. Ando1), S. Hiroki1), T. Kuroda1), M. Yamauchi1), M. Azumi1), M. Nagata2)
1) Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Naka-gun, Ibaraki, Japan

Abstract.  A tokamak power reactor concept with an aspect ratio of $ \sim$2 and a plasma major radius of $ \sim$3 m, where a superconducting toroidal field (SCTF) coil system is incorporated and a net shield thickness of $ \sim$70 cm is considered, is found to be feasible. Here, 1) Discard of the center solenoid (CS) coil and 2) Discard of the inboard tritium breeding blanket are considered. The key to this reactor concept is the feasibility of the high field and compact SCTF coil. The TF coil inner legs naturally become a solid-like integrated center post (CP) structure. This structure leads to the maximum field of 20 $ \sim$ 23 T with the CP radius of 60 $ \sim$ 70 cm. Fusion power is 3.5 $ \sim$ 4.0 GW .

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IAEA 2003