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(EX/P4-04) Particle Fuelling for Long Pulse with Standard Gas Puff, Pulsed Supersonic Gas and Pellet Injection

J.H.L. Bucalossi1), E. Tsitrone1), G. Martin1), F. Clairet1), R. Dejarnac1), A. Geraud1), P. Ghendrih1), C. Gil1), C. Grisolia1), J. Gunn1), T. Loarer1), C. Lowry1), B. Pegourie1), Tore Supra Team1)
1) Euratom-CEA, Cadarache, France

Abstract.  Particle fuelling in ITER is found to be a difficult issue. On Tore Supra, three different ways of particle fuelling are currently under investigation for long pulse operation (>200 s). In addition to the standard gas puff and to the technically complex pellet injection, a novel intermediate method, based on the injection of a supersonic high density cloud of neutrals, has been recently implemented. Compared to gas puff, the molecular beam has a higher speed and a lower divergence. These properties combined with the high density of the cloud, which cools the peripheral plasma, allow for an improved penetration of the neutrals. First experiments on Tore Supra shows a fuelling efficiency higher than expected in the range of 40-60%. The MARFEs, triggered by the injection pulses, are dispelled in a few ms. According to experimental data, the fuelling efficiency is not very sensitive to the plasma density and to the additional heating scenario. This new fuelling method will be compared to gas puff and pellet injection in the light of experiments and modelling on Tore Supra steady state plasmas.

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IAEA 2003