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(EX/P1-15) About the Probability of Tokamak Current Drive (Helicity Injection) by Inverted Disruption

S.V. Mirnov1)
1) TRINITI, Troitsk, Russia

Abstract.  The distinction in behavior ``negative'' and ``positive'' non resonant ( m/n < q(rs)) current perturbation near to border of plasma column in tokamak is probable reason of positive current pulse generation during the conventional major disruption. This effect can be in principal inverted (``inverted disruption'') for helicity injection and current drive in tokamak. In paper are presented the analysis of some experimental evidences of inverted disruption and considered the different consequences of current filaments reconnections near to internal integer (or fractional) magnetic surfaces during the such way of helicity injection. At favorable development of events the considered method of helicity injection can be useful to maintenance the current configurations with weak skin distribution.

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IAEA 2003