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(EX/W-2) Heating and Current Drive by Electron Cyclotron Waves in JT-60U

T. Suzuki1), S. Ide1), C.C. Petty2), Y. Ikeda1), K. Kajiwara1), A. Isayama1), K. Hamamatsu1), O. Naito1), M. Seki1), S. Moriyama1), JT-60 Team1)
1) Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Naka, Japan
2) General Atomics, San Diego, California, US

Abstract.  Results of studies on heating and current drive by the electron cyclotron (EC) waves in JT-60U are presented. Electron temperature by electron cyclotron emission up to 26 keV was achieved by injecting EC waves in the center of a reversed shear plasma produced by the lower hybrid (LH) waves. The electron temperature Te exceeds 24 keV in a wide range of minor radius ($ \rho$ < 0.3, where $ \rho$ is the normalized minor radius). ECCD (Current Drive) efficiency $ \eta$ was examined at high Te up to 16 keV. The efficiency is found to be proportional to Te at CD location within this range of Te. Normalized CD efficiency $ \zeta$ was 0.16. Dependence of $ \zeta$ on deposition location was also studied to optimize the CD efficiency, since trapped particle effect, which depends strongly on deposition location, is expected to reduce $ \zeta$. The effect was detected from significant decrease in $ \zeta$ in the lower magnetic field deposition, which is consistent with linearlized Fokker-Planck calculation.

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IAEA 2003