Implementation of a Management System for Operating Organizations of Research Reactors

Safety Reports Series No. 75

Subject Classification: 0604-Research reactors

English STI/PUB/1584; (ISBN:978-92-0-136010-6); 161 pp.; 63 figures; € 30.00; Date Published: 2013

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The requirements for management systems for research reactors are set out in the IAEA safety standards. To ensure that an integrated management system based on the IAEA safety standards is tailored for the size of the different organizations and commensurate to the risks of an activity, the safety requirements for management systems for facilities and activities (IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GS-R-3) includes a requirement to grade the application of the management system and the deployment of resources appropriately. This publication not only applies the relevant standards and presents the processes for larger operating organizations of research reactors to ensure safe operation and utilization, but it also provides a case study of a graded approach to the application of the management system requirements as implemented by a small research reactor. This report will be useful for research reactor operating organizations, particularly those intending to implement a process based integrated management system, and may also be of interest to other nuclear facilities and to regulatory bodies.

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