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(EX/P3-20) Investigation on Synergy of IBW and LHCD for Integrated High Performance Operation in HT-7 Tokamak

Baonian Wan1), Baonian Wan1), Yuejiang Shi1), Yanping Zhao1), Jiafang Shan1), Junyu Zhao1), Yubao Zhu1), Yinxian Jie1), Guosheng Xu1), Mei Song1), Jiangang Li1), Fukun Liu1), Bojiang Ding1), Guangli Kuang1), Haiqing Liu1)
1) Institue of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China

Abstract.  Control of the current density profile has been realized with off-axis current drive by the LHW and its synergetic effect with the IBW in the HT-7 tokamak. The IBW is explored as a means of improving current drive efficiency, creating a well-localized fast electron current channel and extending the high performance volume in LHCD plasmas. High performance via formation of an ITB-like profile in electron temperature, which was strongly correlated with the location of the LHW driven fast electron current, was achieved in the IBW and LHCD synergetic discharges through moving the IBW resonant layer to maximize the plasma performance and to avoid MHD activity. A variety of high performance discharges, indicated by betaN*H89 = 1-4, was produced for several tens of energy confinement times. This operation mode utilizing the synergetic effect of IBW and LHCD provides a new way to obtain steady-state operation in an advanced tokamak scenario.

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IAEA 2003