Scientific Forum - The Future Role of the IAEA

30 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2008
Vienna, Austria

. Report to the 52nd Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference from the 11th Scientific Forum 03 October 2008 (PDF)
- Forum Chair: The Honorable Ruud Lubbers
Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Scientific Forum Presentations
Session 1
. Nuclear Energy and the IAEA in 2020 (PDF)
-J. Bouchard
Chair, Policy Group, Gen IV International Forum (GIF)
. Future IAEA Roles in Support of Building Infrastructure, Capacity and Human Resources: Perspective of a Prospective Newcomer (PDF)
-K. Kopr
Chair, Nuclear Power Infrastructure Preparation Committee (NPIPC), Bangkok, Thailand

Future IAEA Roles in Support of Technology and Innovation: Perspective of a Mature Country (PDF)
-V. Asmolov
Deputy Director General and Director for Scientific-Technical Policy, Rosenergoatom, RF


Future IAEA Roles in Support of Sustainable Nuclear Energy (PDF)
-R. Cirimello
Former Senior Advisor, National AEC, Argentina

. Multinational Fuel Cycle Approaches (PDF)
-H. Engelbrecht
CEO, Urenco
. Reaching the Unreached: The Challenge of Making Nuclear Technologies for Development Acceptable, Accessible and Affordable (PDF)
-V. Ramamurthy
Chairman, Board of Directors, Indian Institute of Technology
. World Food Security: Challenges and Opportunities for Stronger Partnerships (PDF)
-J. Butler
Deputy Director General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
. Assessment and Impact of Regional Water Resources Variability on Energy Production and Development (PDF)
-S. Sorooshian
UCI Distinguished Professor and Director Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing (CHRS), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California Irvine
. Globalisation of Cancer and the Challenge of Improving Cancer Cure and Care in Developing Countries (PDF)
-R. Burton
Senior Adviser on Cancer to the Australian Government
. Meeting Development Needs through the Application of Nuclear Science and Technology: The Role of the IAEA (PPS)
-P.Y. Ng´Wandu
Executive Chairman, Yase Consult
Session 3
. Introduction and Overview (PDF)
-R. Meserve
Chairman, INSAG
. Safety and Security Challenges for Developing Nuclear Programmes :
English (PDF)
, Chinese (PDF)
-Li Ganjie
Vice Minister and Head of the National Nuclear Safety Authority

Developing a Normative Approach to Nuclear Security (PDF)
-J. A. Hashmi
Chairman, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority

. A Harmonised Approach to Safety and Security (PDF)
-M. Weightman
Chief, Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
. Advancing International Consensus in Nuclear Safety/Security Regulation (PDF)
-U. Schmocker
Director, Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (HSK)
. Moving towards a Mandatory Safety and Security Regime (PDF)
-T.M. Zhantikin
Chairman, Atomic Energy Committee, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Session 4
. Introductory Remarks: the 20/20 Vision (PDF)
-T. Varjoranta
Director, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
. Future Non Proliferation Challenges (PDF)
-V.Y. Yelchenko
Resident Representative of Ukraine to the IAEA
. Remarks on "Next Generation Safeguards Initiative"
- William Tobey
Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Non-proliferation
. Nuclear Disarmament and the Verification Role of the IAEA (PDF)
-C.S. Sobral Duarte
Head, Department of International Organizations
. Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Safeguards (PDF)
-T. Nakane
Director General, Department of Disarmament and Nonproliferation, MOFA