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(CT/P-10) Physics R&D in Support of ITER/BPX Diagnostic Development

A.J.H. Donne1), R. Boivin2), A.E. Costley3), R Giannella4), D. Johnson5), E. Hodgson6), A. Kislyakov7), A. Krasilnikov8), Y. Kusama9), T. Leonard2), A. Malaquias10), G. Mckee11), P. Nielsen12), T. Nishitani9), W. Peebles13), F. Orsitto14), R.A. Pitts15), G. Razdobarin7), J. Sanchez6), M. Sasao16), F. Serra10), T. Shikama17), V. Strelkov18), T. Sugie3), G. Vayakis3), V. Voitsenya19), K. Vukolov18), C. Walker20), G.A. Wurden21), K. Young5), V. Zaveriaev18)
1) FOM-Institut voor Plasmafysica, Rijnhuizen - BE Nieuwegein, Netherlands
2) GA, San Diego, USA
3) ITER IT, Naka Joint Work Site, Japan
4) CEA, Cadarache, France
5) PPPL, Princeton, USA
6) CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
7) Ioffe Inst., St. Petersburg, Russia
8) TRINITY, Troitsk, Russia
9) JAERI, Naka, Japan
10) IST, Lisbon, Portugal
11) Uni. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
12) CNR/RFX, Padova, Italy
13) UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
14) JET-EFDA/CSU, Abingdon, England
15) CRPP/EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
16) NIFS, Toki, Japan
17) Tohoku Uni., Sendai, Japan
18) Kurchatov Inst., Moscow, Russia
19) IPP, Kharkov, Ukraine
20) ITER IT, Garching Joint Work Site, Germany
21) LANL, Los Alamos, USA

Abstract.  The development of diagnostics for a next step burning plasma device (BPX) will be a major challenge. Within the International Tokamak Physics Activities, a Topical Group (TG) specialises in diagnostics and aims to support the development of the needed systems. The work of the group includes the identification and development of the requirements for measurements, advising on the selection and design of techniques and on their implementation on BPXs, and development of appropriate databases. Several tasks have been identified as ‘high priority' and form the focus of current work. In the paper the work on the determination of the measurement requirements will be summarised, the progress with the high priority research topics will be outlined, and the work of Specialists Working Groups, which work on specific topics entirely in the electronic domain, will be summarised.

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IAEA 2003