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(EX/P4-16) Start-up and Formation of ST Plasmas by ECH on the LATE Device

T. Maekawa1), H. Tanaka1), M. Uchida1), H. Igami1), T. Yoshinaga1), K. Higaki1)
1) Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Abstract.  Main objective of the LATE (Low Aspect ratio Torus Experiment) device is to realize start-up and formation of spherical tokamak (ST) plasmas by ECH/ECCD alone without Ohmic heating power. Plasma current is started up to 3 kA and maintained for 1 second by injecting microwaves from a magnetron (2.45 GHz, 5 kW). The driven current increases by increasing microwave power and external vertical field for equilibrium. So far, plasma current up to 5 kA has been achieved by injecting microwaves in the range of 20-50 kW from a 2.0 GHz klystron. Magnetic measurement shows that last closed flux surface with a minor radius of a $ \sim$ 13 cm and a major radius of R $ \sim$ 18 cm (R/a $ \sim$ 1.4) is formed. The electron density is higher than the plasma cutoff density, which suggests that ECH/ECCD by mode-converted Bernstein wave takes place.

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IAEA 2003