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(IF/P-11) The Interaction of Super-Intense Quasi-Neutral Particle Beams with Plasma: A Numerical Investigation

H. Ruhl1), T.E. Cowan1), R.B. Stephens1)
1) General Atomics, San Diego, USA

Abstract.  Due to the unique properties of the recently discovered sheath laser-ion source the investigation of super-intense quasi-neutral ion beams interacting with plasma has become of substantial interest. Novel experiments in parameter regimes that bear relevance for future ion based Fast Ignition concepts bcan be envisioned. Simulations in two and three spatial dimensions of quasi-neutral ion beams interacting with a coronal plasma are presented for a number of parameters. Beam-plasma instabilities are found. Ion beam instabilities, ion beam energy loss in plasma, and the focusability of quasi-neutral ion beams will be discussed. The implications of the results for an ion based Fast Ignition concept are addressed. *This work has been done with corporate support of General Atomics, with support of the Max-Born-Institute of Nonlinear Optics in Berlin, the University of Dusseldorf, and the Queens University of Belfast.

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IAEA 2003