Diagnostic Radiology Physics
A Handbook for Teachers and Students

Non-serial Publications

Subject Classification: 0103-Medical physics (including dosimetry)

English STI/PUB/1564; (ISBN:978-92-0-131010-1); 682 pp.; 251 figures; € 90.00; Date Published: 2014

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This publication is written for students and teachers involved in programmes that train medical physicists for work in diagnostic radiology. It provides, in the form of a syllabus, a comprehensive overview of the basic medical physics knowledge required for the practice of modern diagnostic radiology. This makes it particularly useful for graduate students and residents in medical physics programmes. The material presented in the publication has been endorsed by the major international organizations and is the foundation for academic and clinical courses in diagnostic radiology physics and in emerging areas such as imaging in radiotherapy.

Medical Physics, Nuclear Medicine, Dosimetry, Radiation, Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Techniques, Patients, Asia, Photons, Electrons, X Ray Tube, Filtration, Ionizing Radiation, Kerma, X Ray Production, Projection Radiography, Receptors, Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems, Mammography, Computed Tomography, CT, Ultrasound, Tissue, Clinical, Radiation Protection, Occupational Exposure, Shielding, International Organizations, Biomedical, Oceania, Medical Physicists, Magnetic Resonance, Bioeffects

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