Determination and Use of Scaling Factors for Waste Characterization in Nuclear Power Plants
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No.  NW-T-1.18
This publication will assist Member States with the formation and implementation of efficient strategies for safe and cost effective classification and disposal of nuclear wastes. By exploiting the benefits of the scaling factor (SF) method of waste characterization, waste management professionals can facilitate the processing of larger quantities of heterogeneous radioactive waste. Whereas before, the complexity of quantifying difficult-to-measure (DTM) nuclides within sealed waste packages frustrated the efficient management of their disposal, the new SF methodology exploits known quantifiable ratios of DTM to easy-to-measure (ETM) nuclides so as to facilitate radioactive waste processing. This publication contains guidance and case studies from Member States where the technique has been successfully deployed, and provides an essential and effective complement to the recently published ISO standard 21238:2007 on the same topic.
STI/PUB/1363, 132 pp.; 50 figures; 2009, ISBN 978-92-0-110808-1, English. 22.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2009-06-04. Full Text, (File Size: 3964 KB).
Subject Classification: 0800 - Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management.

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