INSAG Series ISSN: 1025-2169

Licensing the First Nuclear Power Plant

INSAG Series - 26

EnglishSTI/PUB/1573 ISBN:978-92-0-134210-2

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A Framework for an Integrated Risk Informed Decision Making Process

INSAG Series - 25

EnglishSTI/PUB/1499 ISBN:978-92-0-114110-1

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The Interface Between Safety and Security at Nuclear Power Plants

INSAG Series - 24

EnglishSTI/PUB/1472 ISBN:978-92-0-107910-7

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Improving the International System for Operating Experience Feedback

INSAG Series - 23

EnglishSTI/PUB/1349 ISBN:978-92-0-108008-0

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Stakeholder Involvement in Nuclear Issues

INSAG Series - 20

EnglishSTI/PUB/1276 ISBN:92-0-111206-8

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Strengthening the Global Nuclear Safety Regime

INSAG Series - 21

EnglishSTI/PUB/1277 ISBN:92-0-111306-4

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Independence in Regulatory Decision Making

INSAG Series - 17

EnglishSTI/PUB/1172 ISBN:92-0-113303-0

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Managing Change in the Nuclear Industry: The Effects on Safety

INSAG Series - 18

EnglishSTI/PUB/1173 ISBN:92-0-113403-7

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Key Practical Issues in Strengthening Safety Culture

INSAG Series - 15

EnglishSTI/PUB/1137 ISBN:92-0-112202-0

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Basic Safety Principles for Nuclear Power Plants 75-INSAG-3 Rev. 1

INSAG Series - 12

EnglishSTI/PUB/1082 ISBN:92-0-102699-4

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Safe Management of the Operating Lifetimes of Nuclear Power Plants

INSAG Series - 14

EnglishSTI/PUB/1085 ISBN:92-0-103099-1

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Management of Operational Safety in Nuclear Power Plants

INSAG Series - 13

EnglishSTI/PUB/1083 ISBN:92-0-102899-7

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The Safe Management of Sources of Radiation: Principles and Strategies

INSAG Series - 11

EnglishSTI/PUB/1080 ISBN:92-0-102199-2

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Defence in Depth in Nuclear Safety

INSAG Series - 10

EnglishSTI/PUB/1013 ISBN:92-0-102596-3

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Potential Exposure in Nuclear Safety

INSAG Series - 9

EnglishSTI/PUB/992 ISBN:92-0-102495-9

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The Chernobyl Accident: Updating of INSAG-1

INSAG Series - 7

EnglishSTI/PUB/913 ISBN:92-0-104692-8

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Probabilistic Safety Assessment

INSAG Series - 6

EnglishSTI/PUB/916 ISBN:92-0-102492-4

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The Safety of Nuclear Power

INSAG Series - 5

EnglishSTI/PUB/910 ISBN:92-0-100192-4

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Safety Culture

INSAG Series - 4

EnglishSTI/PUB/882 ISBN:92-0-123091-5

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Basic Safety Principles for Nuclear Power Plants

INSAG Series - 3

EnglishSTI/PUB/802 ISBN:92-0-123188-1

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