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(EX/P3-19) Fast Electron Dynamics during Lower Hybrid Current Drive Experiments in the HT-7 Tokamak

Yuejiang Shi1), Baonian Wan1), Liqun Hu1), Bojiang Ding1), Yanjun Sun1), Guangli Kuang1), Jiangang Li1), HT-7 Team1)
1)Institue of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China

Abstract.  The behavior of fast electron were studied in several kinds LHCD experiments. In long pulse LHCD discharge, the global improved confinement and temperature transition were observed after the broadening of hard x-ray emission profile, which means a significant current profile modification. In high power LHCD experiments, the local HX-ray emission shows the formation of ITB correlated with the deposition profile of LH wave. In counter-LHCD experiments, the photon temperature of hard x-ray and the decrease of loop voltage, which are lower than those in normal LHCD experiments, show the effects of counter current drive. The soft x-ray emission profile becomes more peaked in counter-LHCD, which suggests the improvement of the core electron confinement.

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IAEA 2003