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(EX/P4-15) Current Ramp-up Experiments in Full Current Drive Plasmas on TRIAM-1M

K. Hanada1), K. Nakamura1), M. Hasegawa1), S. Itoh1), H. Zushi1), M. Sakamoto1), E. Jotaki1), S.V. Kulkarni2), A. Iyomasa1), S. Kawasaki1), H. Nakashima1), N. Yoshida1), K. Tokunaga1), T. Fujiwara1), O. Mitarai3)
1) Advanced Fusion Research Center, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, Japan
2) Institute for Plasma Research, India
3) Department of General Education, Kyushu Tokai University, Japan

Abstract.  Four types of plasma current ramp-up experiments were executed on TRIAM-1M in full lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) plasmas; 1) the current start up by the combination between electron cyclotron resonance heating (ECH) and LHCD, 2) the tail heating by additional LHCD, 3) the bulk heating by ECH, 4) the spontaneous ramp up by the transition to enhanced current drive (ECD) mode. The start-up of the plasma current utilizing the combination of plasma production by ECRH and subsequent current drive by LHCD was obtained. The conversion efficiency of RF power to the poloidal magnetic energy reached more than 9% in the tail heating as well as the bulk heating and the values of the estimated effective RF power were $ \sim$100%. In fact, the direct loss of energetic electrons measured with thermal input to the movable limiter was less than 1% of the injected RF power in the tail heating discharges with and without ECD mode.

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IAEA 2003