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(EX/P1-16) Sawtooth Instability and Magnetic Reconnection in Tokamak Plasma

P.V. Savrukhin1), S.V. Tsaun1)
1) Russian Research Centre ``Kurchatov Institute'', Moscow, Russia

Abstract.  Plasma perturbations and sequence of events leading to a sawtooth instability are studied in T-10 tokamak (R=1.5 m, a=0.3 m) in ohmically and ECRH heated plasma. Analysis of the experiments indicated generation of the non-thermal x-ray spikes (E$ \sim$25-100 keV) around X-points of the m=1, n=1 magnetic island. The spikes could be connected with generation of the non-thermal electrons during magnetic reconnection. Results of the experimental studies of the plasma perturbations during sawtooth crash are compared with modelling of generation of the non-thermal electron beams in strong electric fields. Analysis indicted that the suprathermal beams induced during the reconnection can change magnetic shear around the q=1 surface and modify dynamic of the sawtooth crash.

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IAEA 2003