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(ITERP/23) Status of the Extended Performance Tests for Blanket Remote Maintenance in ITER L6 Project

S. Kakudate1), K. Oka1), T. Yoshimi1), M. Hiyama1), K. Taguchi1), K. Shibanuma1), K. Koizumi1), Y. Matsumoto2), T. Honda2) and R. Haange2)
1) 1) Japan Home Team JAERI , Ibaraki-ken, Japan
2) ITER Joint Center Team, Naka Joint Work Site, Ibaraki-ken, Japan

Abstract.  Mechanically attached blanket module insertion tests were carried out considering the misalignment between module and back plate. Through the insertion tests, the module was successfully inserted up to the misalignment of ±10 mm under the clearance of ±0.16 $ \sim$ ±0.18 mm between key and groove. This was achieved by the passive compliance due to the flexibility of the manipulator through the assistance of the chamfer configuration of the key for smooth insertion. In addition, the ``correlation coefficient'' based on the results obtained by the strain gages located at the end-effector was found to be useful in order to estimate the forces of the complicated end-effector during module insertion for the development of the sensor based control.

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IAEA 2001