An Overview of Stakeholder Involvement in Decommissioning
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No.  NW-T-2.5
The way in which local communities and other interested parties are engaged in dialogue about the decommissioning of nuclear facilities is likely to become an increasingly important issue as the number of decommissioning projects increases. This report identifies the broad range of stakeholders, their interests and interactions, and how these have affected actual decommissioning projects. The report takes into due account the environmental, sociopolitical, economic and cultural diversity among IAEA Member States, as well as the work of other organizations, in particular the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD/NEA). As a result, this publication presents a thorough analysis of concerns typical for stakeholders and the approaches that have been adopted to reconcile them.
STI/PUB/1341, 192 pp.; 32 figures; 2009, ISBN 978-92-0-106608-4, English. 45.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2009-06-24. Full Text, (File Size: 5960 KB).
Subject Classification: 0800 - Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management.
Responsible Officer: Mr Michele Laraia,

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