Water Chemistry and Clad Corrosion/Deposition Including Fuel Failures
Proceedings of a Technical Meeting Held in Kiev, Ukraine, 2010


Subject Classification: 0800-Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management

English IAEA-TECDOC-CD-1692; (ISBN:978-92-0-187510-5); € 18.00; Date Published: 2013

This publication presents the proceedings of a technical meeting on water chemistry and cladding corrosion/deposition including fuel failures, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2010. The outcome of the meeting is a summary report which provides state of the art information on the corrosion of reactor material, including fuel cladding, the causes of corrosion product deposition and the means in use to minimize the deleterious effects of these processes. The meeting was attended by 22 participants from 15 countries; papers were presented in three technical sessions, covering operational experience, corrosion and oxidation, and cladding deposition and its consequences.

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