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Announcement Code: 38735 (G4-TM-38735)
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Establishing a Network of Laboratories in the Field of Nuclear Instrumentation for Environmental Monitoring and other Applications
Krakow, Poland
27-30 September 2010 Conference ID: 38735  (G4-TM-38735)
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More than 50 Member States have recently approached the IAEA expressing interest in launching a nuclear power programme. Additionally, many of the 30 Member States that already have nuclear power programmes are either expanding, or considering the expansion of their programmes. Such programmes involve not only the construction and operation of reactors, but also a large set of associated activities such as: mining, fuel fabrication, site assessment, environmental monitoring, radiation protection, commissioning/decommissioning, and waste management.

All of these activities require the utilization of equipment for sample collection and measurements, many of which are specially designed or modified for nuclear energy production and other nuclear applications. This instrumentation must be properly selected, installed, operated and maintained. At present there is no specific laboratory network or forum where institutions dealing with this technology can discuss their problems and share their knowledge. The IAEA ALMERA network (Analytical Laboratories for the Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity) focusses on the reliable and timely analysis of environmental samples in the event of an accidental or intentional release of radioactivity, but does not cover the instrumentation itself, nor nuclear technologies for measurement of non-radioactive pollutants.

Such a network/forum could be very useful for IAEA Member States and would contribute to cooperation in sharing experiences, knowledge and infrastructure, and in defining standards and common procedures. This Technical Meeting is intended to provide the IAEA with information from practitioners working in this field on the potential benefits of such a network/forum, and on the organizational framework within which it could be established and coordinated.
The following subjects of discussion are expected to be included in the programme:

• State of the art of nuclear instrumentation for environmental monitoring. Current trends.
• Challenges for design and operation of instrumentation in difficult environments, including sampling devices and methodologies.
• QC/QA for nuclear instrumentation.
• Existing national and international networks for environmental applications.
• Appropriate link with the IAEA ALMERA network, and complementary roles of the two networks.
• The role of the IAEA in support of Member State activities in the effective use of nuclear instrumentation applied to environmental monitoring (and other applications).
• Organizational framework within which the network would be established and coordinated.


To discuss the potential benefits and organizational framework of a proposed laboratory network or forum related to the design, selection, installation, calibration, operation, modernization, automation and maintenance of nuclear instruments applied to environmental monitoring (and other applications) with a focus on IAEA Member States with emerging interest in nuclear power.


A person will be eligible to participate only if nominated by the Government of an IAEA Member State (Ministry of Foreign Affairs or National Atomic Energy Authority) or by an Organisation invited to participate. Nomination for participation (Form A) should be received by the IAEA not later than 23rd July 2010. The participants should be engineers or scientists with are involved with the selection, installation, operation, calibration, design, modernization, automation and maintenance of nuclear instruments. A contribution from the participant in the form of a short abstract covering his/her work relevant to the objectives of the meeting will be necessary for consideration for participation.


As a general rule, the IAEA does not pay the costs for attendance to the meeting. However, limited funds may be made available to assist the attendance of selected participants and approved in accordance with the current Agency rules and regulations. Generally, not more than one financial grant will be awarded to a Member State. If Governments wish to apply for financial support on behalf of their nominees, they should address specific requests to the IAEA Scientific Secretary.


To facilitate proceedings, participants are invited to contribute an oral presentation on subject relevant to the scope and objectives of this meeting. Participants should submit an abstract of their proposed presentation along with their nomination. The official language of the meeting is English. No interpretation will be provided. It is expected that the meeting will start at 9:00 on Monday, 27 September 2010 and conclude by 16:00 on Thursday 30 September 2010.
The outputs of discussions will be recorded for possible dissemination to Member States as an IAEA technical publication. Contributors of material to be included in the Agency proceedings are required to assign all copyrights or rights to publish to the Agency. Please complete and sign the Form B and send it to the IAEA Scientific Secretary by post or email. The authors should ensure that material they make available for possible publication by the IAEA does not include copyrighted material or other impediments for reproduction.


It is the responsibility of all participants to make their own travel arrangements to/from Poland. Detailed information on accommodation, local transport to/from the meeting venue, and other organisational details, will be sent to all designated participants well in advance of the meeting.


Designated participants who require a visa to enter Poland should submit the necessary application to the nearest diplomatic or consular representative of Poland well in advance of entry. An official letter of invitation will be issued to all designated participants by the IAEA Scientific Secretary.


- 23rd July 2010: Submittal of requests to the IAEA for participation and financial support close
- 6th August 2010: Participants informed of their acceptance of participation and request for financial support.


Mr. Paul Martin and Mr Paulo Henrique Bastos Becker
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