Integrated Approach to Planning the Remediation of Sites Undergoing Decommissioning
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No.  NW-T-3.3
This publication investigates the potential synergies between decommissioning and site remediation in order to allow for the implementation of both processes in an integrated and cost effective way. The publication reviews the planning procedures for, and operational constraints on, partial remediation of sites, and examines, with the aid of case studies, the advantages of integrating it with decommissioning. With a discussion of issues relevant to tackling the conceptual, management and technical problems of such a transition, this report constitutes an important resource for engineers and regulatory authorities involved in the remediation of contaminated sites.
STI/PUB/1385, 70 pp.; 13 figures; 2009, ISBN 978-92-0-102009-3, English. 20.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2009-08-06. Full Text, (File Size: 1524 KB).
Subject Classification: 0800 - Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management.
Responsible Officer: Mr Horst Richard S. Monken Fernandes, NEFW

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