Hydrogen Production Using Nuclear Energy

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NP-T-4.2

Subject Classification: 0700-Nuclear power

English STI/PUB/1577; (ISBN:978-92-0-135110-4); 379 pp.; 217 figures; € 42.00; Date Published: 2012

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A future energy economy will be strongly dependent on the necessity of replacing oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions for climate protection. Hydrogen has the potential to play an important role as a sustainable and environmentally acceptable source of energy in the 21st century. Yet, there are technical challenges in nuclear hydrogen processes, which need to be addressed through a comprehensive research and development effort. This publication presents the state of the art in the nuclear production of hydrogen and describes the areas of research to be undertaken for establishing a hydrogen economy regime. It includes highlights of international programme and research efforts on nuclear hydrogen production as well as information on hydrogen uses and infrastructure, and provides an introduction to the economic analysis of hydrogen production.

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