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(ITERP/22) Neutronics Experiments for ITER at JAERI/FNS

C. Konno1), F. Maekawa1), Y. Kasugai1), Y. Uno1), J. Kaneko1), T. Nishitani1), M. Wada2), Y. I. Ikeda1), H. Takeuchi1)
1) Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), Ibaraki-ken, Japan
2) Startcom Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Abstract.  A series of fusion neutronics experiments has been performed at the Fusion Neutronics Source (FNS) facility at JAERI as ITER/EDA R&D Tasks in order to deal with various nuclear problems originating from 14-MeV neutrons in ITER. Recently three experiments were carried out; 1) straight duct streaming experiments, 2) decay heat experiments and 3) development of a fusion power monitor utilizing activation of water. The straight duct streaming experiments suggest that the calculation accuracy for straight duct streaming analyses in ITER nuclear designs is ±40 %. The decay heat experiments show that the accuracy of the decay heat calculation is within 10 % for copper and type 316 stainless steel, while it is $ \sim$ 30 % for tungsten. It is demonstrated that a fusion power monitor utilizing activation of water is applicable to ITER.

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IAEA 2001