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(OV/1-2) Recent Developments Towards Steady State Physics and Technology of Tokamaks in Cadarache

J.G. Jacquinot1)
1) Association Euratom-CEA, Saint Paul Lez Durance, France

Abstract.  Recently, Tore Supra has undergone a total change of internal components in order to upgrade the heat extraction capability to 25 MW for 1000 s (figure 1), and address long pulse operation of a tokamak at a level of power density flowing through the separatrix relevant for next step. The present paper will both give an overview of the experimental results obtained during the last campaigns and highlight the related technology developments: industrial realisation and tests with plasma of about 600 actively cooled plasma limiter components, new experimental results concerning heating and current drive systems (ECRH, ICRH, LHCD), injection of matter for long pulses (supersonic injection, high repetition rate pellet injection), stability and control of high confinement steady-state discharges sustained by the LH wave, theoretical and experimental investigations of electron heat transport. Highlights of technology developments directly applicable to ITER are also presented. Finally, a brief account is given of the European studies for validating Cadarache as a possible site for ITER, concluding that all ITER technical site requests are fully met.

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IAEA 2003