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(IF/P-09) X-ray and Fusion Yields at the Impact of Atomic Clusters on Targets

S. Olariu1)
1) National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Magurele, Bucharest, Romania

Abstract.  We have studied the center-of-mass collisions of two equimolar deuterium-tritium clusters of radius r, concentration n, and incident velocity v, and have assumed that as a result of the impact of the two clusters a region of hot plasma is created, of temperature T. Theoretical curves are given for the power and spectral intensity of the bremsstrahlung radiation generated at the impact of the deuterium-tritium clusters, as a function of their radius, mean energy per particle and concentration of particles in the cluster, for different values of the gain parameter G and of the compression parameter F. In order to estimate the importance of the radiative processes, we have compared the energy radiated during the time of inertial confinement with the initial energy of the region of impact. We have also investigated the problem of the spectral distribution of the radiation emitted in the region of impact. The radius of the incident clusters and the required initial energy have been represented as functions of the temperature T for different values of the parameters F, G.

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IAEA 2003