Negative Ion Based Neutral Beam Injectors

Proceedings of a Technical Meeting
Padova, 9–11 May 2005


The Fourth IAEA Technical Meeting on Negative Ion Based Neutral Beam Injectors was held in Padova, Italy, 911 May 2005. The last meetings organized by the IAEA took place in the early 1990’s, more than 10 years ago. The restart of the series has been done within the existing channels of communication, research exchange and meetings. The Coordinating Committee on Neutral Beams (CCNB) supported the meeting.

The IAEA Technical Meeting on Negative Ion Based Neutral Beam Injectors was an expert meeting for open discussions of the issues on physics and technology of neutral particle injection into magnetic fusion devices. The specific requirements associated with the injector construction and steady state operation in ITER and new fusion experiments have been addressed. The Technical Meeting included invited and contributed papers.

The topics covered were:
1.      Status reports and programmes on negative ion beam
2.      Long-pulse operation
3.      Negative ion sources
4.      Acceleration and neutralization of negative ions
5.      Beam optics
6.      Injector diagnostics
7.      New concepts

62 participants attended the meeting (48 from the EU, 6 from Japan, 3 from the Russian Federation, 1 from the People’s Republic of China, 3 from EFDA, and 1 from the IAEA). The IAEA officer responsible for this publication was G. Mank of the Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences.