International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems:
Further Enhancing the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Regime
Cape Town, South Africa

14 to 18 December 2009


CN-177/1  National Policy for Safety Spent Sealed Sources, Radioactive Waste Management and their Decommissioning in Albania
L. Qafmolla, K. Dollani - Albania
CN-177/2  Upgrading the Regulatory independence and effectiveness, challenges in process of increasing of radioactive materials and radiation applications in Albania  (pdf)
R. Paci, S. Arapi - Albania
CN-177/3  New Medical Practices: A Challenge for Regulatory Bodies
A.M. Rojo, N. Puerta, S. Gossino – Argentina
CN-177/4 Particularities Of Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities And Their Potential Impact On The Licensing Process
H. Lee Gonzales, M. A. Médici and D. E. Alvarez - Argentina
CN-177/5    Regulatory Infrastructure Existing in Armenia
A. Martirosyan - Armenia
CN-177/6  Regulatory Challenges for Launching First Nuclear Power Programme in Bangladesh
R. Samina, Md. M. Rahman - Bangladesh
CN-177/7  Dosimetric Audits of Photon Beams in Radiation Therapy Centres
M. Gonçalvesa, L.A.R. da Rosab, R.R.A. Britob, E. de Paivab, A.C.M. Dovalesb, B.L.V. Freireb, R. Di Prinzioa, A.F. Velascob and R.V. Oliveiraa - Brazil
CN-177/8  Effects of the Brazilian regulatory inspection program on nuclear medicine facilities
R.F.Gutterresa, C.E.G.R. Alvesa, E.M. Azevedoa, L. V. de Sáb, L.A.R. da Rosab, L.C.G. Mendesa, W.F.L. Françaa, and M.Gonçalvesa - Brazil
CN-177/9  The Consolidation of the legal Brazilian nuclear structure and creation of the regulatory nuclear agency (pdf)
R. O. Silva -Brazil
CN-177/10  SAFRAN – An assessment tool facilitating development and regulatory review of safety cases and supporting assessments for waste management and decommissioning
R. Avilaa, W. Goldammerb,  J. Raicevicc, B. Batandjievad, P. Mc Ehearne and D. Hofmana – Bulgaria
CN-177/11 2009: Challenges to the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency
S. Tzotchev - Bulgaria
CN-177/12 Regulation of Medical Facilities and Activities in China
Yahong Mao - China
CN-177/13 Analyzing Requirements for Ensuring Independent and Effective Regulatory Systems in Africa
F. K. Kabuya, G. N. Lobo, V. L. Muamba, N. K. Thubi - Congo
CN-177/14 Enhancing Regulatory Inspection Practices and Safety Culture of Regulatory Body Personnel for Improving Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Installations (pdf)
A. A. Gad Allah - Egypt
CN-177/15 Proposed Siting Criteria of High Risk Industrial Facilities (pdf)
S. T. M. El-Hemamy - Egypt
CN-177/16 Building up the radioactive waste management policy and strategies in Estonia
M. Lusta, K. Murub - Estonia
CN-177/17  Reform for an Independent and Effective Regulator: Synopsis (pdf)
G.W. Tiruneh - Ethiopia
CN-177/18  Impact of Multinational Support for the Control of Nuclear and Radiation Sources in Ghana
G. Emi-Reynolds - Ghana
CN-177/19 The future of effective nuclear regulatory control in third world countries: the case of Haiti, thoughts and ideas
G. Jean-Pierre, A. Belfort and L. Antenor - Haiti
CN-177/20 Regulatory Challenges for Indonesia in Embarking to Nuclear Power
K. Huda, B. Rohman and A.N. Lasman - Indonesia
CN-177/21 The Role of BAPETEN  In  Fostering  Safety Culture Implementation of Nuclear Instalation 
N.A Yusri Heni, A. N. Lasman - Indonesia
CN-177/22  The Regulatory System in Facing the First NPP Indonesia
Z. Ilyas - Indonesia
CN-177/23 Regulatory Challenges in Iraq
K. A.H.Jasim, M. J. AL-Sharaa - Iraq
CN-177/24  Inventory of Used, Disused, Waste & Disposed Sources in Kenya
A. K. Shadrack, J. Keter, R. Kinyua - Kenya
CN-177/25 Management & Coordination of Nuclear Security Actvities in Kenya
A.O. Koteng - Kenya.
CN-177/26 Implementation of the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources in Lithuania
A. Mastauskas - Lithuania
CN-177/27 Implementing Code of Conduct on Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources in Malaysia (Part 1 & Part2 (PowerPoint)
M. Mishar & N. Hassan – Malaysia
CN-177/28  Strengthening Nuclear Regulatory Infrastructure: Malaysia’s Experience
M. Mishar, Raja Adnan - Malaysia
CN-177/29 Effectiveness and Efficiency of Regulatory Bodies. A Mexican Perspective
J L  Delgado - Mexico
CN-177/30  Moldovan Legislative and Regulatory Activities in Nuclear and Radiological Field
A. Buzdugan - Moldova
CN-177/31 National Centre for Nuclear Competence and Knowledge Management – the Fundament of Radiation Protection Regulatory Infrastructure in a Small ‘non-Nuclear’ Country – Example of Montenegro
S. Jovanovic – Montenegro
CN-177/32 Safety Analysis Report Review Plan A software  based tool to review the safety analysis reports of nuclear power plants against IAEA Safety Standards
F. Mansoor & N. Mughal - Pakistan; M. Gasparini - IAEA
CN-177/33    Leadership in Safety And Regulatory Oversight: Defining the Leadership Framework in Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
N. Afghan, S. A. Mallick, M. A. Habib - Pakistan
CN-177/34    Poland goes nuclear? Challenges to Regulatory Body.
M. Jurkowski - Poland
CN-177/35  The Safety and Security of Transboundary Transport vs. Security Regime in Romania
G. Vieru – Romania
CN-177/36  Nuclear Safety & Nuclear Security Synergy
L. Biro- Romania
CN-177/37 Practical Issues in Facing the Regulatory Challenge of Enhancing the Safety Culture in Legacy Site Rehabilitation
N Shandala, M Kiselev, M Sneve, P Strand, V Romanov– Russia, Norway
CN-177/38  Integration of Safety Supervision across Different Types of Legacy Sites Accounting for All Stages in Site Remediation
M K Sneve , M Kiselev and N Shandala – Russia, Norway
CN-177/39  The Role and Responsibility of the National Regulatorof Radiation Sources and Materials in Saudi Arabia
A. S. Al-Kheliewi - Saudi Arabia
CN-177/40  Inspections of Unconventional Radiation Sources
H. Janzekovic, M. Krizman – Slovenia
CN-177/41  The stolen industrial radiography projector incident in Moleta
M. Y. Osman, M.Y.M Hamadalneel, I. I. A Ismail and Majzoop.I.M Abuissa - Sudan
CN-177/42 Nuclear Safety and Security
Y. A. M. Hamadunniel - Sudan
CN-177/43 National Strategies for Radioactive Waste Management in United Republic of Tanzania
D. Shao and F. Banzi - Tanzania

Regulation of  Nuclear and Radiation Safety in the Frame of the Chernobyl Shelter Implementation Plan
T. Kilochytskaa, S. Kondratievb and S. Smyshliaevab - Ukraine

CN-177/45  The Role of Effective Regulatory Systems in Sustaining Nuclear Security Upgrades
F. A. Morris - USA
CN-177/46 Human Resource Development For Nuclear Security Law
C. Stoiber - USA
CN-177/47  Guidelines for the Development of Nucleoelectric Energy in Venezuela. Regulatory and Institutional Challenges
A. Diaz, F. Rivas - Venezuela
CN-177/48  Nuclear Technology Applications and Regulatory Infrastructure: Chicken-egg situation?
R. M. Severa, J. Chipuru - Zimbabwe
CN-177/49 Norway-Central Asia cooperation on nuclear safety and radiation protection. Regulations for radioactive waste handling for long-term storage and final disposal in Kazakhstan
T. Zhunussova, O. Romanenko, M. Sneve, A. Kim, I. Tazhibaeva, A.Liland – Norway & Kazakhstan

Assessment of diagnostic x-ray facilities in Namibia
N. V. Uushona, E. Embumbulu - Namibia